From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: [PW!] Dream Come True Date: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 9:01 PM Dream Come True Things had gone well so far, Gonzap reflected; between his own agents and a few unknowing dupes around town, Team Snagem had managed to get three Pokémon, with over a dozen more on their way. Within a few short hours, they'd have all they'd need to turn the captured Pokémon into Shadow Pokémon; unstoppable fighting machines the likes of which no trainer in this region had seen before. Soon enough, they'd take their new Shadow Pokémon back to Orre, rebuilt Team Snagem, and reign supreme once more. Nothing could go wrong. As Gonzap smiled to himself, an Absol slunk past his window, peering in slightly to take a look at the surroundings. He quickly rushed away towards a nearby clump of bushes. Awaiting him were a tall boy in his late teens and a Duskull. Absol quickly reported on the surroundings to the Duskull, who then said to her associate, "There are three people on the ground floor, and no sign of any holding areas." "Anything leading underground?" Jason Cassidy finally asked. "None," the Duskull once known as Sai Meilan replied. "At least, nothing that Absol could easily see through the windows." The three were joined in a few seconds by a Sableye, who quickly reported in to Meilan. She translated, "There are several underground rooms and chambers. Umbreon, as well as several other Pokémon, is within one of them." "Good," Jason noted. "Now, how do we get in?" "Brute force will most likely do more harm than good," Meilan reminded him. "Remember what happened last time." "I remember," Jason snapped. "And stealth can only go so far." A smirk growing on his face, he decided, "Perhaps a little of both, then." - Quite a ways beneath Jason and Meilan, Umbreon remained slumped within his cell. A whirlwind of emotions flashed through his mind; worry, fear, sadness, abandonment, all flashed through his mind in turn. Jason had changed over the years; he wasn't the kindly boy that Umbreon had grown up with as a child, who enjoyed being with him as often as possible. Now he was cold, distant; it was as if he didn't care anymore, like all that mattered was turning away from everything, being something that he totally wasn't. Despite all this, Umbreon had remained with Jason. Yes, he had grown cold over the years, but that didn't mean that somehow, some way, at least some part of the old Jason would return. Umbreon sighed. _Even if it does happen, I doubt I'll be able to see it,_ he thought to himself. A loud crash upstairs quickly caught Umbreon's attention, however. "<What was that?>" one of his fellow cellmates, a Seviper, asked. "<Sounds like something's happening up there,>" the third, a massive Gyarados noted. Umbreon's eyes gained a hopeful glimmer. "<Jason!>" - "Sol!" Within seconds, Absol had cut through several of the doors within the 'service station', finding a few file rooms, a large set of barracks, and ultimately a small elevator. He rushed onto the platform and entered, Jason and Meilan following behind. "Not bad, Absol," Jason noted as he pressed the down button on the touchpad. The elevator slowly descended, reaching the bottom level within minutes. The trio rushed out, finding a small hallway with three doors waiting for them. "Crawdaunt, Sneasel, go!" Jason cried out, releasing two of his more dependable Pokémon. "Get those doors down!" Absol, already out, rushed to the door opposite the elevator, then Slashed at the opposite door. On the other side lay a large telepad, blank and ready to be used. "A possible escape route," Meilan noted. "That is very useful." Sneasel, meanwhile, had sauntered over to the door to Jason's right and quickly Cut through it. Within was a large machine, being tended to by a pair of lab-coated scientists. Both turned in surprise as Jason rushed over, pointed at them, and ordered, "On the ground, now!" The two scientists looked at one another in surprise, and one turned to Jason and asked, "And you're going to intimidate us with your mighty finger?" As Crawdaunt finally hammered the third door down, Meilan simply phased through the wall and sent a burst of bluish flame toward a nearby wall. The two scientists quickly acquiesced to Jason's order. "Crawdaunt," Jason's Crawdaunt