From: "luneric" <luneric@dontrit> Subject: Re: [PW!] Dewford Delights Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 1:45 PM >> "Nori!" Alex shouted, turning to the shorter girl. "I realize you treat my >>claims with a high level of skepticism, and frankly I don't blame you. I >>haven't given you a scrap of good evidence to support my claims, and >>considering that I can't beam memories into your head, the only way to >>directly >>prove it would involve me ending up in a morgue, and frankly I'm not ready to >>be there yet." With a sigh, she finally said, "I realize these words aren't >>going to have that big an impact, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're going >>to >>die because of what I am, I'm sorry that our teams are going to die as well, >>and I'm sorry that I've ended up falling into your expectations of Psychics, >>terrestrial or otherwise." She turned to the two men, and added, "If you two >>plan on taking us down, I suggest you do so now. If you don't...if your shots >>miss their marks, then I promise you, especially if anyone here is hurt, you >>will not walk away unscathed." The hard look in her eyes helped to make her >>claim clear. "That I promise you." > Any further celebrating was cut off by a flash. It wasn't a flash of light, so the > dark cave stayed dark. It was a flash of fear. The terror that something was > about to go down that was really bad. The responses varied. > > One response remained though, the four males headed for the exit as fast as > human (or Blastiose-ily) possible > "If that's the way you want it, Miss Masters, I'll make this quick," the > elder man said to her. His pistols clicked and he took aim, one at Alex, the > other at Nori. Both girls looked at the weapons nervously, and Nori gave Alex a > quick glance with a mix of anger and worry in her eyes. (snip) > "So sorry, but that's not a topic open for discussion." > > "If you're not afraid of the gun, I can just take your helmet off." > > "Er..." Beads of sweat formed around the man's face. Three girls now stared > at him, two of them holding guns and one of them with a mind that could do much > worse. Who could blame him if he at least considered telling them who had hired > him and his older partner? It was at that point that the three male members of the party comically screeched to a halt next to the panicked assasin. They glanced in every direction, before giving the man at their feet a long, appraising glance, and felt pretty stupid. After a long moment of silence, Ben spoke up. "Hey Tsunade, I didn't know you had a gun. If I did, I wouldn't have..." Stopping himself, (for his own safety) the teen changed tack, "I guess you're busy we'll just sit back and I said watch."