From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Blue On Blue In The Blue Date: Monday, May 10, 2004 1:47 AM William Rendfeld wrote: > THWACK! > > "Explain paper fan," a voice toned from the helicopter's speakers. > > Meilan smiled, then rubbed her own head, the residual pain due to the > Destiny Bond coursing back through her. "Now, since we obviously cannot do > anything else, would you be kind enough to set us down in the area of Lavaridge > Town? We have some business to take care of." "No," the speakers sounded again, stabilizing on a high-pitched voice as if years out of practice at speaking. "Pursuing Team Aqua helicopters. Will let off when reach destination." "Set us down," Meilan patiently explained, "or we'll shoot you so full of holes you'll crash!" "Mimic just transform. Maybe ghost keep flying, but partner probably no." Jason sweatdropped. "Umm, you know, he's got a point. It'd be kind of painful for both of us." "Hmph!" Meilan crossed her arms. "Very well." "While flying," Mimic queried, "perhaps care share info shiny unown?" "AHA! So this WAS a trap to get us away from our prey!" "If want call that. Technically accurate." "You'll never get us to talk!" Mimic would have shrugged had he had shoulders at the moment. "Suit self. Mimic just curious, fellow shiny unown hunters ever feel shiny unown take over?" "What are you babbling about?" "Mimic used have many shiny unown. No longer - gave away. Had give away. Too many at once, Mimic no longer in control." Meilan frowned. "Don't listen to him, Jason. He's trying to plant lies to discourage you!" "Believe or not, your choice. Mimic just saying what-" "Much as I hate to admit it," Jason interrupted, "she has a point. All we know for sure is that you're after the same thing we're after, and you're not willing to work with us. Maybe we can't afford to shoot that much of you, but we can blow away your speakers. In fact, maybe we should, just to pay you back for this." "...alright, fine," Mimic eventually relented. "But do have one thing." "No!" "Pretty sure want hear it." "We do not. Sableye!" Jason pointed to the speakers. "Sable!" A few Shadow Balls... "Lavaridge-" ...and one word later, the speakers were wrecked. "Wait!" Meilan flew towards the speakers, but too late. She did, however, see some text on a screen. "Lavaridge approaching. Mimic no think Aqua base be near volcano, but no matter. Will set down outside. Human, ghost on own from there, but Mimic suspect fastest path Lavaridge through base." "I see." Meilan smiled. "And you would just happen to use our distraction to infiltrate the base? My, but it's a pity we could not work together. Are you sure you don't want to join us?" "Hey!" Jason objected. "It's bad enough I have to hang around with you. I don't need any more 'allies'." "And Mimic hear enough suspect no would work out. Ghost right, is pity. Perhaps could work together something else afterwards, if none us wind up gaining unown power," the screen concurred. "Perhaps," Meilan mused. "But at least let us introduce ourselves. My name is Sai Meilan, and my ill-tempered companion is Jason Cassidy." "Mimic is Mimic," the screen replied. "Hello, must be going." One red flash later, Meilan, Jason, and Jason's sableye found themselves on a helipad on the surface of a volcano. With a rumble, the helipad began to descend. Jason eyed the edge, quickly judging if he could jump to the surface and go down the outside of the volcano just to spite this Mimic... --- Several floors below, several Team Aqua grunts marched at gunpoint ahead of their Team Magma captors as the helicopters' temporary paint jobs were removed. "Don't worry," one of the guards called out, "if your bosses are smart this won't take long. In case you're wondering, you're to be used in a prisoner exchange: all of you, for just one Regirock." TBC?