From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Getting to the Courier Problem Date: Saturday, January 10, 2004 1:47 AM > > Looking over the changes after the glow faded, the breeder definitely > > approved. 'Some soul searching and some growing. Been a good > > morning so far.' Bob thought, as he made his way down the tree > > "Guess I'd better get back to the Center lest Nurse Joy throw an > > absolute fit." He muttered, before doing just that. > > > > Not feeling like going back to sleep or really disturbing anyone, > > Bob settled for setting in one of the seats, reflecting on recent events, > > and hoping that those unconscious Aqua grunts don't wake up anytime > > soon. > > Mimic sat down next to Bob, his expression neutral. "Hey." > > Bob raised an eyebrow, but knew that showing any worry could make things > a lot worse. "Hey." > > "Bob had active night?" > > "You could say that. What about you?" > > "Mimic no sleep well. But night already over." > > "Not yet. You've got a few minutes to catch some shuteye before Nurse > Joy wakes up." > > "Mimic think Mimic will." The humanoid form next to Bob settled a bit > more, its breathing becoming more regular. > > The lobby fell into silence once more. And the silence reigned for a while until about 7AM when there was shuffling of feet that indicated that Nurse Joy, and a couple of eary-bird nuts were starting to wake up. Fifteen minutes later, Nurse Joy came out, fully in uniform and sporting a rather large cup of coffee, but still looking half-dead. Let it be known that not all Nurse Joys are morning people Groggily putting the coffee down on the desk, Joy checked the infirmary. The patient, who was sitting in a chair about 10 feet right in front of her, had be checked in case there were complications. Like odd reactions or disappearing. Raffy was still there in front of the bed, still sleeping. Nobody was on the bed however. Nurse Joy was fully awake in 2.45 seconds. It was a personal best for her. In full Panic Mode, Nurse Joy ran to the phone, and started to dial the number for Officer Jenny when the patient appeared right in front of her. "What are you doing up?" Joy demanded, calming down only slightly. "I woke up, and was feeling better. Night air proved to be the best medicine." Bob supplied. "After yours of course," he added hastily. "But how did you get by the Ludicolo guards?" Joy asked incredulously "It was 3AM" Bob stated dryly. "Oh. Well what about the person next to you?" Joyw "He was a really early arrival. He's cathing up on sleep." Bob said, truthfully. Again there was silence as Joy attended to her nursely duties while maintaining a death grip on her coffee cup. Bob decided to fill the time by hunting down a hamburger. Meat sounded good for the breeder and he had a yen for a good burger. And maybe a small steak. Definitely in a meat mood, the breeder was. Which might be considered odd for one who is part grass-type Another little while later, and Bob was on the phone to home. Hopefully, someone was awake. After all there would be plenty of pokemon hungry at that time in the morning. In one hand was the receiver, and in the other was the second hamburger off the morning. ------- At a non-descript house outside of Goldenrod, a young boy comes trudging through the back door, carrying an empty sack and grumbling about brothers that get all the luck. Mary, a little Marill walking beside him, is unusually chipper for the time of day, which could be another source of irritation for the young kid. His grumbling was interrupted by the phone ringing and his mother coming to answer it. "Hello?" The boy asks, picking up the phone. "Jeff? You're actually UP this early?" Bob quips from the other end. "Bob!" Was the happy cry from the line. If it wasn't for the phone, he probably would have glomped onto his grass-type brother. "Where in Goddish are you? The Kadabra twins here couldn't even get a lock on you!" Bob scratches his head nervously. Bluish dust falls out from his hood. "Would you believe Hoenn?" "... ... ... THAT IS SO COOL!" Jeff cries out. Mary pipes in a "MARILL!" for atmosphere. He moves the phone away from his mouth and yells out towards the kitchen. "MOM! HOCUS! Bob's in Hoenn!" Even from 15 feet away, Bob could make out the twin cries of "WHAT?!?" and "KADAB?!?" "How'd you get there?" Jeff asked. "Um, would you belive that after a battle for control over space and time between Celebi and a Shiny Unown, we got thrown forward in time a day, then went to a concert five years ago, where three of my friend Mimic was, and arrived back a few hours after we left originally in a rocket in the upper atmosphere?" "..." Was the only responce from Jeff and Mary #That was mean Breeder Boy# Raffy could be heard saying in a 3/4 asleep psychic voice. "..." Was still the response on the other end "You still ther Jeff?" Bob asked. "Bob? Just what did you tell your brother?" The rather irritated voice of his mother said, now on the other end. "The truth. Why would I lie Mom?" Shaking her head at her two children, she went to the point. "Any special reason why you called?" "Well first mom, I wanted to let you know I was still alive. Just in case nobody let you know. Second was that I would like to make changes to the team that I'm carrying." "Hold on son, I'll bring up the records. *clickity click* Okay, here it is. What do you want to do?" "I want to send them all home except for Raffy, Buddy and this pesky Unown. I was also hoping that I gould get Sandslash back." Bob responded, before taking another bite of the hamburger in his hand. "That's only four though," the woman pointed out. "I saw this one pokemion while reading through a book I got. It's called Nincada. It has an interesting way of evolving. I thought that it'd make a good diversion for me." Bob said Ther was clicking on the other end of the line. After placing pokeballs on the phone's pokeball holder, one by one were they transported back to the Day Care. After that, one pokeball came back, the one containing a Sandslash "Well, gotta go mom. Anything you want me to do while in Hoenn?" "Yes. If you'd be so kind as to stop by the Day Care up there. I looked into it. It's near Mauville City. See if they're willing to share knowledge. I was going to ask Jeff if he could go, but you're already there." "No problem," Bob said. "Gotta go, the Center's starting to liven up" "No problem. Love you too son." And with that, Bob's mother hung the phone back up and went back to her breakfast. The information about his brother's arrival into Hoenn had just been processed by his younger brain and he only had one thought. 'COOL!' ---------- Back in the Mauville Pokemon Center, Bob looked at the pokeball containing his Sandslash. 'Hopefully, you've mellowed out a little but I think the local gym would prove the perfect test, and it will provide an excellent opportunity to have another crack at a normal day.' #Pfft, like THAT will ever happen# Raffy chimed in Bob glared at the Girafarig who had slowly sauntered in a sleepy stupor over to the breeder. "Least I'm trying. Anywho, I'll give Mimic and Sapphire an hour, then I'm off to the Gym and Day Care. The Gym should be open by the middle of the morning, right?" #Should be# "And today *will* be a normal day." Bob declared quietly. Nurse Joy perked an ear, having heard it over her second jumbo cup of coffee, but paid no heed to it. A #Fat chance# from the resident smart-ass Girafarig was both heard and ignored. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: I'm out of sick days, so I'm calling in dead! (NS: Take 2 at Bob trying to have a Normal Day. Wonder if what happenned last time can be topped? Or will the breeder finally get a day of blessed normalcy? And what is, if any, the time difference between Johto and Hoenn. If as was established earlier that at least some part of Hoenn was straight north.)