From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Ferry Bound to Dewford Town Date: Sunday, May 09, 2004 12:43 AM >> Ben strained his eyes to make out the dark shape, swimming towards the >> surface. "That's such a cute goldeen," Ben commented, "With huge, >> pointy...teeth!?" The trainer flew back as side of the boat was rammed, >> and most of the other travellers were knocked off their chairs. >> >> Having had the wind knocked out of him, Ben gasped, "What...was that?" > >John stumbled over to the rail to look over into the water. "Okay," He >said nervously. "I realize I'm not entirely familiar with Hoenn >pokemon, but, uh, to me that looks like serious trouble." Right before >the unknown water pokemon rammed the side of the ship again. > >Jeff joined them there, "Is it just me or is there more of them?" > Multiple poundings to the side of the small ferry seemed to confirm Jeff's fears as more and more of the unknown creatures attacked the boat from both sides. In a nearby corner, Alex tried her best to maintain her sea legs, something helped by both her physiology and by her training. As she silently thanked her mother for insisting that she take ballet classes, she quickly rushed to an elderly woman nearby and helped her to regain her balance. "Are you alright, miss?" "Yes, my dear, I'm quite alright," the elderly lady replied. "Such a nice young lady, helping a poor old woman like me." "Hey, people need to look out for each other," Alex answered with a kind smile. Another violent blow to the boat caused Alex to get knocked off-balance and towards the railing. Unfortunately for her, the blow took her off-guard and unprepared, and the shape of the boat sent her over the railing and into the water below. "Alex!" came the concerned reply of ShadowWarrior the Murkrow, a worried Combusken standing beside him with his claws digging into the boat's wooden flooring. "You shouldn't be that worried," Nori noted, leaning against Rubix to maintain her balance. "She's a psychic." "She's a weak psychic," ShadowWarrior reminded her. "And besides that, she can't swim!" Nori's eyes widened. "Oh." - As Alex floated down into the depths, she struggled to keep herself calm; if she panicked, she'd only make things worse for herself. It took everything she had at this point to keep herself from going postal. Despite that, however, she couldn't help but notice that whatever was attacking the boat indeed had company. About six of the large fish were swarming around the boat, two having broken off to deal with Alex and the rest continuing to ram the small vessel. As the aggressors approached, Alex's eyes widened in shock; they were indeed Goldeen, albeit each was about as long as Alex was tall. The six each had glistening white scales, beautiful as pearls and with a glow that made Alex think of freshly fallen snow. However, there was something else about them that reflected a pearly white. That being their large, pointy teeth. Alex only had two options; defend herself, or be eaten. And she wasn't too fond of the second one. Knowing that her time was running out, she held her mouth as tightly shut as possible and plucked one Poké Ball from her belt, releasing the only one she had that could possibly help her. "Wartortle!" Daraxis proclaimed. He blinked for a second upon seeing the situation; his trainer was in danger, and there were large fish about to eat her, and maybe him. Fighting wasn't an option, as Alex probably couldn't escape on her own. And as she couldn't survive in water for extended periods, hiding wasn't an option either. That left the simplest solution; running. Daraxis quickly grabbed hold of Alex's bag and began swimming for the surface towards the boat, hoping that the large fish wouldn't catch up. Sadly, however, it was in vain as the fish were much larger, ergo much faster, than he himself. Escape was the greater priority, Alex the more important goal. As Alex kicked her legs in an attempt to help her Pokémon get back to the boat, she felt herself weakening due to lack of oxygen. _Keep going,_ she told herself. _Don't give up on them now!_ Thankfully for Alex and her aquatic companion, they soon had a bit of backup arrive as a red-and-white torpedo seemed to speed down into the water and plow into one of the large Goldeen. "Deri, deli delibird!" Magby proclaimed in her native tongue, flinging a small explosive pellet towards the second Goldeen even as a hastily Metronomed Whirlpool was distracting its comrade. Deciding that this prey was far more trouble than it was worth, the Goldeen moved off, allowing Daraxis and Magby to guide Alex towards the surface and life... - "Gah!" Alex gasped, taking in air even as a life preserver was thrown towards her, Daraxis keeping her afloat while Magby moved the trio towards the welcome aid. Even as Alex was being helped back towards the boat, those remaining onboard did their best to hold back any additional attackers. John and Jeff had sent out Tidal and Mary respectively, and the two Water-types were holding back any additional Goldeen while Ben, Mawile, Surtur and ShadowWarrior worked to drag Alex and company back onto the boat. As Alex quickly took hold of the metal ladder near her and slowly worked her way onto the boat, one of the large Goldeen burst out of the water, heading directly towards her. It would have hit, too, had a pair of Ice Beams not stopped it cold. As Alex climbed onto the deck, Ben and Surtur pulling her as much as she pulled herself, Magby leapt from the water and landed on the deck, proud of her heroic rescue. Daraxis, meanwhile, eased off of Alex's backpack as she seated herself on her rear. "You okay?" Ben asked. "Yeah," Alex replied. "Thanks." She cast a glance towards Nori and said, "I owe you one, Tsunade." Nori shrugged it off even as she knelt down and hugged Magby with one arm, Big Time still tightly held in the other. "I did it more for ShadowWarrior than anything." Silently, she added, "Plus I don't think you'll hurt someone who just saved your pathetic hide." Alex smirked. "Still, I owe you." "<Alex, I think you had better dry off,>" Surtur advised as Ben helped Alex to her feet. "Right," Alex replied. TBC [NS: Yes! Alex is back!] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points