From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Birthday Warnings and Departures Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004 11:40 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > And so the group split in three. As Bob and Mimic made their way towards the > Rusturf Tunnel, Cass made her way with Aerie, Kitsu, Keaton and Derek toward > the city's north and Meteor Falls, and Alex led her small group consisting of > Jeff, Ben, Nori, and John towards the docks and their next destination. "Okay, let's do it!" Aerie pumped her fist, gesturing to the northern path with her other hand. "You sure you're okay?" Derek wondered. "I mean, I'm pretty confident in my skills, but I wouldn't go around just accepting random challenges." "Cham," Chan corrected. "Okay, I would, but this sounded serious!" "Which is exactly why I have to take it," Aerie firmly responded, bringing her open palm around to smack into her fist for emphasis. "Anyone who dares challenge the daughter of Doppler and Minax probably has a very good reason!" "Who and who?" Derek gave her a blank look. "..." "Come on, you can remind him on the way." Kitsu ran a furless hand through her hair, still luxuriating in her new form's sensations. "The longer we wait, the further away Smasher could get, if he's there." Shaking her head, Cass tossed out a pokeball. "Come on, Hot Shot. We've got work to do." One red flash later, a dragonite appeared. One red flash later, a dragonite appeared. Cass blinked. "You said he could take two or three, so that leaves one for me," the psuedo-Dragonite explained. "You're willing to be ridden?" Keaton queried with a smile, then flinched from the glare his sister gave him. "What?" Kitsu shook her head. "We'll ride the real deal with Cass." "Awwww!" Aerie pouted, almost too quickly. "That way, you can explain everything to Derek and keep up with us." Hot Shot was looking his new twin over, one eyelid raised. "You mean a race?" Aerie queried. Both of Hot Shot's eyes opened wide, gleaming in anticipation. --- A short while later, Bob and Mimic exited the tunnel, Bob yawning and stretching his arms as he strolled while both Mimic and Raffy looked back at the long swath of Aqua and Magma grunts in their wake, each grunt displaying the stillness of death. "Bob no think that little...much?" #Yeah. Overkill.# Bob shrugged. "Hey, they were in our way." "Yeah, but Mimic, Bob, Raffy could wait, hide, let fight pass by." #Instead, breeder boy had to Sleep Powder the entire battlefield.# Bob shook his head. "There weren't very many places to hide. Besides, I see a police station up ahead. I'm sure Officer Jenny would like to know where there's a bunch of sleeping crooks just waiting to be picked up." TBC? [NS: Yes, there is a deliberate difference in quoting tag styles here. You'll also notice the different situations - the latter is a good example of the three-way I was talking about. Once again, tagging without tagging can be such a convenience...when one can get away with it.]