From: "luneric" <luneric@dontrit> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ferry Bound to Dewford Town Date: Thursday, May 06, 2004 8:05 AM >> Sven and Peabody looked to one another, then nodded. "I forfeit," Sven said >>as he recalled Jaws and the two quickly made their exit. >> >> As ShadowWarrior fluttered up to Alex's shoulder, he asked, "You let them >>go?" >> >> "They didn't kill my father," Alex said. "Aqua may have been the group that >>raided Dad's labs, but those two agents don't seem the type to murder someone. >>Besides, Dad was shot, and neither of them were carrying guns." >> >> "You can tell?" ShadowWarrior asked. >> >> "No holsters," Alex replied. With a breath, she turned back to her comrades >>and said, "Hope that didn't scare anyone." "I think they should be worried than we are," Ben laughed, "I think what Cass did left an impression!" > The ferry stayed docked for about 10 minutes, probably while the captain got a > hot cup of coffee, before tooting its horn and sailing towards Dewford. > > Jeff stared at the retreating view of Rustboro, wondering when next he'll get the > chance to see his brother, and what wicked cool moves he'll have. > > The young breeder in-training also made a note to see if there waxs a good > comic or anime store somewhere in Dewford. He needed something to read. Now some way into their voyage, everyone was enjoying the sea breeze, the soft calls of wingull and goldeen; and most of all, the calm and tranquility of a boat trip. Mawile leaned over the edge of the boat and peered into the clear water, and suddenly called out to his trainer in surprise. Ben strained his eyes to make out the dark shape, swimming towards the surface. "That's such a cute goldeen," Ben commented, "With huge, pointy...teeth!?" The trainer flew back as side of the boat was rammed, and most of the other travellers were knocked off their chairs. Having had the wind knocked out of him, Ben gasped, "What...was that?" > [NS: *sarcastic* I'd hate to see something happen on that nice peaceful ferry ride > > ... *realizes that there's no subtlety in that last comment*] [How's that?]