From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ferry Bound to Dewford Town Date: Tuesday, May 04, 2004 2:07 AM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >"I don't get it mawile," Ben commented, "Why don't you want to come to > >granite cave? You've been away from your home for more than two months > >now, but you don't want to go and see your family. What gives?" > > > >Mawile huffed and crossed his arms at his trainer bringing up the > >subject again and replied, "Maw-ile maw mawile maw?" > > > >Ben glanced to Surtur and them in turn to Alex, who translated, "What > >about your family?" > > > >"Me?" Ben asked, looking again at his pokemon companion, "But...I was > >asking you!" > > > >The mawile folded his arms uncooperatively and held his head up in a huff. > > > >"Okay, okay...I guess if your family is anything like mine then you > >wouldn't want to go home." Ben sighed. "I come from lavaridge, and my > >dad used to be a follower of the old gym leader before Flannery took > >over. He expects me to train under her, and I don't even like fire > >pokemon..." > > > >Mawile tapped his trainers arm, "Mawile ma-mawile maw ile..." > > > >"Hey, that's alright little buddy." Ben replied, "We all make mistakes, > >and it is nice to apologise." > > > >Mawile gave his trainer a strange look, wondering if he should repeat > >what he said. But since his trainer didn't understand him the first > >time, he decided against it. > > > > > "I don't know," Alex noted with a smile. "Fire-types aren't so bad." > > Surtur allowed himself a small smirk as he heard Alex. > > "Still, to each their own," Alex replied. > > "Finally!" a voice cried out in joy. As the two and their traveling > companions looked up, Sven leaned over them and said, "Someone else who hates > Fire-types as much as I do!" > > "Um, I never said I hated them..." Ben spoke up. > > "And why shouldn't you hate the things?" Sven asked, obviously not paying > attention. "They're ugly, they're useless, and there are much better Pokémon > out there! I bet any common Roselia can take down something like a Torchic, or > even some dumb Combusken." > > Surtur's eyes narrowed. > > Alex was quick to notice, and quickly began to try and diffuse the > situation. "Sir, I don't have a problem with you expressing your opinions, but > I suggest that you not make such commentary around my friend." > > Sven looked to the young woman and said, "Listen kid, I'll say what I want, > when I want, how I want, and no little idiot girl is going to tell me > otherwise. Now butt out." With a sarcastic grin, he added, "Or does your > 'friend' like Fire-types?" > > "Actually, he *is* a Fire-type," Alex replied, pointing a thumb at Surtur. > > Sven cast a small glance towards Surtur, then chuckled. "Typical of some > little girl to pick out something like that. Tell me; were you sad when your > cute little Torchic evolved into a big ugly chicken?" > > Surtur's eyes narrowed further; even as a Torchic, he didn't like being > called 'cute'. But calling him ugly was another matter entirely. > > Alex laid a hand upon her associate's shoulder, then said, "Surtur evolved > by choice. And before you make any more statements about him, I suggest you > wait until you have reason to." > > Sven raised an eyebrow. "Do I hear a challenge?" > > Alex grinned. "Better believe it, tough boy." > > Watching from nearby, Nori gave a small glance over to Alex's bench, > recognizing the two Team Aqua agents from yesterday. "This may be interesting," > she noted to herself. > > "I thought we agreed not to let the psycho Psychic go psychotic," Rubix > asked. > > "Yeah, but seeing a couple Aqua grunts get pounded on may be entertaining," > Nori replied. > > Rubix shrugged. "Don't come crying to me when she starts blowing up > everyone's heads." > > - > > Within a couple minutes, Alex and Sven had taken up their positions to > battle. Surtur already stood prepared to battle, while Peabody attempted to > dissuade his partner. > > "Sven, think seriously here," he noted to his bulkier partner. "You only > have two Pokémon; one is a coward, and the other is vulnerable to > Fighting-types." > > "I'll be fine," Sven noted. "Not even Jaws is gonna cower in fear from a > chicken." > > On the sidelines, a blonde young man with mixed Swedish-Aryan features > walked up next to a bench where ShadowWarrior stood waiting. "This looks > interesting." > > "It should be," the Murkrow replied. "But I wouldn't expect this to last > long." > > As Peabody walked out of the way to sit down and watch, Sven pulled out a > solitary Poké Ball and noted, "Best watch yourself, kid, I'm a lot older and a > lot tougher than you are." > > "We'll see," Alex noted, guessing that her opponent was bluffing. "Ready, > Surtur?" > > "<Quite prepared,>" the Combusken noted, his limbs already wreathed in > flame. > > Sven then tossed the Poké Ball in his hand onto the field. It quickly > opened, and solidified into a shape familiar to all those present who were > native to Hoenn. > > Sven's reaction was a confident smile. > > Surtur's reaction was to quite reasonably back away. > > Alex's reaction, however, was something quite unexpected for her. > > "AYIIIIEEEE!" > > "Sharpedo!" was Jaws the Sharpedo's panicked reaction, both to Alex's scream > and to his opponent. > > As Jaws cowered and tried to cover his face with his fins, Alex made a > running leap towards the highest, most distant point she could find. > > "What the hell is your problem?" Rubix asked, looking up at the girl who was > now quivering with terror upon his shoulders, her vice-like grip upon one of > his hydro cannons. > > "I'm scared of Sharpedo!" Alex cried out. > > Nori and Rubix both blinked seeing that, then looked to the cowering Jaws. > "You're scared of that poor excuse for a Dark-type?" Nori asked. > > "Of course I'm...!" Alex replied, before finally taking a look at the source > of her fear. > > Balancing on