From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!][SST] Disappearing Dittos and Confused Confidants Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 11:04 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > [NS: Damn, one thing after another's popping up to ruin any chance of a happy > family for Aerie, isn't it?] [NS: Wait 'til you see what Mimic's going through, and remember Aerie's lamentations about programming. ^_- ] > "Whoa, they spirited *him* off?" ShadowWarrior asked, his mind boggling at > the concept. "But he's-!" > > "Who knows where," Alex interrupted, not wanting to worry her possible > boyfriend. "But right now, I think I'd best tell Aerie and Marcia about this." > She turned to Ben and said, "I'm sorry Ben, looks like I'll have to skip > lunch." > > Ben sighed, then asked, "You'll at least be at the party later, right?" > > Alex smiled, then leaned forward and promised, "Of course." The thought to > kiss did cross her mind, but Alex herself felt that neither were quite at that > point yet; she liked Ben, but this was still a fresh relationship. She regained > her full height then said, "Okay then, here goes nothing." Alex took a deep > breath, then focused her mind and called, #Aerie, I need to speak to you > pronto. Your father's gone missing; he's been teleported off the boat to > somewhere in Hoenn. If you can hear me, please answer.# "Tch tch, you still need to work on it," Aerie replied verbally, walking around a corner. "It sounded like you said he'd *been* teleported, not that he teleported himself. As if he was kidnapped." "As far as I can tell, he was." Just a few minutes ago, Alex would have been pleased to see Aerie rolling on the deck laughing, as an indicator of her high spirits. Even now, the silver lining of that did cross her mind. But concern that Aerie was not treating the situation with the gravity it demanded outweighed any pleasure at that moment. "Aerie, please. I'm serious." "Yooou don't know my dad that wellahahahaha...tell me, what happens when you kidnap an electrode and make it angry?" "It explodes?" "And what happens if you kidnap an onyx and drag it into a cave?" "It digs its way out?" "And what happens when you kidnap Dad and he gets tired of playing along?" Before Alex could reply, a movie started playing in her mind - a memory from Aerie, with an overlay that it was Doppler's memory. A memory of being kidnapped, once, and taken to a laboratory in Silph Corporation. Of complying with the various restraints until he saw a certain executive face to face...and then overpowering or slipping out of the restraints, decapitating the executive, and blasting all the weak points of the building to send it into a fatal implosion before its occupants could escape. Alex had to repress an urge to vomit when she felt the memory include savoring of each death, especially when she realized she could not be entirely certain if the savoring was Doppler's or Aerie's. "He probably just didn't want anyone on this ship to get hurt." Aerie's humor was reduced to quiet chuckles, but glee was still in her eyes. "But it better have been a good reason, to get him away from Mom." "Aerie..." Aerie sat up, noticing Alex looking a bit woozy. "Whoa, you okay? I didn't send that too hard, did I? Umm, if I did, sorry..." "No, no, it's okay." Alex extended a hand to help Aerie stand up. "I'm just...that was a powerful vision..." "Oh, yeah, I suppose you're not used to it. That's how other me gave me her dad's memories. I don't usually send them with all the context like that, but I figured you needed to see everything. If you look close, you'll even find details on the transformations he used...though I'm not sure they'd make much sense to you, since you can't transform. I also tried to slow it down for you." "Thanks." Alex shook her head to try to get the lingering, sickening yet addictive tang of homocidal joy from her active consciousness. "He's not going to..." "Pfft. He's gone soft. He'll probably just turn 'em over to the cops if they're bad guys. But the point is, don't worry about him. I mean, if it was MewTwo or something, *then* we'd worry. But I think we'd both have felt someone that powerful anywhere on this ship." "Unless he was hiding, to get at your father." A twitch was all the worry Aerie would let herself show. "Come on, what are the odds of *that* happening? Although...this morning, I was feeling some kind of psychic suggestion...I *think* I shrugged it off, but I felt drowsy until just now, about when you said Dee left. Eh, I'm sure that's just a coincidence. Come on, we can still talk to Mom." Cass, Ben, and the pokemon present had been watching this exchange with unmasked concern. "So, what'd she show you?" Cass queried. "Trust me, you *don't* want to see it." The floors crashing into one another quickly played across Alex's mind's eye before she finally shut the memory out. TBC? > [NS: Guess this means no family counseling, huh? So, should I let Alex keep Cue > in case she runs into Mimic sometime soon, or what?] [NS: No counseling with Dee, but nothing's keeping her from talking to Aerie and Marcia. As for Cue...what happens, happens.]