From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Birthday Warnings and Departures Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 10:05 PM > A short while later, Bob and Mimic exited the tunnel, Bob yawning and > stretching his arms as he strolled while both Mimic and Raffy looked > back at the long swath of Aqua and Magma grunts in their wake, each > grunt displaying the stillness of death. "Bob no think that > little...much?" > > #Yeah. Overkill.# > > Bob shrugged. "Hey, they were in our way." > > "Yeah, but Mimic, Bob, Raffy could wait, hide, let fight pass by." > > #Instead, breeder boy had to Sleep Powder the entire battlefield.# > > Bob shook his head. "There weren't very many places to hide. Besides, > I see a police station up ahead. I'm sure Officer Jenny would like to > know where there's a bunch of sleeping crooks just waiting to be picked > up." "Bob ... have point" #Still overkill# "Just be greatful I didn't RAZOR LEAF 'EM!" #...# "..." "..." "Point" The rest of the walk to the police station was filled with an almost uneasy silence. About an hour behind them, Sven and Peabody were making their way very carefully through the Rusturf Tunnel. They too saw the rather high number of bodies of both Aquas and Magmas sprawled across the ground of the tunnel. Not even the resident Whismur in the tunnel were making the usual Uproar. "I'll kill the little sonova-" "Sven," Peabody attempted to restrain his more aggressive partner. "They're not dead, merely asleep. Notice the blue dust ... don't inhale it unless you want to take a nap." Further conversation was halted when siren or tow could be heard approaching the tunnel's Verdanturf entrance rapidly. While the only conscious Aqua pair might have been safe, the agents decided to play it safe and head towards the Rusturf entrance, and not draw too much unwanted attention to themselves. In the Verdanturf Pokemon Center, Bob relaxed, while drinking a bottle of water. He smiled at the thought of a job well done, even as a few cars full of still-asleep gang members whizzed by the Center. Part of Raffy was starting to seriously worry about his trainer. Before the Magmas got a hold of him, Bob would have probably welcomed hiding until found, then attacking. Now, it was a full out offensive, no hiding, no caring. #Just how much of the real you is in control Bob?# "Careful. Mimic think Raffy might care," the Ditto said, smiling. #You will *never* get me to admit that I *ever* said that# There was a pause while Bob finished the last of the water. "Where to now? Daycare or wander the town?" TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Mmmm ... donut .... *drool*