From: "Rob" <> Subject: [PW!] Clothing Sanctions, Captain Stern, and Crazy Slowpoke Date: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 4:50 AM Nurse Marcia leans over her patient, a muzzled Poochyena, in Slateport City's Pokemon Center with a hypodermic needle in one hand. When the Dark Pokemon sees the needle, he struggles to break free of the restraints on his legs. Nurse Marcia rubs her hand across the Poochyena's back fur to calm him down, saying, "Hold still, will you? I don't want to be responsible for another Pokemon's death." What Marcia just said isn't the most comforting thing a nurse could say, but the Poochyena understands her point, so he stops squirming. "Thank you." Nurse Marcia parts the Poochyena's dark fur with one hand and places her needle on the surface of his skin with the other. She's about to gentle ease it into the Poochyena's vein, when Nurse Joy runs into the room shouting, "Marcia, you won't believe what I just saw!" The shout startles Nurse Marcia, causing her to jam the needle into the Poochyena! The Bite Pokemon cries out though his muzzle, "Poo!" Nurse Marcia checks to make sure she hit the Pokemon's vein, and heaving a sigh of relief when she sees that she did, she ignores Nurse Joy for a moment while she squeezes the fluid within the needle into the Pokemon's blood stream. After she's done, she pulls the needle out of the Poochyena's body and places a bandage on his tiny puncture wound. "Aren't you going to ask me what I just saw?" The pink-haired nurse named Joy asked the blue-haired she's just walked up to. Nurse Marcia rolls her eyes as she drops the used needle into a garbage bin and asks, "What did you just see?" "You have to see it to believe it!" Nurse Joy grabs Marcia's left hand and before Marcia can protest, she drags the woman into the Pokemon Center's lobby. Nurse Joy points at a young green-eyed blonde woman who's sitting on the couch in the Pokemon Center. "Isn't that sick?" "Isn't what sick? That's just a young woman." Nurse Marcia shrugs, "A Pokemon Trainer, probably, based on the belt she's wearing." Nurse Joy is shocked by Marcia's reaction, "But that's just the thing! She's only wearing a belt! And she's sitting on the Center's couch!" "You know, for a nurse, you're not very observant," Nurse Marcia points out, "She's also wearing a hair clip. And at least she put a towel on the couch before sitting down. What's the big deal?" "She's NAKED!" "Being naked's never been my style. I find it's easier to manipulate men when you haven't shown them your goods yet, but to each their own." At that moment, a man with short black hair wearing glasses and a lab coat walks into the lobby of the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy almost has a heart attack when she sees that particular man walk into the Pokemon Center at this particular time, "Oh no, it's Captain Stern, the most respected scientist in this city! He's going to be scandalized by this naked girl and the fact that this city doesn't have any sactions against what she's doing! We have to hide her, Marcia!" "Too late," says Marcia when Captain Stern glances in the direction of the nude blonde woman sitting in the Center. However, Captain Stern simply ignores the girl and keeps walking to the Center's front desk, having more important business to attend to. Arriving at the desk, he addresses the two women standing behind it, "Hello, ladies, I have good news! Captain Briney called me just now and he told me that he found out Team Aqua was responsible for the food poisoning on the S. S. Tidal. I suspected it was them, but we didn't have proof until now. Dewford Town's police force, which consists of one Officer Jenny, a Growlithe, and a Whiscash, found an Aqua Base in Dewford Town after Captain Briney told her where it was. Although the Aqua Base was abandoned, she found proof of their plot there! Now that we have something to tell the press, the S. S. Tidal will sail again!" Nurse Marcia isn't sure why Captain Stern is telling them the news. She doesn't care if the S.S. Tidal sails or not, especially since she's planning on heading back to her old job in Violet City soon. After all, she healed the Pokemon that got sick on the cruise, what she came to Slateport to do, and lately she's just been hanging out in Hoenn for a while to learn about Hoenn's new Pokemon and how Hoenn's many Berries can be used as medicine. As such, Marcia's response is simply, "Yay?" Nurse Joy would be excited about Stern's news, since it means she'll be getting more patients soon from all over Hoenn and thus she'll be able to bring smiles to many more Pokemon Trainer's faces, but she's too nervous by the fact that a naked girl is sitting in the Pokemon Center to show any sort of excitement. Instead, she apologizes, "I'm sorry you had to see such a vulgar display walking into the Center, Captain Stern... I know a man of your integrity, a man of science such as yourself, should not be exposed to such smut!" "Smut?" Captain Stern asks, adjusting his glasses, "What smut?" "You know... the girl..." The embarrassed pink-haired nurse leans in close to the captain/ship-designer to whisper, "The *naked* girl." "She's just naked, that's no big deal." Captain Stern waves his hand in dismissal, "Why, back in the day day, when I used to pilot ships more often than I would design them, I went on many a nude cruise! It's quite liberating, you should try it some time." Nurse Joy's mouth hangs open at Captain Stern's attitude. Her attention then turns to Marcia, who also doesn't seem to mind that a young woman is sitting naked in the Pokemon Center as she waits for her Pokemon. Losing her cool, Joy shouts, "Am I the only person in this Pokemon Center who has a problem with a woman sitting NAKED in a public place?!" Nurse Marcia shrugs, "Apparently." "Oh, I'm