From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Everything's Relative Date: Monday, April 05, 2004 4:22 PM > "One question, though," Derek asked. "How is it that you can use > Hammerspace?" > > Cass shrugged. "I'm a pretty boy-crazed girl. Sadly for me, most pretty-boys > are either perverts, sick fools, or otherwise not compatible with yours truly. > In the case of the first two categories, I need some way of fending them off. > And since Alex isn't usually around when those nuts show up, I had to figure > out a means of defending myself." > > "So you taught yourself how to access Hammerspace?" Nori posed. > > "No, a friend in high school taught me," Cass explained. "Sort of a grim > woman, hung out with a lot of weirdoes besides me, but otherwise a decent > person." > > "You think she'd show me anything like that?" Derek asked. > > "Don't count on it," Cass replied. "Drat. Guess it's playing with rocks later then," Derek lamented while eating some food. Not that it was a bad thing, but one rarely looks forward to pain, unless they're into that kind of thing ... which Derek wasn't. Chan smirked at Derek's comment. Somebody had to get him down after and besides, if he couldn't move, he couldn't get lost. "Playing with rocks?" Cass asked. "Breaking them actually," Derek said casually. "But it looks like we're about done eating so we should pay the bill and get back." TBC [New thread of information sharing perhaps?] ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Where on Earth am I NOW? > [NS: And yeah, that was a reference. Three guesses to what.] [NS: Same place I came up with a trainer with an uncanny ability to get lost? Though I believe many anime characters have their own personal weaponspace, it's larger for some than for others. Me, I'm a fan of odd and/or oversized weapons myself. *Raises glass of COLD water* To one of the most gender confused anime shows ever.]