From: "Jose L. Solano" <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dewford Delights Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 1:05 AM > "About what?" Alex lied. "I just said that to get attention. I know I'm not >an alien." > > "Genetic evidence says otherwise," the blonde man noted. "Not to mention >blood tests from shortly after your birth." > > _Blood tests?_ Alex thought to herself. > > "Wait, genetic evidence?" Nori asked. > > The elder man chuckled. "Correct. So far as legal status and birth records >are concerned, miss, your traveling companion is an official citizen of >Lilycove City. However, so far as her genetic code is concerned, she is of >another world. Geneticists have already confirmed it." > > "How do I know she didn't pay you two to say that?" Nori asked. > > The elder man gestured slightly with his pistol, then reminded her, "I >have >a Walther P-38 pointing directly at your head. If you want to argue with me, >be >my guest." > > Nori huffed, then glanced towards Alex and accused, "This is your fault, >you >know." > > "I'm fully aware of that," Alex noted. > > "Thanks to you and your little delusions, I'm about to end up being shot," >Nori continued. > > "That hasn't been lost on me," Alex replied, her patience beginning to >fade. > > > "I hope you're happy that these two nutcases are willing to believe you, >because now you're going to end up with one less person in this world to be >worried about," Nori accused. "I bet you're really happy about..." > > "Nori!" Alex shouted, turning to the shorter girl. "I realize you treat my >claims with a high level of skepticism, and frankly I don't blame you. I >haven't given you a scrap of good evidence to support my claims, and >considering that I can't beam memories into your head, the only way to >directly >prove it would involve me ending up in a morgue, and frankly I'm not ready to >be there yet." With a sigh, she finally said, "I realize these words aren't >going to have that big an impact, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're going >to >die because of what I am, I'm sorry that our teams are going to die as well, >and I'm sorry that I've ended up falling into your expectations of Psychics, >terrestrial or otherwise." She turned to the two men, and added, "If you two >plan on taking us down, I suggest you do so now. If you don't...if your shots >miss their marks, then I promise you, especially if anyone here is hurt, you >will not walk away unscathed." The hard look in her eyes helped to make her >claim clear. "That I promise you." "If that's the way you want it, Miss Masters, I'll make this quick," the elder man said to her. His pistols clicked and he took aim, one at Alex, the other at Nori. Both girls looked at the weapons nervously, and Nori gave Alex a quick glance with a mix of anger and worry in her eyes. "Hi there, you have a sec?" a female voice asked from behind the elder man. Off his guard, the man turned his head slightly and lowered his aim. The moment his aim was off its mark, a string flew over his head and tightened against his neck and he dropped both pistols on an attempt to pull it off. "Now wait a min-" the younger man started before his vision was abruptly cut. The area around his head was dark and he felt a great deal of moisture swirling about him. "Yeah, you might want to stay put," Carol Ross said to the younger man. She held the garrote against the elder man while her Feraligatr had his jaws over the younger man's head, almost swallowing it, ready to crush it with his jaws. "Carol?" Alex asked, surprised to see her show up at such an incredibly perfect moment. Nori also looked on, curious but not altogether surprised. "Oh. Hi Alex!" Carol said, waving. "Hi Tsu!" "Uh... hi," Nori deadpanned. "Where have you been?" Alex asked her. "Well, it's a bit of a long story. I won't get into it now, but hey, do I have great timing or what?" "Were you standing there, waiting until the right moment to step in and make yourself useful?" Nori asked. "Er... sort of," Carol replied with some guilt. "I didn't want to interrupt. That speech Alex gave was like something out of a movie!" "Ack... you're... argh..." the elder man said. Nori picked up the pistols, tossing one to Alex. "Ack..." "Bounty hunter, huh? Really, a girl and her seven-foot-tall Feraligatr just snuck up on you, what kind of hunter are you? Hey, nice hat!" "Ack... don't-" The elder man made no more sound once Carol took off his odd helmet and put it on her own head. He went limp a moment later and dropped, hanging from Carol's string. She let go of it and he fell to the ground. "Maybe I held on too long..." Carol said to herself. "Is he out of our hair?" "Not yet, he still has a pulse," Nori said, pressing a finger against his neck. "I don't think it was you, either." Nori looked up at Alex, who was holding her pistol at her side without paying much attention to it. Nori stood up and sighed. "If there was any time to do that, it was now." She turned to the group of Pokémon assembled to one side. "Magby, Big Time, are you okay?" The two Pokémon nodded and ran to her. "How about you guys?" Alex asked. "Just a little shaken," ShadowWarrior replied. "Well, since we're all fine, are you going into town or what?" Carol asked. "We still have this one to take care of," Nori said, nodding towards the younger man, still wearing Feraligatr's jaws as a hat. "Ferraaaaaaaaa," Feraligatr whined, tired of holding the position for so long. "Oh! Sorry, it slipped my mind." Carol rubbed her chin as she observed the situation. "Feraligatr, use Bite!" "No, wait!" the younger man pleaded. "Don't get upset, I was just kidding," Carol told him. "I was hoping you'd faint in terror, but alright. Nori, would you mind handing me that gun?" "Alex isn't using hers," Nori suggested. Alex nodded and gave the pistol to Carol. "Okay then. Feraligatr, you can relax now." Feraligatr lifted his head then dropped to the ground, yawning and stretching on the sand before finally resting on his back to let the sun warm his belly. "So what are you up to?" "So sorry, but that's not a topic open for discussion." "If you're not afraid of the gun, I can just take your helmet off." "Er..." Beads of sweat formed around the man's face. Three girls now stared at him, two of them holding guns and one of them with a mind that could do much worse. Who could blame him if he at least considered telling them who had hired him and his older partner? TBC? [NS: Carol's back. Are we having fun yet?] Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil ------------------------------- "It's too damn safe."