From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Getting to the Courier Problem Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 2:20 AM Ever since she had caught that I-shaped pokemon, things had been going so well for her. She still remembered what that fortune teller had told her: "With that pokemon, you will be as a candle burning brightly. It will lead you to fire and to hell." Burning brightly had proven an apt metaphor. At first, she thought she was just getting lucky, but events soon proved she was just skilled. Finding items no one else could find, predicting her business rivals' strategies and trouncing them...and then the temptation for crime had arisen. Minor thefts, at first, then rumors of a cat burglar. She later learned she had left Johto just before a warrant was issued for her arrest. Too bad the warrant was only valid in Johto. She had impressed someone on the trip to Hoenn. No sooner had she set foot on land than a red envelope was presented to her, containing a formal offer to join Team Magma. "Lead you to fire," indeed. She accepted on the spot, and proved to be quite a good operative. Quite good at parties, too. She had been a rising star, and had little doubt she would earn an Executive promotion any day now. Such confidence her bosses had in her, that she was placed in charge of the Magma side of one of the first operations in a long while where Team Magma and Team Aqua would set aside their differences. The last ones had been to repel Team Rocket's last organized intrusion; this one, to capture an individual who presented a threat to both organizations. And now it was all over. She felt the spreading stickiness upon her breast, and knew the blood from her heart would leave a dark stain visible against standard Magma red. As her life slipped away, something pulled out of her mind - and then she saw how selfish she had been. Her skills had been Increased, but all that mattered to her was herself. Only now did she truly hear the cries and wails of those she had wronged, or see the disbelieving look of her ex-fiancee when she left him tied up in the closet, all his worldly possessions sold and his bank account drained into her wallet. She had been tempted to kill him to put him out of his misery, but that would have been too much bother, and she might have broken a nail. To hell, indeed. --- As the body slowly slid off his sword, the swordsman heard a whispered, "" A Shiny Unown floated out from under the Magma grunt's uniform, only to be grabbed out of the air. Mental contact and #!!!!!!# Mimic woke with a start. A dream? Not entirely; Dbu had long since escaped from his ball, but the other unown within Mimic was not a double of Dbu. But the, best to forget about it. That had been someone else. Not Mimic. No, definitely not Mimic. #But it is me.# #IS NOT MIMIC!# #It isn't the part of me that calls itself Mimic. But I-# #IS NOT MIMIC NOW SHUT UP!!!!# Mimic reasserted himself over the...other. So long had it been since it had spoken up. But Mimic would not let it. Mimic was Mimic, and Mimic was in charge. #I am not Mimic.# Mimic shut his eyes and FORCED the other self back to...the void? Sleep, perhaps; despite his attempts, Mimic had apparently not completely eradicated it. But whatever it was, it and its foul dream were gone. A dream, surely. Mimic would not go around hacking and slashing. Mimic would not kill, at least unless Mimic really had to. That firmly decided, Mimic resumed his default form, stepped over the cooling corpse, and walked back to the pokemon center. Clayton wrote: > Looking over the changes after the glow faded, the breeder definitely > approved. 'Some soul searching and some growing. Been a good > morning so far.' Bob thought, as he made his way down the tree > "Guess I'd better get back to the Center lest Nurse Joy throw an > absolute fit." He muttered, before doing just that. > > Not feeling like going back to sleep or really disturbing anyone, > Bob settled for setting in one of the seats, reflecting on recent events, > and hoping that those unconscious Aqua grunts don't wake up anytime > soon. Mimic sat down next to Bob, his expression neutral. "Hey." Bob raised an eyebrow, but knew that showing any worry could make things a lot worse. "Hey." "Bob had active night?" "You could say that. What about you?" "Mimic no sleep well. But night already over." "Not yet. You've got a few minutes to catch some shuteye before Nurse Joy wakes up." "Mimic think Mimic will." The humanoid form next to Bob settled a bit more, its breathing becoming more regular. The lobby fell into silence once more. TBC?