From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Contesting a Capture Date: Sunday, February 01, 2004 12:06 PM Chet Weaver - YOUR HEAD A SPLODE wrote: > Kitsu hopped back onto the bed and discovered that Aerie was fast asleep > under where the covers were. > > "She must've snuck in while I was asleep," she theorized. Kitsu grabbed > the covers with her teeth and pulled them back over the little half-Ditto. > > Keaton opened the door and changed into full Tauros mode. > > "Sure," Keaton said on his way out. > > "Seriously," Kitsu said as she followed him. "I had no idea she was in > there." > > "Uh, huh." Minutes later, Aerie yawned and woke up. Her memory was a bit of a blur, but what she did recall was mostly bad: doing things she shouldn't have, nearly committing suicide, making things even worse after that... Her nostrils finally recognized Kitsu's scent, whereupon she remembered walking in a half-dream state, pausing outside Kitsu's and Keaton's door long enough to pick up thoughts - probably from Keaton - about entering the contests, doing them a favor by entering so they would not have to stir for a while, then slipping into Kitsu's bed and sneaking a quick peck on her lips before cuddling and fading back into dreamland. And now she was all alone again. One guess how they had probably taken her actions. "Damn." Out of curiosity, she let her mind wander the ship, trying to locate her parents. Marcia was easy to find, already on duty; something seemed a bit off, but Aerie did not press, satisfied merely with knowing where she was and that she was okay for now. Dee...did not show up. The closest match to his psychic signature had strong overtones of utter devastation, which was so unlike her father that she rejected it out of hand. But none of the other minds she could sense on the ship were even close. Perhaps Dee had learned her trick to hide from such scans? He would be okay, she convinced herself as she pulled the blankets tight around her and let the scent of Kitsu guide her thoughts as she drifted back into slumber. TBC?