From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Inquisitions Date: Friday, December 10, 2004 6:26 PM Adrian Tymes wrote: > "BOOOOOOB! HELP!" Jeff came running out of the pokemon center at > full speed. > > The summoned elder one landed in front of his brother. "What's wrong?" > > "It's Aerie! She...she...she tried to eat my head!" > > "She did, did she?" Bob stared daggers towards the pokemon center's > doors just as Aerie opened them, confusion on her face. > > Seeing Bob's look, Aerie tried to step back inside, only to back into > Alex's shins - which, along with the rest of Alex, had come running upon > hearing Jeff's shout. > > "You okay?" the older girl inquired. > > Aerie craned her neck back to look up at Alex. "Something's wrong with > Jeff. We were playing together, and then he took off running for no > reason." > > "Don't let her eat me!" Jeff hid behind Bob's legs. > > "No reason?" Alex pressed. > > "Well...I kinda kissed him. A little. Just a quick peck." > > "She was licking my throat from the inside!" Jeff protested. "She must > have been basting me!" > > "What are you talking about? My lips were closed!" > > "You even bit off a piece of my neck!" > > "Did not!" > > "Did too!" Jeff pulled down his shirt's collar and pointed to the > exposed flesh. "See?" > > Bob looked, then knelt down for a close look at Jeff's fresh, bright red > hickey. > > "Well..." Aerie blushed. "Maybe it was a *little* more than a peck." > > Bob shook his head and mussed Jeff's hair. "You'll live." > > "Really?" Jeff blinked at Bob, then called to Aerie, "Hey, umm, could > you do that again?" > Stifling a girlish giggle, Alex noted, "Before you two do anything, Aerie and I need to talk." With a firm look on the younger girl, she finished, "Now." "Oh, come on," Aerie pleaded slightly. "It was harmless..." "It's not the hickey," Alex quickly replied. "I realize that's harmless, and that it'll go away soon enough. I'm more concerned about you and Jeff overall." "That's it?" Aerie asked in disbelief. "C'mon. I like him, he likes me..." "And there's no problem with that," Alex assured her. "I just want the two of you to not take this too quickly. I don't want either of you hurt, by accident or otherwise." Aerie smirked and replied, "Come on, you're worrying too much." "Maybe, but I'm speaking with experience," Alex replied. "Just be careful, okay?" "Yeah, I'll be fine," Aerie assured her. Alex looked at Aerie critically, then grinned a little and patted her on her head. "Okay, go have fun. Lecture's over." Both girls chuckled as Aerie exited the Pokémon Center, Alex watching her leave as she turned towards the center's public TV. "To be young and overeager," she noted to herself as she turned on the TV. She settled onto the couch as PNN came on. She sighed as the newscaster started rattling off various points of news for the day. She soon felt odd, then said, "Sai, is it? It's not exactly considered polite to hang over people's shoulders." "My apologies," Sai Meilan noted as she floated down next to Alex. "You are Alex, correct? You'll have to forgive me, Jason didn't go on about his acquaintances." "I'm not surprised," Alex admitted. "I'm even less surprised that you're after the Shinies; I've already met three other people who are actively involved in the hunt, I should've guessed that there were more." "My reasons are hardly as selfish as they seem, child," Sai noted. "Would you not feel as I do in my situation?" "I would," Alex admitted, turning to face the free-floating entity alongside her. "And I do. But everyone else who's interested in it are in it for their own reasons, each as valid as yours. I've come across a magician who needed them to help improve his act, a girl who needed them to go home...then there's Aerie." "What could she possibly want?" Sai asked. "A family that cares for her," Alex replied. "She has a mother and father, but the sad truth is that the mother loathes her father with a passion for his past sins, sins that he has tried his best to break away from. She hopes to win the wishes and use them to try and stop them from fighting." Sai cocked one eyebrow as best she could, and asked, "She does realize that she would have to phrase said wish very carefully, doesn't she?" "She's very intelligent, and aware of what could go wrong," Alex replied. "I hope. Her father's a good person, and I'd hate for her to lose him." Alex sighed, then quickly changed the topic. "So, how'd you end up in your boat?" "It is rather complicated," Sai noted as she settled onto some free space on the couch. "I was born well over a thousand years ago, raised in a simple mountain village, and trained in the Shaolin style of martial arts. After I came of age, I elected to leave my village in an attempt at understanding the world beyond my home. I made my way to Hoenn soon afterwards, and became involved in that era's Shiny Unown hunt. I didn't win, and the one who did wished me into this form." Noticing the lack of reaction on Alex's part, she asked, "Let me guess, I lost you on 'Shaolin', didn't I?" "No, I'm fully aware of the Shaolin Temple and the Shaolin fighting style," Alex explained. "I just think that whole story is sad." She thought for a moment, then suggested, "Tell you what. I'll talk with Aerie about it. Worst case scenario, she'll need two wishes. Maybe with luck, you'll get what you want." "After a thousand years, it'll be a near-miracle," Sai noted. "In other news, Petalburg Forest is once again open to travel for Pokémon trainers following a minor thermal event, believed to have been caused by the destruction of a Team Magma base by an organization called the 'Smashers'," the newscaster listed off. "The organization's motives remain unknown, but we believe that they mean war against the two eco-terrorist factions in the Hoenn region." Alex stared in disbelief. "You gotta be kidding me. They've turned us into vigilantes." She groaned, and then said, "Subtlety, how I miss thee." "Your group is what they mean by these 'Smashers'?" Sai asked. "The Search Party for Smasher," Alex clarified. "Adam 'Smasher' Samson was blasted here a while ago. We've been looking for him since, with little luck. And this isn't going to be much help." Alex's cell phone quickly started ringing as an immediate news flash reached the PNN offices. Alex quickly answered and asked, "Hello? Felix? What's...oh no." After a few seconds of listening, she said, "We'll be on our way soon." She turned off the phone, leaped off the couch and called, "Cass!" as the PNN anchor reported, "This just in from our Lilycove offices..." TBC! [NS: I realize everyone else has a few things going on, and I was hoping to get to the concert, but this is a big plot element coming up. Three guesses what.]