his single ventral fin, Jaws stood before them as a whimpering, > cowering mess. Looking in surprise, Alex got down from her perch and said, > "He's terrified." > > "Like I said, a poor excuse," Nori replied. "I mean look at him, he's a > Water-type. He shouldn't fear a Fire-type." > > "No, I mean he's terrified, of just about everything," Alex elaborated. > "He's more scared of me than I am of him..." > > Alex's memories concerning Sharpedo came rushing through her head; how she > had seen one during an early attempt at learning to swim, how the sight of a > Sharpedo, a large fish with so many teeth, was enough to keep her out of the > water, and prevent her from learning to properly swim. But to see something > like that, so totally against her expectations, made her realize something. > > "I'm a fool," she said to herself. > > With cocked eyebrows from both Nori and Rubix, Alex walked forward, past > Surtur, and with ever-slowing steps towards the frightened Sharpedo before her. > As she approached, Alex gulped, then approached slowly, both of her hands in > front of her, palms exposed. "Now, don' anything rash." > > Realizing that Alex was approaching him, Jaws attempted to cover his eyes > even more, attempting to squirm away from the human before him. > > Alex mustered her courage, then stretched out her hand and slowly laid it > upon Jaws's nose. "I'm not...going to hurt you. And I don't think you'll hurt > me, will you?" > > Jaws moved his fins, then looked up at the girl and asked, "Shar?" > > "I can't believe I went and did that," Alex said, talking to both herself > and the Sharpedo before her. "Here I am, someone who doesn't want to be judged > based on what she is, and yet I'm treating you with fear where I shouldn't. You > aren't the least bit malicious, are you?" > > Jaws blinked, then shook a bit from side to side, echoing his sentiment with > a "Do." > > "No, you aren't," Alex said, realizing what Jaws had said just by a guess. > "You wouldn't hurt anyone, would you? You're scared of the bigger fish, just > like I am. But I'm not scary, am I?" > > Jaws repeated his earlier motion and said again, "Do." > > "And you aren't scary either," Alex observed. "At least, not from the top. > You look kinda noble, actually." > > Jaws blushed, and brushed it off, "Sharrrr..." > > "Okay, enough touchy-feely stuff," Sven complained. "This is a battle > ground, not a petting zoo." > > Alex glared at her opponent. "You know, with behavior like that, I'm not > surprised that your Sharpedo's scared of anything larger than himself." > > "Yeah, well, he isn't exactly the best of Pokémon," Sven noted with obvious > distain. "A fierce and powerful Pokémon they said. He's scared of his own > shadow. He's barely worthy to be with Team Aqua." > > Alex's eyes opened wide. > > Peabody's hand met his face. > > Nori and Rubix darted small glances to one another. > > "Did you just say...?" Alex began to ask. > > "That's right, they are with Team Aqua!" Jeff exclaimed. "They tried to > capture Bob just yesterday!" > > "And your sister hit the guy with 'Roid Rage over the head with a hammer > just yesterday," Rubix added, figuring that there was nothing that could be > done at this point. > > Alex quickly absorbed that information, then narrowed her eyes at Sven and > said, "Aquas, eh?" > > "Wait a second..." Peabody realized. "That redhead was your sister? Then > that means..." His eyes grew wide with the realization that he and his partner > may be in mortal danger. "Sven, you should recall Jaws and we should run, now." > > "Why should we...?" Sven asked, before finally piecing together the > information from the previous evening. "Oh. Uh-oh." > > Alex quickly considered her options, then suggested, "I suggest you go > quickly then." Despite odd stares from both Aquas, she explained, "I owe your > Sharpedo a favor for what he did for me today. The end of my irrational fear in > exchange for your continued freedom seems a fair trade to me." > > Sven and Peabody looked to one another, then nodded. "I forfeit," Sven said > as he recalled Jaws and the two quickly made their exit. > > As ShadowWarrior fluttered up to Alex's shoulder, he asked, "You let them > go?" > > "They didn't kill my father," Alex said. "Aqua may have been the group that > raided Dad's labs, but those two agents don't seem the type to murder someone. > Besides, Dad was shot, and neither of them were carrying guns." > > "You can tell?" ShadowWarrior asked. > > "No holsters," Alex replied. With a breath, she turned back to her comrades > and said, "Hope that didn't scare anyone." Despite admitting that he wasn't scared, Jeff's tone of voice betrayed him. That and the three inoluntary steps that he took backwards. As the spectacle started to clear up, the 9AM ferry arrived on time, meaning that it was only 5 minutes late. Jeff looked a little leery of getting on the ferry, but then again it didn't exactly look like the SS Tidal either. The ferry definitely wasn't as big as the luxury cruiser, and it didn't look nearly as good. It was also showing sighns of wear, though mostly from heavy traffic from people taking the ferry constantly. The boat itself wasn't spacious, but there was enough room for everyone to manoever about and still be comfortable. The ferry stayed docked for about 10 minutes, probably while the captain got a hot cup of coffee, before tooting its horn and sailing towards Dewford. Jeff stared at the retreating view of Rustboro, wondering when next he'll get the chance to see his brother, and what wicked cool moves he'll have. The young breeder in-training also made a note to see if there waxs a good comic or anime store somewhere in Dewford. He needed something to read. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Goonie pudding tube socks! [NS: *sarcastic* I'd hate to see something happen on that nice peaceful ferry ride ... *realizes that there's no subtlety in that last comment*]