From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Contesting a Capture Date: Sunday, February 01, 2004 5:06 PM luneric <> wrote in message news:<bvft1p$cbl$>... > > As Jason walked off, Nori asked, "Who's he?" > > > > "Jason Cassidy," Alex answered. "World class bastard obsessed with capturing > > legendary Pokémon. He's got a dozen Dark-types at his disposal, and a bad > > attitude to go with them." Rubbing her temple again, she added, "Like I said, > > autopilot." > > > > "We'd better sign up before anything else happens," Cass noted, leading her > > younger sister towards the check-in line. > > As he was deep in thought, deciding who should be entered into the > pokemon contest, Ben walked right into the black-clad trainer walking > from where he intended to go. He tripped back but steddied himself with > his hand and managed to avoid falling. As he picked himself up, he > looked up at the tall guy he had walked into, and quickly apologised. > "Don't let it happen again," Jason gruffly replied before drawing the Poké Ball containing his Tyranitar. Despite that bitch nurse turning him away, he still had his methods of healing his Pokémon. After a couple minutes of waiting, Jason walked up to the desk, took an entry form, and filled it out. "I'll be using my Tyranitar for the Tough Contest," he replied, giving the judge his entry form and walking to one side, waiting for the Contest to begin. > When he got over to the contest registration desk, he joined the que, > and drew out two pokeballs. > > "Excuse me," he said getting the employees attention, "Could I enter my > magneton into the cool contest, and my aggron into the tough contest?" > > A few seconds later, he was registered, and then noticed who was in the > que behind him. > > "Hi Alex! Are you entering too?" > > (I didn't want to mess up jasons reaction, so if you want to put > something there, William, that is a-ok.) [No problem.] "Ben, hi," Alex replied. "Yeah, but only one; Surtur asked for it." "<I assure you right now, my defeat is doubtful,>" Surtur noted proudly. "<Infidel!>" Set the Natu chirped. "<The Holy House of Natu shalt show you true skill, foolish Combusken!>" "<As I said, doubtful,>" Surtur noted. "<I have no doubt that one of the Divine could counter a mere mortal such as myself.>" "<You would do well to remember that!>" Set added. Nori looked on with a confused glance as Alex said, "I think Set wants to be in the Smart Contest." "<Indeed!>" Set chirped. Nori shrugged. "Not like there's a problem with that." Ben looked at the two girls in surprise before Cass explained, "Ben, you remember Tsunade, right? She's been sticking with me and Alex for a little while." "Oh," Ben realized. "Well, good luck to all three of you." "Thanks, you too," Alex replied as Ben moved off. Cass then walked up to the line and said, "I'd like to register my Azumarill for the Beauty Contest. Is that alright?" "Certainly," the judge noted, handing Cass an entry form and grateful that she was far more polite than the brute with the Tyranitar. "Just fill out this form here." Cass quickly did as she was instructed, then moved off to the side, allowing Alex to step up. She then took an entry form herself and filled it out. "I'll be registering my Combusken for the Smart Contest." "And your Murkrow?" the judge asked. "No thanks," ShadowWarrior replied, much to the judge's surprise. "I'm nothing special." With surprise registered on her face, the judge simply took Alex's entry and nervously replied, "Nothing special. Heh." Alex moved out of the way, allowing Nori to step up and register. "I'll be entering three Pokémon; my Houndour in the Cute Contest, my Delibird in the Beauty Contest, and my Natu in the Smart Contest." "Very well," the judge replied, accepting Nori's entry. "Good luck, Miss Tsunade." "She's gonna need it," Rubix muttered under his breath, following Nori and her group to the side. "Deli!" Magby the Delibird happily exclaimed, rushing towards Ariel. The young Delibird offered her competition a wing and chirped, "Deri delibird li!" "Zuma!" Ariel replied, accepting the wing and shaking it happily. Alex smiled. Then, she realized something; the caffeine was wearing off. Relieved, Alex took in a deep breath, and hoped that the day would continue to go smoothly. TBC? (Doubtful) [NS: God I hate being late. Damn AOL and its database updating!]