sorry..." The naked woman in question, Keiko Kamen, calls out to Nurse Joy, having overheard her comment, "If my nudity makes you uncomfortable, I'll cover myself up." Her idea of covering herself up, pulling a corner of her towel up to cover her chest, doesn't exactly satisfy Nurse Joy very much, but it keeps her from being too distracted. Now that Keiko is partially covered, Nurse Joy is able to put a smile on her face again as she tells Captain Stern, "Anyway, it's great to hear that the S. S. Tidal is sailing again! I imagine there will be increased security measures to keep Team Aqua from poisoning the food again?" "Yeah, and I'm also hoping to have increased medical staff on the ship." Captain Stern reveals, "Currently, we have a doctor for when people get sick, but he doesn't specialize in Pokemon. Actually, that's part of the reason I came here to talk to you two. Trainers often battle each other on the S. S. Tidal, and even when Pokemon don't get sick, they do get hurt. I'd like to start providing a Pokemon Center on my ship and having heard about the miracle healer who helped all the Pokemon who were poisoned on the last cruise... Well... Nurse Marcia, would you like to be the founding nurse of the S. S. Tidal's very first Pokemon Center?" "Me?" Nurse Marcia points at herself, surprised that she'd be selected for the position instead of the more experienced nurses named Joy who are reared from birth to become pleasant, friendly Pokemon nurses. "I would LOVE to work on a cruise ship - traveling throughout Hoenn, meeting the new Hoenn Pokemon, learning about Hoenn Berries at different ports, exploring the ports of call. But are you sure you want me to be the founding nurse? I've never founded anything before in my life." "I'll take care of all the paperwork for you," Captain Stern assures Nurse Marcia, "I just want you on that ship, healing Pokemon." "In that case, you've got yourself a nurse!" Nurse Marcia beams, getting excited for the first time in a very long time, "I'll be glad to work as the resident nurse in the S. S. Tidal's first Pokemon Center!" The thought of being able to work by herself, without a Nurse Joy holding her back, keeps Nurse Marcia smiling as Captain Stern tells her the details of the job. Nurse Joy wanders into the back room to take care of Pokemon there while Nurse Marcia speaks with Stern. Towards the end of Stern's explanation, the Center's videophone rings. Since Nurse Marcia is busy speaking with Captain Stern, Nurse Joy answers the call. "Nurse Marcia! It's for you!" Nurse Joy calls out to the blue-haired woman, "My cousin in Violet City wants to talk with you!" Hearing this, Captain Stern tells Marcia, "Go ahead, take the call. I'm pretty much done telling you what you need to know, now I just need to show you the ship. We should go there soon, actually, since the ship will be sailing as soon as we let the press know what actually happened and the measures we're taking so it won't happen again. Are you free this evening, or is tomorrow better for you?" Nurse Marcia asks, "How about right after I take this phone call?" "That works too." Captain Stern grins, glad that Nurse Marcia is so eager to work on the ship. Nurse Marcia walks up to the videophone and addresses the image of her old boss that's on the screen, "Hi, Nurse Joy. Are you calling me to congratulate me about my new job? I know word travels fast in the tightly knit Joy clique." "New job?" Nurse Joy shakes her head, "I didn't know you got a new job. My cousin just told me you were talking with someone." "You're looking at the founding nurse of the S. S. Tidal's first Pokemon Center." Nurse Marcia boasts, proud of herself, "And if you didn't call me to congratulate me about the job, why DID you call me? Do you miss me already? You'll have to cope with my absence, since I'm quitting my old job with you to take on this position." "I AM going to miss you, Marcia, believe it or not," Nurse Joy admits, "But that's not why I called you." She lifts a blue Lure Ball up to her head, so that Nurse Marcia can see it on the screen, "A young woman recently visited the Pokemon Center looking for you. She wanted you to cure the serious mental problems of Luthor, her talking Slowpoke. She left her Pokemon, this Lure Ball on his back, on my desk so that I could send him to you. He thinks he's the leader of the planet Earth." "Interesting. It's not every day you see crazy Slowpoke, let alone ones who can talk. Send me the Slowpoke. I might be able to knock some sense into him." Seeing a look of concern on her ex-boss' face, Nurse Marcia says, "Not literally, of course." Once Nurse Joy is pretty sure that her former employee won't hurt the poor delusional Slowpoke, she initiates the transfer of the Lure Ball. Within seconds, Marcia picks up the Lure Ball and stashes it in one of the pouches on her belt, "I have to go now. My new boss wants to show me around the ship I'll be working on. I'll examine the Slowpoke later, when I've settled down on the ship." Nurse Joy says, "I hope your new job works out for you, Marcia! Bye!" Nurse Marcia says, "And I hope that you can manage to do a decent job in Violet City without me. Bye." She turns off the video phone and calls out into the back room, "Omelette, I'm going to to go out for a while! Cover for me, will you?" "Blissey!" Omelette, Marcia's Blissey, calls back. The Pokemon's working on healing the three Pokemon that Keiko brought into the Pokemon Center since Nurse Joy had forgotten to turn on the healing machine when she placed their Pokeballs there, distracted by Keiko's nudity, and had forgotten to return the Pokeballs to Keiko when she saw Keiko sit down. "Thank you!" Nurse Marcia calls out once more before walking over to Captain Stern. "I'm ready to check out my new workplace, captain." -Marcia