From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Fallarbor Fallout Date: Sunday, July 04, 2004 1:21 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > "Let me go!" Terri cried out. "I haven't done anything wrong!" > > "You stole money and Pokémon, framed an innocent man, and caused chaos," > Derek listed off on one hand. "You may not have understood the consequences of > your actions, but you did do many things wrong." > > "And frankly, we have an easier time believing the magician than you," Cass > noted. "Now, let's find the police and deal with all of this." > > #Cassandra, there is a problem,# Enigma noted. Aerie's grunt from behind them hinted at the nature of the problem. Many eyes looked up, to see a psychic glow surrounding Kitsu, trying to pull her away - but not succeeding very much thanks to Aerie grabbing Kitsu's torso and trying to fly in the opposite direction. It almost looked like an aerial fishing match, with the mystery fisherman wiggling the "bait" to try to slam Aerie into the ground or surrounding buildings. Aerie managed to slide around on Kitsu to dodge most of these, but her grip was visibly starting to weaken. Keaton did not react, to anything. Unfortunately for her, Terri soon discovered his grip was secure enough, even frozen in time. Ehn, Ehl, and Jay pondered the situation - a quick unfreeze had never been deemed necessary before, and with Eff knocked out they were free to countermand its orders to defend Terri, so how to do it? Cass likewise pondered the situation, not yet knowing the unown threat was abated, seeing who would be best suited to deal with which problem. "Derek, you knock out those unown..." "CHAM!" "Chan says it's coming from over here!" Derek and his medicham charged off into the woods. "...or let me deal with the unown, your choice." Cass sighed. "Enigma, use Psychic on her pokeballs!" "That won't be needed. My friends won't attack me." Marvin walked up to Terri and began plucking the four unowns' pokeballs from her belt, unhindered by the three conscious unown, unless one counted Ehn's Nuzzling. "Hey! HEY!" Terri struggled in Keaton's statue-like grip. "HELP! THIEF! CHILD MOLESTER!" While Marvin backed off, trying to explain himself, Cass turned back towards the forest. "Okay, we help Kitsu after all. Now which way did they-" The sounds of a pokemon battle interrupted her question, and guided her path moments later. TBC? [NS: Oh, Weaver...]