From: "Jose L. Solano" <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: Re: [PW!] Black Gyms and White Knuckles Date: Thursday, May 27, 2004 1:32 AM >Nori narrowed her eyes and growled, "Little psychic whore. Why is she even >here, anyway?" > > "Displaying her sick sense of humor," Alex replied. > > "But what about Bob?" Jeff asked warily. "What if she was right about >him?" > > "She may just be," Alex replied. "She doesn't have a reason to lie. At the >same time, she doesn't have a reason to tell the whole truth." > > "Meaning?" Ben asked, concern on both his and Mawile's faces. > > "She was baiting us," Alex realized. "She wants us to go after Bob, maybe >create as much chaos as we did back in Petalburg Woods." > > "You'd damn well better not," Rubix shot. "I'm not sealing another lava >tap." > > "You won't have to," Alex replied. "We aren't going. Not now anyway." > > "But what about Bob?" Jeff asked. > > "From what I've seen of him, Bob can handle himself just fine," Alex >assured >the younger trainer. "Besides, we need our Pokémon healed and our supplies >restocked, not to mention food. That takes priority right now. But we'll head >towards the Aqua base to see about this as soon as possible, without guns >blasting." > > "What about John?" Ben asked. "We don't even know who took him." > > "Considering what he did back in the Magma base and that the Aquas don't >know about it?" Alex asked. "Team Magma's most likely behind this. Since >she's >heading towards a Magma base anyway, I'll contact Cass about the matter >later. >Hopefully, she and Aerie are still in one piece." With a sigh, Alex then >clapped her hands together and said, "Anyway, I'm starved. Anyone else up for >a >meal before we restock? I know this little place that has the best steak >sandwiches." "Actually, I haven't eaten anything in two days," Carol said. "I had some Fritos, but that loaf of a Feraligatr of mine stole them from me. A sandwich sounds great." As the group continued discussing food, Carol took a moment to step aside, out of their hearing range. Her microphone rod extended. "Abra, are you there?" "..." "Abra, I hear you breathing. I know you're there." "I have a name," the Abra replied into her earpiece. "Sorry, sorry. Kurt, is Trent there?" "He's busy. What do you want?" "I heard the rumors, Kurt. Trent's involved with Team Aqua... I was wondering if you guys could give me some info on a sunken ship near Dewford. I might be headed there with some... friends." "I'm sorry, but Trent's too busy to answer any questions right now. He doesn't tell me very much, I don't even know what he's doing here. Hey, here's Graveler, would you like to talk to him?" "What? I can't understand a word he-" Carol was interrupted by a crunching noise on the other end. "Grav." "Uh... hi. Listen, I'd better get going, I'll talk to you later, bye!" On the other end, Graveler grunted and the line was closed. "Who were you talking to?" Alex asked as Carol returned to the group. She seemed a little confused because she saw nobody with Carol. "Er... uh... an old friend." Carol brushed her hair aside to make her earpiece more obvious and pointed to it. "We keep in touch." "Oh. Well, okay." Alex turned back to the group, not wanting to be too obvious about what she had overheard. Suspicion began to grow in her mind: was Carol somehow in league with Team Aqua? TBC? Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil ------------------------------- "It's too damn safe."