From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Getting to the Courier Problem Date: Monday, January 12, 2004 12:37 AM [NS: Ex-mental patient in the vicinity of a sleeping Mimic just after, well, that. Are y'all trying to tempt me? ... If so, it worked. ^_^; ] Bandraptor wrote: > The girl looks at him with a guarded expression, still extremely > nervous after her run-in with the Ludicolo guards, not to mention the > Volbeat that attacked her earlier. After a moment's thought, she > nods, and transfers her Roselia into Bob's waiting arms. "Thank you > so much, both of you. By the way, my name is Elsa." > > "I'm Bob." > > "Sapphire." Since Bob's arms are full, Sapphire rings the desk's bell. Chansey, who had been trying to jump up on Nurse Joy's chair to see over the desk and get a glimpse of the commotion, gives up and runs around the desk. After looking the roselia over, Chansey starts running for one of the back rooms, waving for Bob to follow. Elsa starts to follow them, but Sapphire puts a hand in her way. "Better let them handle it. You look like you need a rest." Elsa looks around, and sees only one other person in the lobby - a man who, despite the commotion, seems to be fast asleep. Reasoning that he must be having his pokemon treated, and trusts the medics enough to sleep through their treatment, she says, "I suppose." As Sapphire goes back to the door, Elsa sits down opposite the man, in a good position to both see the entrance to the back areas and watch the front. The front, where the ludicolo guards lay prone. As she watches, she sees the ground under them shift ever so slightly, turning red as their blood spills out. And then she sees herself standing over them, watching them die. Why did they have to die? They were in her way. No...they were the enemy, and the enemy must not impede..., not they. Just one, a woman in red and black whom Elsa hears whisper words of thanks as she expires. Elsa feels herself smile, while a sword which was not there but has always been there exists in her hand. And then the woman is standing in front of her, fire in her eyes even though the grunt's body is spent from a long chase, and Elsa, two, three times inserting the blade into unpunctured flesh, seeing her weapon from three different points of view but none showing her who she is but she knows it's her yet not her and Eye wants the real, individual identity who is neither of those to break through the shells that have held it back and- "HOLD HER STEADY!" Nurse Joy commands. Sapphire does so, long enough for Joy to inject Elsa with a tranquilizer, silencing her. "Phew, that's better. What's going on?" Sapphire shrugs. "I don't know," he answers truthfully. "She came in here, gave her pokemon to Chansey, sat down, and started screaming." "Hmm. Hey, you!" She snaps her fingers in front of Mimic, who snores. "Huh. How does someone sleep through that?" Her eyes flick up and spy the unconscious guards, whereupon she frowns. "Speaking of sleeping..." TBC?