From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Everything's Relative Date: Sunday, April 04, 2004 10:17 PM Previously: >> > So as the computer signalled that the serch was done, and Sven was was >slowly >> > coming to from his bout with Righteous Female Fury, Cass finally thought >that they >> > would have a lead. >> > >> "Nope," Peabody said. "There's no official record of Team Aqua ever >> meeting an Adam Samson or Smasher." >> >> "What about UNofficially?" Rubix queried, sensing double talk. >> >> "That sort of information is 'Need to know' only," Peabody replied. "I >> can't guarantee access that sort of information." > >Derek grinned an evil grin, one that would show fangs if he was an evil kind >of person. "Okay, give it a shot, and while it processes, you can tell us >what kind of people might know so they can be *knuckles crack* persuaded. >Haven't had a decent workout in months." > >Peabody gulped a bit at the intonations of violence. Sven clutched his head >muttering something incoherent > >"Don't worry, you're fine for now." > Now: "Well," Peabody noted, actually nervous for a change, "I can't immediately think of anyone who'd have information on the guy you're looking for who wouldn't have it in the database, and I doubt our current head honcho would be interested in him." "Current head honcho?" Cass asked. "Some weird de-" Peabody started before Sven interrupted, "That's also on a 'Need-to-Know' basis." With an aggravated sigh, Cass simply said, "Fine. You don't know anything, and you don't have any info on him in your database." Lightly hitting the palm of her hand with her Hammer-of-Death™ to emphasize her point, she asked, "Anyone who would know?" "Don't think so, no," Peabody replied. Cass darted a small glance to Chan and asked, "You think they're lying?" Chan shook his head 'no'. Cass took a glance to Nori, who added, "I'm going with the Medicham on this one." Cass nodded, then turned to Sven and Peabody and said, "You two are free to go. But I'd think twice about staying around us." "Right, thank you," Peabody said, quickly packing up his laptop. "Wait a second, you're giving up?" Sven asked, rubbing his head. "We can take 'em." "Like you took me?" Cass countered, twirling her Hammer-of-Death™ for emphasis. "If you don't want to consider that, consider this; I have a sword-wielding, Aqua-loathing younger sibling. Emphasis on 'sword-wielding'. That's a lot harder to deal with than a hammer-wielding girl like myself. Take your pick." Sven growled slightly, then pointed at Cass and declared, "This isn't over." Those words spoken, Sven walked off, Peabody quickly following. "Never thought I'd see you agree with a psychic," Rubix noted to his 'trainer'. "No reason not to," Nori replied. "Besides, I'd tell the truth too if my life was on the line." "Makes perfect sense," Cass noted, finally placing the Hammer-of-Death™ back where it came from. "Now, let's finish up our meal, then try to find the others. Maybe they found something out." "One question, though," Derek asked. "How is it that you can use Hammerspace?" Cass shrugged. "I'm a pretty boy-crazed girl. Sadly for me, most pretty-boys are either perverts, sick fools, or otherwise not compatible with yours truly. In the case of the first two categories, I need some way of fending them off. And since Alex isn't usually around when those nuts show up, I had to figure out a means of defending myself." "So you taught yourself how to access Hammerspace?" Nori posed. "No, a friend in high school taught me," Cass explained. "Sort of a grim woman, hung out with a lot of weirdoes besides me, but otherwise a decent person." "You think she'd show me anything like that?" Derek asked. "Don't count on it," Cass replied. TBC? [NS: And yeah, that was a reference. Three guesses to what.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points