From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Blue On Blue In The Blue Date: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 2:58 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > Leif smirked, then replied, "I'm here on a rescue mission. Several of my > people are trapped in here, and I plan on getting them out safely." > > "You Aqua then," Mimic noted. "Not smart coming alone." > > "Less risk for others," Leif replied. "Besides, it's my fault that they're > trapped here, and I fully intend to make sure they're freed." > > Mimic considered his words, then replied, "Probably better if have help. > Want it?" > > "I can use it," Leif replied, extending a hand. "Leif Heinrik, Aqua Admin." > > "Mimic is Mimic," the Ditto responded in turn. "Did you see where they keep the prisoners?" The sableye-ditto shrugged. "Sorry. Was just about look. Magmas realize were tricked, will return soon. Should probably get into ventilation ducts before then." Leif looked at him as if he were crazy. "Are you CRAZY? That's where they put the security systems! So do we. You'd be surprised how many amateurs try things out of the movies without thinking we watch the same movies." Mimic smiled sheepishly. "Apologies. Remembering Rocket training." "You mean Team Rocket? Like I said, amateurs," Leif sniffed. "You're not with them, I hope." "No any more, and NEVER by choice." Both eyes glowed a dazzling red, brilliant enough to force Leif to look away. "Right. Glad to hear it." The Aqua executive studied an emergency evacuation map posted on the wall, and pointed to a few spots. "Hmm. If I know my Magma bases, this is the detention area, and if we go this way we should be to stay away from the Magmas coming back in, if we hurry." Leif had not noticed the red glow change nature, but there was now an abra waddling up to him. "Just point way. Oh, and pick up?" He blinked, then cradled Mimic in his arms. "If you're asking for a cuddle, this isn't the time." "Mimic just getting little tired. Besides, is easier teleport other when very close other's center gravity." --- Thirteen seconds later, the rapid series of teleports ended when the duo materialized inside a large jail cell full of tense Aqua agents. The abra was breathing hard. "That took more out Mimic than Mimic expect. But at least Leif guess correct location." "Looks like," the man agreed. "Let's go back one so we can open the doors and get everyone out." "Magmas detect that." The pokemon breathed deeply. "Mimic think up for one last mass teleport. Maybe dangerous, but safer than raising alarm. Everyone grab on." Leif began to ask, but his professionalism held his tongue. Raising his hand, he addressed the grunts. "Alright, you heard him! Everyone grab on, quickly! We're getting out of here." Mimic's blaze of energy once they had joined hands was not nearly the smooth, quick flash of before. His aura flared out, losing its rounded surface near the edges, disentigrating instead into fractal tendrils of lightning. He concentrated, slowly bending these tendrils to encompass each of the people he was trying to evacuate, until he could no longer hold the teleport off. As it was, bits of pant legs and bandana ends fell to the floor, severed from their owners; one of the female grunts lost half her right pinky's nail, while another lost just enough skin from her knuckles that she immediately clasped her hands together to stop the bleeding. "Sorry! Mimicsorryreallyreallynowanthurt-" Leif clapped one hand over Mimic's mouth. "Save it. She'll be okay *if* we get out of here." Once the fake abra stopped struggling, Leif slowly removed his hand. "Got any more tricks?" "No. Need rest. Hard just keep form right now." "That's okay." Hefting Mimic onto his shoulder, Leif reassured, "You just go to sleep now. Even without what that Pokemon Resistance stole from us, we've still got more than enough pokemon to fight our way out." "Mimic...sorry..." And then unconsciousness overtook him. --- He awoke to the sight of the injured grunt, now with bandaged knuckles, tending to some medical monitors in what he could only assume was an Aqua base. She looked up, alerted by her equipment. "Oh! You're awake. Mimic, was it?" "That name. Umm...Mimic really sorry about-" "Don't apologize." She grinned, hugging him tight. "Oh, man, that was the COOLEST fight I've ever been in! I wish you'd stayed awake just so you could've SEEN it! I mean, when Leif got the drop on that Magma guard...oh, and then when my, the best part was when we dropped that Wailord on 'em! I don't think I've EVER seen anyone so surprised! One of the others is trying to hack into their network just so we can watch the security camera videos!" She laughed freely, her joy intensifying her embrace. "And Leif says we've got you to thank for making it possible!" The girl pecked Mimic on the cheek. "Not to mention busting us out of there." "Umm...welcome?" She continued to hug Mimic for a bit, then set him down. "So, the boss wanted to ask if you were there 'cause you wanted to be an Aqua agent, or what? I mean, if you want in, you've got it!" "No...that is, Mimic flattered, but Mimic mainly see bunch people kidnapped and want set things right. Though, Mimic curious...hear something about Pokemon Resistance? You tangled with them?" "Oh, them?" The grunt rolled her eyes. "Wannabes. Word is, Doppler's trying to set up in Hoenn something like what failed in Kanto." "Doppler?" Mimic's eyes narrowed. "Doppler gave up that life." She shrugged. "I just know what I've heard. Maybe it's some ditto calling himself Doppler. I mean, I heard even in Kanto that there were at least two or three different 'Doppler's, one after another. Why, you know him?" "Could say that. Mimic get warning about fake helicopters. Thought sounded familiar. Also say something about...Regirock?" Where the cheerful girl was, was now a stone cold professional with a gun pointed at him. "If it's any condolence," she uttered in a perfectly neutral voice, "I wish we could have kept up the charade. We know who you are. The bullets in this gun contain a perfect replica of the toxin that killed your brother the first time. Your friend, Bob, received programming from the Magmas, which we are attempting to remove as I speak. We need to be sure you received no such programming - and even if not, you remain a bargaining chip in case his programming takes over: one last hope to bring him out of it." Mimic blinked. "Charade?" Her shoulders slumped. "Is that all you heard?" "Umm...Mimic wonder if could get another hug?" She smirked, ever so slightly. "Nice try. But you could just inject me with stun spores. That's not a risk we can take." TBC?