From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Hoennward Bound! Date: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 5:58 PM >"Good afternoon, ladies, gentlemen, and Pokemon - this is your captain >speaking," the voice of Captain Briney is heard throughout the S.S. Tidal >since there are so many speakers on the giant cruise ship, "The ship will be >leaving Olivine Port in just a few minutes. Weather conditions are fair so >we should be arriving in Hoenn's Littleroot Town in approximately 48 hours. >Feel free to eat whenever you want in the various all-you-can-eat buffets on >the ship. You can also spend time swimming or tanning on the Main Deck. >Feeling lucky? Then you should visit the ship's very own casino - we have >slot machines AND roulette tables, so there's more than one way for you to >win TMs or Pokemon dolls here!" > >"See?" Marvin, a middle-aged man wearing only blue swimming trunks with >white stars on them, looks down at the Mawile seated next to him on a couch >in the ship's Lobby, "Captain Briney might like joking around about killing >me since we're buddies, but he's actually a nice guy!" > >"Maaaaaaw..." The large-jawed Mawile doesn't believe Marvin, especially >considering the way Captain Briney ignored her after she delivered Marvin's >message to him. She just figures the captain is pretending to be nice since >it's part of his job description. > >"Oh, one more thing." The captain's voice is heard once again throughout the >ship, "Tonight there's going to be a Guest Talent Show hosted by our cruise >director, the man who designed the very ship you're on - Captain Stern! >Remember, folks, if you have any complaints about the way the ship's laid >out, he's the man to talk to, not me. Anyway, if you wish to participate in >the talent show, be sure to fill out a form in the Lobby that asks for your >name and your talent and drop it off at the front desk. The show will be at >10 PM at the Wingull Lounge on the Lobby Deck. If you sign up, be sure to be >there! If you don't sign up, be sure to be there anyway to see your fellow >guests exhibit their talents! Those are all the announcements for now. I'd >like to wish you, on behalf of all of the ship's crew members, a wonderful, >fun-filled day on the S.S. Tidal!" > >"A talent show, eh?" Marvin asks, stroking his chin with one hand, "This is >my big break! I bet I can rig up a magic show using the stuff I had hidden >in my tuxedo when I left Goldenrod City... Then maybe some of the passengers >will have pity on my lack of clothes and give me nice tips!" > >"Maw ilemawile!" Marvin's Mawile nods her head, thinking it's a better idea >than battling Trainers for money. She knows that Trained Pokemon tend to be >stronger than wild ones and she was concerned that she wouldn't be much help >to Marvin if he gathered funds that way. Feeling that she could help him >with a show, she offers her services, "Ile maw!" > >Since "Ile" sounds like "I'll" and "maw" is a one-syllable word, Marvin >gathers what his Mawile just said from context, "You'll help?" > >Mawile once again nods her head, her huge jaw barely moving as she does. > >"Excellent! I'm going to go fill out a form right now! After that, we can >head up to the Main Deck to lounge by the pool for a few hours then go to >the cabin at around seven to rig up a show." Having planned out the rest of >his afternoon and evening, Marvin pulls himself away from the couch, quickly >fills a Talent Show Form he finds on the front desk, and hands the form to >the receptionist sitting behind the desk. > >When Marvin waves to his Mawile, letting her know that he's filled out a >form, she hops off the couch and follows her friend to the elevators. Meanwhile, in the Lobby… "A Talent Show, eh?" Cassandra Gale wondered aloud. A smirk forming on her face, she said, "Knowing Alex, she's not going to pass it up." "Don't tell me, you and her jump through fire?" Cass's recent traveling companion, a short, spiny-haired girl by the name of Nori, asked. "No," Cass replied. "Alex can play the piano, not to mention sing. I, meanwhile, suffer from morbid stage fright." With a raised eyebrow from Nori, Cass explained, "Alex is better in front of crowds, I don't know why." Nori considered the notion that Cass's younger sibling may be influencing the minds of her audiences somehow, but tossed aside the thought; gaining the loyalty of a Dark-type took far more than psychic manipulation. "So what are you going to be doing?" Nori asked. "I'll stay here," Cass replied. "Knowing Alex, she'll be up here soon enough." Nori shrugged, "Fine then. C'mon, Rubix." "Yeah yeah, I'm coming," the large Blastoise replied, grudgingly following his trainer. Cass took a seat on a sofa and silently waited, overhearing one nearby trainer arguing with his Farfetch'd and watching a Tyranitar with a Tentacool passenger lumber after Nori. The pair briefly stopped, and the large Tyranitar turned towards Cass, a suspicious look in his eyes. "She has the Larvitar with her, don't worry," Cass said, anticipating the large Dark-type's question. "And I don't think she'll forget about what happened back there. Thank you, by the way." The Tyranitar looked at her in slight surprise, and then said, "Graaan itar," before walking after Nori and Rubix. Cass smiled. She'd never let it on, but Nori wasn't the only person on this boat who understood Tyranitar. _Spending eight years with Obsidian hasn't dulled me one bit,_ Cass thought to herself. As she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes, she heard a voice say, "Those two Unown could be anywhere on this boat." Cass listened in as another voice said, "Three; the radar's picking up a third one in a Poké Ball somewhere below us." "Which means it's already been claimed," the first voice noted. "Well, we might as well look around. Who knows, maybe we'll find the other two." As the two moved off, Cass opened one eye and caught a look at the two Unown hunters; a green-haired girl shorter than Nori and a second girl with red hair, shorter still but carrying a pair of curved swords. _Why would someone be interested in Unown?_ Cass thought to herself. She shrugged, and then leaned back, waiting for Alex or possibly someone else to interact with. TBC? [NS: I wasn't certain whether Lynkeru's Unown Radar could pick up ones in Poké Balls, so I guessed. Sorry if I'm wrong. Anywho, if anyone wants to chit-chat with Cass, she's available. Also, any guesses about how long she'll keep Obsidian hidden?] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points