From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Hunting the Hunters Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 12:42 AM > "Mauville City," Alexandria Masters declared to the group traveling with > her. "The crossroads of Hoenn and home to one of the oldest Gym Leaders in > active service." > > "And where Jeff was taken," Bob Raiser said through gritted teeth, his hands > holding hard to the gnarled staff as he attempted to control his anger. > > Thyme the Medicham placed a hand upon his charge's shoulder. #Calm > yourself,# the fighter suggested. #A focused mind is much more effective in > such situations than an unfocused mind. Your brother will be found, and those > threatening us will be dealt with.# > > "I'll happily make sure of that," Alex added. "But first we have to find > them." > > "Don't worry about that," ShadowWarrior the Murkrow declared as he spread > his wings and took to the air. "I remember what all those guys look like. I'll > find 'em." > > "Be careful," Alex pleaded as the raven-feathered Pokémon flew off. > > "So, what now?" Nori Mizuke asked at last, Big Time the Larvitar > protectively nestled in her arms. "Wait and hope for the best?" > > "No, we wait and form a plan," Alex replied. "But not here. There's an > Electric Café not too far away; we can hide there, plan, and get a meal at the > same time." > > "Food sounds good," Carol Ross piped up. > > As the group moved off into the city, a Skarmory watched their progress from > above. "You go on, I think I'll just pick up a light snack later," Bob said, before heading towards the Pokemon Center as opposed to the Electric Cafe. Thyme followed, sensing that something was going to happen. The breeder left, not noticing or caring if anyone else was going to come with them. Alex was about to stop him when Mimic stopped her. "Mimic think Bob need do this alone. Mimic also think food best idea now." A bit later, behind the Pokemon Center, Bob could be seen sitting at the base of tree. In an odd twist of fate, Thyme is the one in the branches of the tree, using his psychic abilities to both hover about a half inch off the branch itself and to keep himself from a painful interaction with the ground. The pent up emotions within the breeder were plentiful, and probably easily read by most sensitive enough to notice. Outwardly, little was project as the hybrid sat there, except the corona of light that surrounded him, a side effect of the anger lace in his focus. It cried out to want to hurt, to destroy those that would dare hurt his family. Up above, Thyme watched with concern. It fell upon him to make sure that the breeder didn't go nova, especially on an Aqua base or three. Fortunately Bob wanted the same thing more or less, so the pair got along fairly well. ------- Somewhere else, in a dark room, Jeff was slowly regaining consciousness. Next to him as an already awake Raffy looking concerned. #Welcome to the living realm# Too groggy to acknowlege sarcasm or argue back (or wonder just how his brother puts up with him), Jeff settled for rubbing his eyes and allowing them to adjust to the dim lighting of the room. The room was rather dull, and almost desingned like a prison cell, but less cheerful. Upon hearing the sounds of human life in the room, a little window opened up in the door. "No offence kid, but you're just bait to get the girl," a female voice, currently unknown to Jeff "What girl?" Jeff asked, not fully away to realize she meant ... "Alexandria of course." Raffy smirked, and shook his head. An interesting sight and contrast compared to the almost superior tone of Raven. "What's so funny pokemon" "<Breeder Boy's going to rip you apart>" Raffy actually spoke. Both were confused for different reasons "What?" "He's saying that Alex ain't the worst of your worries." Jeff said, catching on, a big grin coming across his face as well Raven said nothing, but left the grinning boy and the Girafarig alone. Jeff could only wait and hope that big brother could pull off a rescue. Meanwhile, he brooded a bit. After all, being kidnapped is new for the kid. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: To you I give ALL JOY!