From: "Bandraptor" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Getting to the Courier Problem Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 10:42 PM Clayton wrote: > Sapphire was hesitant. It's not like he could say they were acting loco so his > hybrid friend had to sedate them for their own good and our safety. He was > trying to think up a reasonable explaination when one was made for him. > > "They were acting rather hostile towards the lady you just sedated." Bob > piped up, while they sat the sedated Elsa in a chair. "Don't know why though," > he added, scratching his head in confusion, plus to get at an irritating itch. > > Nurse Joy looked confused as well. They were supposed to be guard > pokemon. They weren't supposed to lash out any any old trainer. "Maybe I > should give them the once over." Joy says, mainly to herself as she calls for a > stretcher. > > "That might be an idea. While you do that, I'll be going to the Gym. Haven't > tried a gym battle in a while. Could be interesting." Bob notes. "Don't move > the pokemon in the pot there, she's recovering nicely. Just needs a couple of > hours and the little one will be good as new." > > "When did that," Nurse Joy started to ask but was cut off. > > "While you were out." Bob cut off. "But I'm off to the Gym. You stay here Raffy > in case Mimic or that lady wake up. They might need some help." > > #Yeah, yeah# The Girafarig said, waving a hand in a dismissing gesture if he could. > But he couldn't so he settled for rolling eyes in a sort of 'DUH!' gesture. > > "Have fun without me!" Bob said cheerfully. 'I know I will' he thought. > "Coming Sapphire? Rookie's gotta learn how to battle from someone." Bob > said grinning. The breeder might as well have fun with it a little. "Thanks all the same," Sapphire replies, "but I'll pass. According to my official Nincada Power trainer's guide, Electric Pokemon zap Flying-types--and I don't want my Torchic to get hurt!" Bob looks at Sapphire quizzically, understanding why he needs to lie about the source of his training knowledge, but doubting that he's ever actually opened a Hoenn guidebook. "Um, Sapphire? Torchic isn't a--" "Anyway," Sapphire cuts Bob off, and motions to Elsa, who is sleeping in a chair beside them, "it wouldn't be very hero-like of me to abandon this fine lady. And she *is* fine." He casually cups a hand over her left breast. "I think I'd better stay here to monitor her heart rate." Bob gingerly takes hold of Sapphire's hand, and moves it onto Elsa's wrist. "You can get a better reading from the radial artery." He turns to his Girafarig, "Raffy, keep an eye on this guy, okay?" Raffy narrows his eyes at his Trainer, and projects his thoughts psychically, #Like you haven't given me enough work already?# TBC? --Beth