From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: [PW!] Digesting Information Date: Monday, April 12, 2004 5:52 PM Digesting Information "I swear, when I find that little redhead, I'm going to kick her sorry butt all the way to Mossdeep City," a tall, Nordic man by the name of Sven noted as he and his partner, the lanky Peabody, returned to their room at a hotel in Rustboro City, carryout in their hands. "You do remember that part about her having a sword-wielding, Aqua-loathing sister, right?" Peabody piped up. Narrowing his eyes in anger, Sven noted, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. I was unconscious, as you may recall." "I remember," Peabody replied as he pulled out the key to their room and turned the lock, allowing the two entry. The room itself was not that shabby, considering. Contained within was a pair of beds, a television, dressers, a small desk and chair, and a separate bathroom with shower. As Sven slung his jacket off and tossed it on a bed, Peabody sat down at the desk and began setting up his laptop. "Y'know, that girl had no excuse for going at us like that," Sven complained, laying down on one bed and beginning his meal. "I say we find her and rip her apart." "With a cowardly Sharpedo, a Poochyena pup, and a Starmie?" Peabody countered. "I don't think we really have the resources to do that, Sven. But I'd at least like to know who she is." "And that's why you're setting up the machine?" Sven asked. "What makes you think she'll be in a database?" "Six-foot-three girls with red hair and good figures never go unnoticed," Peabody reasoned. "Besides, she was wearing a trainer's belt, and chances are good that she's a Pokémon trainer." "Oh yeah, excellent reasoning," Sven noted. "Like you're going to find some measly little starter Trainer in a database." As the computer began to bring up the Hoenn League Database entry for one Cassandra Gale, Peabody replied, "She's no 'Starter'. Her name's Cassandra Gale; she's been registered in the database for almost nine years now, and has just as many Pokémon, including four Water-types and a Manectric." "And this is impressive, how?" Sven noted. "It means that she was at least telling a partial truth," Peabody replied as he looked over Cass's biographical information. "According to this, her parents are Helen Mass, the founder and CEO of the MasterCorp company, and Kyle Gale, a former police informant." "Former?" Sven asked with a raised eyebrow. "He's dead, according to this," Peabody explained. "Killed by Team Magma agents before the girl was even born. Bizarre." Sven shrugged. "Those Magma goons don't have a sense of decency anyway." "That's debatable," Peabody said under his breath. "Says she also has a younger half-sister, too." He quickly clicked the small link, bringing up the profile for Cass's younger sibling, Alexandria Masters. "Wow. I'd hate to see what the babies look like." "Why?" Sven asked. "Is the kid ugly?" "No, she's actually very good looking for a sixteen year old," Peabody noted. "She's the starter of the two, but she's registered as having six Pokémon and three badges, two from Johto and one from here. Not bad, considering." "Why are you even looking this up?" Sven asked. "I'm trying to figure out why she hates Team Aqua," Peabody replied. As he came upon the answer, he said, "Aw nuts. That's why." Sven raised an eyebrow, "I'm listening." "Her father's Lyle Masters," Peabody replied. "Team Aqua raided his lab about three years ago last Christmas, and he died during the raid." "So her father died, big whoop," Sven noted. "We didn't kill the guy." "Who says she'd care?" Peabody asked. "Girls are emotional, you know that." "Who says the girl wants vengeance?" Sven countered. The large man then blinked, then said, "Aw nuts, I'm starting to sound like you." "It's about time," Peabody noted with a chuckle. He glanced back at the screen and noted, "Still, I feel sorry for the kid." "It's not our problem," Sven noted, getting rid of his trash turning on his side. "Now eat something before you worry yourself to death." As Sven began to drift asleep, Peabody took one last look at the screen and said, "Sorry miss. No one deserves to lose a loved one." He shut the computer off as his mind began to try and put aside what he had learned that night. TBC? William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points