From: "Marco262" <> Subject: Re: [PW] Imansion That. Date: Thursday, August 26, 2004 12:18 AM > She hung up her dress and Jason's tux in the huge > walk-in closet and sat down on her bed, hugging her favorite fox > stuffed animal. > > -- > > Meanwhile, Jason explored the room he would be performing in: deep red > marble floor like most of the house, it was a huge room that could > easily fit at least three-hundred-thousand. To the far left was a > raised stage with more of that same red carpeting on top, for purchase > for the instruments. Above were five gorgeously designed chandeliers, > with draping crystal and glass. > > There were bathrooms on either end of the room, and a long buffet > table being prepared by three or so servants. Rich red drapings went > around the walls, looping and drooping from tack to tack. > > Somehow it looked familiar... <Woooooweee!!> Miami whistled in the echoey cavern, and the rest of the band expressed their own feelings of awe. <We'll be playin' here? My gaw...we'll be playing for RICH people! People who are better than us!> Ella looked suddenly very nervous. <How does my hair look? If ya'll weren't in such a hurry, I coulda gotten a weave in the city...Oh god, my nails are ATROCIOUS!> She squealed, absolutely mortified, and ran quickly to the bathroom. <ELLA! Get back here! Rehearsal in 5...ah crud.> DJ grumbled, realizing that he'd again lost the battle for an orderly preparation before a concert. He shrugs and turns to the band, throwing out his arms. <Go! Romp! Enjoy your freedom before we perform! Forget about rehearsal! You never do it anyways!> His cries fell on deaf ears, everyone else still lost in tourist mode, jaws open. He grumbled and stormed off to the front foyer, mumbling something about piano wires and "in their sleep"... Rivet was the first to shake himself out of it, and he flashed a toothy grin. <Lookeh that stage, boss! Wwwwaooooo! Friggin' crazy! That's gotta be TWICE the size of some of our past venues!> He walks reverently up to the stage, followed by Miami. Jason shakes his head a little, the expression on his face not of awe, but of confusion. "Man, I have the STRONGEST case of Deja Vu...Hey Wolfgang, you alright?" He looked over at Wolfgang, who was as still as a statue. "Wolfie? You alive?" He reached to wave his hand in front of his Machamp's face, and Wolfgang's mouth grew into a sinister grin. SQUEEEAL! Probably the MOST unnatural sound in the world is a Machamp squealing like a Japanese schoolgirl. Well, that's what Wolfgang did. And he emasculated himself even MORE by hopping up and down, clapping his hands together. <I...feel...I'm in England! Jolly old Britain! That I may turn around and see the QUEEN! The royal of royals! Her highness herself! Oh...I think I feel faint...> He puts a hand to his forehead, and the other three against his heart as he swoons quietly. Jason watched, dumbfounded, then shooke his head and walked to the stage, muttering something about "way too many fetishes". TBC? --Marco262