From: "Marco262" <> Subject: Re: [PW] Hoenndings (Was Zig Zag-oon) Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 2:41 AM (Amber) wrote in message news:<>... > "That's...a big balloon," Jason stuttered, trying to pull himself back > up on his bad leg. Amber chuckled and hurried over to help him, but > was beaten to it by the nearer band members. Ella and Miami each > grabbed and arm and heaved their lead singer to his feet and there he > stood unsteadily, with an uncertain grin on his face. Amber tried to > quell a sudden feeling of jealousy that sprang up, which she new was > silly and unfounded, but she was jealous nonetheless. She forced a > smile at them and thanked them then returned to the window. She > couldn't forget that /they/ were part of his life too, she berated > herself. > > While Amber's moral conflict went on, Jason stared awkwardly at the > balloon. "So where'd the little bugger get it??" > > Amber blinked and looked up. "Uh..I don't know. Why don't you ask > her?" > > "...uh...o...k...." Jason muttered uncertainly, not sure how Zig Zag > would take to being out of her ball what with his favor still pending. But it seems they wouldn't be able to find out because there was a cry of surprise from outside. In a flash, they were at the window. All except Jason, who was huddling behind the couch, looking like a scared little puppy as he peeked out. "Is it the police? They found the balloon! We're screwed!" he whimpered, his eyes darting about, looking for a way to escape. "Keep your knickers on," Wolfgang said, being the tallest of pokémon and best able to look down at the ground below, "It's just the hotel staff, wondering how in the blue blazes a 200 square foot bulb of canvas showed up in their back yard." Miami clambered up onto Wolfgang's broad shoulder and rested his skull against the glass peering down. "'S not lookin' good, dude. Prissy lady's pretty pissed. Looks like the police may be here soon after all." Jason whimpered again and huddled behind the couch. Amber kneeled on the couch and lifted Jason to his feet by the scruff of his neck. "Get up you! You got us into this mess by encouraging that 'goon to steal the balloon, now YOU figure out how we're getting out of it." Jason looked fearfully in his girlfriend's eyes, his brain running in circles around his fear of being arrested. A jab in the stomach brought him back to reality. "Gah! Escape!" Amber assumed this was a suggestion to solve their problem, rather than the first thought on Jason's mind. "" Jason's eyes widened and he looked instinctively to DJ for inspiration. "Oh no..." exclaimed the Chansey, holding out his arms, "Do NOT get me involved in this!" Every eye in the room turned to look at him expectantly. DJ rolled his eyes and sighed. "Fine!" He motioned to Amber who stepped up to him. DJ explained his plan. ----------------------------------------------- "What the hell--?" "You've been saying that for the past 15 minutes. Would you shut up, already?" The older bellhop smacked the other one over the head, and they both turned to the giant globe of yellow slowing flattening before them. one of the tenants seemed to have noticed the balloon, and all the other hotel staff were tied "What the hell--?" "If we leave it here, we won't have to cover the pool." "COME QUICK!" They both jerked at the voice. A teenage girl with long brown hair was motioning hurriedly. "There's a demonic duck of some sort out by the fron of the hotel! He's harrassing all the women!" The bellhops ran off after the girl who darted around the corner of the building. Moments later, a blonde haired youth ran out to the overly large basket of the balloon and clambered in, checking the equipment. Amber faded into existence, now in her half-Sneasel form, and rapped on the side of the basket. Jason extended an arm over and helped her in. She half-tumbled to the floor, just barely catching herself. She quickly recovered, and looked over at her boyfriend, who was frantically tugging on a cord that went up in the balloon. "It's not working!" he cried, frustrated. He pointed up to the top of the heating lamp, where only a small flame could be seen. "The pilot light's still on, but there's not enough fuel to go anywhere! Zig Zag must've had the fuel line wide open, and been releasing air to descend!" Amber, without saying a word, grabbed Rivet's pokéball off Jason's belt and threw it to the ground. The Charmeleon appeared and Amber grabbed his snout, looking him dead in the eyes. "Flamethrower in the balloon! NOW!" Rivet, not asking questions, fired a huge flamethrower up into the deflating balloon. The two trainers cringed from the searing heat of the flame, but stood and watched as the flame shot skyward, filling the balloon in less than a minute and they started rising. Just as the basket cleared the 6 ft mark, the two bellhops ran back into sight, yelling indistinctly at the escaping duo. Soon, they disappeared behind the building as the balloon drifted away towards the coast. Jason sighed and checked their heading, happy to see they'd caught a draft heading in the direction they wanted. "Finally...we're on our way!" Amber looked less than happy. "We're not in the clear yet...there's no way Grandma will let us in with any of the clothes we have now." Jason frowned and looked down at his own clothes. "I don't follow...what's wrong with me clothes?" "Grandma is VERY old-fashioned, and very aristocratic. She insists on proper dress-code. And there's no way I can even show my face without a Caterpie for her. She loves them." Jason scratched his head. "But where can we find that on such short notice? I doubt we can turn back to Johto now." The continent of Johto just passed beneath them at that moment, and they were floating out over the blue waves. Amber gave him a smile. "I know just the place..." TBC... --Marco262, the ferret. I'm the one that you want.