From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: [PW!] Change of Orders Date: Sunday, April 25, 2004 6:34 PM Change of Orders Morning in Rustboro City is a lackluster affair for many parties involved. For some it's quite peaceful and relaxing. For others, such as employees of the Devon Corporation, it can be quite hectic and involve massive amounts of coffee. But for those this small narrative is most concerned with, the duo of Sven and Peabody from Team Aqua, mornings are actually quite peaceful. "Poochyena!" Except when dealing with young Dark-types that aren't quite housetrained yet. "I can't believe this!" Sven cried out, looking at the little 'present' that had been left in front of the bathroom door by one of his Pokémon, the Poochyena in question. "Can't that little dog ever learn how to use a toilet or something?" "Sven, he's a puppy," Peabody said as he cleaned up the crumbs from the previous evening's dinner, the Poochyena in question scampering about near his feet. "You have to teach a puppy how to behave outside of battle as well as inside." "Well, what do you suggest?" Sven asked angrily. "With the present there?" Peabody asked in reply. "Some toilet paper and carpet cleaner should deal with the problem. As for Poochyena, he needs to be housebroken." "And how exactly do I do that, hm?" Sven asked back, a smug grin on his face. "I don't know, but I'm willing to bet there are books to help with that," Peabody replied. "The way you two go on, you sound like an old married couple," a familiar voice noted. "That's what you get with the whole yin-yang bit, boss," Peabody noted as he rose to his feet and looked towards his direct superior, Leif. "Got in through the window, didn't you?" "Not many other choices," Leif noted as he settled into his chair. "I have a slight change in orders for the two of you, by the way." "Do we get to maim some Magmas?" Sven asked. "Nothing so dramatic," Leif replied. "Your orders are to gather materials and get them to the research labs near the Abandoned Ship east of Dewford Town." "You mean we're being errand boys?" Sven asked. "Why?" "As painfully clear with that breeder, Magma is raising the bar a bit," Leif clarified. "Right now, it appears that the breeder hasn't received any brainwashing to keep him in line, but in the event that the poor fool snaps and comes after us, it's hoped that we will be ready to deal with him." "With what, our own hybrid?" Peabody asked. "No, more like something half-way," Leif replied. "Half of the project is already complete; a Pokémon capable of not only dealing with the Grass hybrid, but also any Pokémon from Team Magma, has been bred and trained. The other half, a means of using a human being to mirror hybrid-like abilities, is already underway. However, in order to continue the project, we need a few minor items, and the only place in Hoenn which deals these items is an electronics outlet in Verdanturf Town." Leif reached into a pocket of his coat, and pulled out a small envelope before handing it to Peabody. "Contained within is more than enough cash for the equipment, as well as a list of all the specific items that we need. Assuming there is money left over, it's yours." "And what do we get out of all of this, hm?" Sven asked. "The chance to possibly test the prototype," Leif replied. He then pulled a Poké Ball from another pocket and placed it in Peabody's remaining hand, and explained, "Also, the higher-ups have agreed to your request for a new Pokémon, and see that as a chance to test out the first half of the defense. Just be warned, he's a little aggressive." "So, what is it?" Sven asked. "A Crawdaunt? A Gyarados? A Whiscash? Maybe a nice import, like a Feraligatr or a Blastoise?" "You'll see in a minute," Leif replied as he made his way to the window. "In the meantime, Godspeed." As Leif began climbing out the window, Peabody piped up and asked, "Sir? Can I as a question?" "What about?" Leif replied. "Yesterday, we came across a girl who claimed that a relative of hers had been killed by Team Aqua in the past," Peabody replied. "I did a little digging, and the relative turned out to be Lyle Masters, the Pokémon researcher. Do you know anything about that?" Leif sighed, and answered, "I do, actually. I was the one who led that raid. That was one of the greatest blunders that ever happened on my watch. If you find this person, give her my condolences. No child deserves to lose a relative when they're so young." With those words, Leif left the room. Peabody pocketed the envelope, then closed the window after him as Sven finished cleaning up after Poochyena. The little pup, meanwhile, continued scampering about on the ground. "So, let's see what we ended up with," Sven egged Peabody on. With a shrug, Peabody opened the Poké Ball in his hands, and the Pokémon within coalesced before them. Much to Sven's pleasure, it was a large, strong, powerful-looking Pokémon. Much to his displeasure, it wasn't a Water-type. "Rhyyy," the large gray Rhydon yawned as he stretched his rocky arms out. "A Rhydon?" Sven asked in disbelief. "I wanted big and powerful, not some stupid rock thing!" The Rhydon narrowed his eyes at Sven, and said in a guttural voice, "Me not some stupid rock thing, thank you very much." "A talking Rhydon?" Peabody asked. "Wow. I've heard of talking Pokémon before, but this is the first time I've seen one." "Me very pleased that you approve, really," the Rhydon noted sarcastically. "Now, me more interested in food than anything else. Where nearest buffet serving chicken?" "Not very far," Peabody answered. "But chicken for breakfast?" "It very good for heart and have nice amount of proteins," the Rhydon argued matter-of-factly. "And before either of you give me strange nickname, me already gotten one." "What would that be, 'Rocky'?" Sven asked, unimpressed. The Rhydon looked at him once more and corrected him loudly, "Grimlock name, thank you. And if you get wrong again, me give you full dose of Flamethrower attack at point blank range, then Stomp on corpse. This understood?" "You're bluffing," Sven tested. Grimlock leaned forward, making certain that Sven could get a detailed look at his serrated, drill-like horn, and asked, "Do me look like need to bluff?" Considering his options, Sven grumbled and recalled Poochyena before heading towards the door. "The buffet's a couple blocks north." "Good man," Grimlock replied with a smile. As Sven exited hearing range, he commented, "Me enjoy intelligence when dealing with coworkers. Make sense?" "Actually yeah," Peabody replied. As he exited the room, followed by Grimlock, he replied, "By the way, I'm Peabody, and that's Sven. I hope you enjoy your time with us." "Me think me will," Grimlock noted with a chuckle. TBC? 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