grunted loudly, calling for Jason's attention. With Meilan and Sneasel keeping an eye on both scientists, Jason rushed to Crawdaunt and looked within the third room. Contained in three cages he found a Seviper looking at him in a mix of curiosity and apprehensiveness, a Gyarados regarding him with suspicious eyes, and... "Breon!" "Umbreon," Jason said, a slight smile forming on his face. He rushed to the cage containing his longest Pokémon and said, "Am I ever glad to see you again." He nearly whispered, "I was...worried about you." Umbreon's eyes opened wide in joy; this was literally a dream come true. Jason was at least partially back to his old self. "Now give me a second and I'll have you out of this cage," Jason promised. "Viper?" whimpered the Seviper contained to Umbreon's right. Jason looked at both the Seviper, her eyes now almost as large as a puppy dog's, and the Gyarados, still looking at him with suspicion and contempt. He sighed, then said to Umbreon, "I'd better get them out too. Otherwise, the Gyarados will eat me." The Gyarados gave a light smirk as Crawdaunt hammered at the lock on Seviper's cage, eventually destroying it and releasing the poisonous Pokémon within. He moved on to Umbreon's cage as Jason looked over in a corner, finding two Ultra Balls and a Great Ball. He plucked the Great Ball off the shelf, recalled the Seviper, and tucked the ball into his back pocket. Umbreon gleefully leapt out of his cage the instant he was released, rushing to Jason and affectionately rubbing against his nearest leg. Jason looked down at the small Pokémon, and allowed himself a small smile. It was good having Umbreon back. Jason quickly took one of the two Ultra Balls from the shelf, and tried to beam Umbreon into it. The attempt failed. "Must be for the Gyarados he said as he took the remaining Ultra Ball in hand. Crawdaunt finally smashed the lock on Gyarados's cage, freeing the massive water dragon and allowing it to Bite the gate off its hinges. Gyarados slithered out of his cage, and tossed the gate aside only a few seconds before Jason recalled it. Jason quickly slipped the Gyarados's Ultra Ball into his back pocket, then recalled Umbreon and returned the Pokémon's new Ultra Ball to his belt. He then recalled Crawdaunt and rushed back to Meilan and Sneasel. "It's done. Let's get out of here." "Not so fast," Gonzap finally said, trailed by a pair of his lackeys. "We went to a lot of trouble to steal those three. Give them back, now." "Sorry, gramps," Jason replied with a smirk as he recalled both Sneasel and Absol. "You've got bigger problems." As Jason rushed towards the telepad room, Meilan unleashed a Will-O-Wisp attack against the large machine, setting off a few internal fires within the device. "Oh damn," Gonzap noted as he quickly pressed the 'up' button on the elevator touchpad. As the elevator began to ascend, Jason disappeared from view as he landed on the telepad and Meilan floated up through the ceiling. The two scientists scrambled out of the room and covered their heads as the machine within exploded, bringing a great deal of dust and debris down on its remnants. - Jason reappeared outside, Meilan soon floating upwards to join him. With a satisfied smile on his face, he said, "We did it." "We did, yes," Meilan noted with pride. "And soon enough, the police will find these criminals and arrest them. Speaking of, we'd best make our exit." "Right," Jason noted. The two quickly walked away towards where Jason had hidden his new hovercycle, and settled onto the vehicle. "Now then, are you picking up any Shiny Unown?" "Two are here in town, but I'd advise against attempting to take them," Meilan noted. "But four are in Mauville, or are at least approaching that region." "Back to Mauville then," Jason noted as he revved up the hovercycle and sped off just as several emergency vehicles, led by a familiar blue-haired cop on a motorcycle, arrived at the building. - Gonzap grimaced at the sight of the emergency vehicles, and noted to himself, "A minor setback." TBC? [NS: I almost thought I wouldn't be able to finish this up tonight. For those curious, no, this isn't Jason's last stand. He's going to be around a little bit more. In the meantime, pray that the Snagems don't run into Doppler. ;-)] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points