From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Inquisitions Date: Friday, November 12, 2004 11:54 PM luneric <luneric@dontrit> wrote in message news:<4193874a$1_4@>... > Heading back in the direction of Mauville, Ben turned to Blade, "Better > get back before any angry parents appear, and-," turning to Nails, he > continued, "What have I told you about getting us into fights?" > - "So, Kitsu's gone off to master her new weapon," Cass summarized. "Yep," Keaton confirmed. "Nori's recovering from the whole ‘temporary death' thing." "Also correct," Alex replied. "Doppler's dealing with something on another front, and Aerie's giving Jeff a joyride." "True," Mimic affirmed. "There's a chance, albeit slim, that Canmore's son is alive, is the guy Alex and I have to thank for losing a papa, and may be after Alex." "Looks that way, yeah," Peabody noted. "Smasher is still missing, John is still missing, and Carol is also out and about doing who knows what," Cass finally summarized. "Y'know, at this rate, fate'll have to get a new playbook." "Don't jinx us," Alex pointed out. "Though personally, I think we need to take a step back and reevaluate everything we know." "So what do we know?" Cass asked. "Smasher landed near Fallarbor, near a Team Magma base. He hasn't been seen in Littleroot, Rustboro, Dewford, Slateport, here, Verdanturf, or Lavaridge, and if he were in Petalburg we'd know." "And Team Aqua does not have him, or any interest in having him," Peabody assured his new associates. "Granted, if we found him, we'd give him medical treatment, probably block his memories slightly so no one could find whatever base we were at, and send him on our way, but we wouldn't retain his services for anything." "At least Leif wouldn't," Sven snorted. "Say what you will about the man, he has a code of honor and follows it." "Meanwhile, there's strong evidence that Team Magma may have some interest in him," Cass noted. "But the last time we tried getting anything from them, we ended up leaving and thinking that we melted their databanks." "And Magma's hacking software's a bit too sophisticated to be easily hacked," Peabody pointed out. "At least, not by my little laptop alone." Sven groaned. "Why are you volunteering this?" "Team Magma wants this guy, right?" Peabody asked. "If they want to have him, we don't want them to have him." "And we want them to have him?" Sven asked. "Better us than people who want to reduce the global waters," Alex noted. "Or force innocents into becoming living breathing weapons of war," Keaton added. "Or…" Cass began to point out, only to be interrupted. "Okay, fine, I get it," Sven grumbled. With an aggravated sigh, he noted, "So, what now?" "We take a little time off to regroup and reassess," Alex said. "'Sides, I caught wind of a concert near town. It might be fun." "Concert?" Keaton asked as Alex tossed him the promo flier. "You're kidding me. He's here?" "He?" Cass asked as she looked at the flier. "He's here? I don't believe it!" "He has fans here?" Keaton asked. "How could he not?" Cass asked in reply, her eyes beginning to glaze over. Alex sighed. _Here we go again._ "You should know he has a girlfriend," Keaton pointed out. Cass's eyes widened in surprise mere seconds before she cursed, "Aw nuts." - Outside, Bob continued meditating, flanked by Raffy and Thyme. The Girafarig rested at his side, keeping an eye on each head open, while the Medicham meditated beside him, floating a few inches off the ground. Despite the apparent lack of direct danger, something still felt off. "I'm guessing there's been a little action, huh?" a familiar voice asked. "Something like that," Bob answered as Ben walked up, flanked by Blade and Nails. "Alex was worried, by the way." "She didn't need to," Ben noted. "I just..." "...Needed to be alone?" a familiar voice asked. Both boys turned to find Alex standing in the door, Surtur beside her and ShadowWarrior nestled on her shoulder. "Yeah," Ben replied. "Good to see you're okay." "Finding out that I'm safe from a criminal case and getting my sword back does help," Alex noted. "Been training?" "Yeah, kinda," Ben noted as Nails gave Surtur a hard look. Alex stepped out of the way and said, "Don't let me stop you. Just be warned, Cass's romantic fantasies have been shot down again. She's a little moody." #Glad she's not the psychic in the family,# Raffy joked as Ben zapped his twin Aggrons into their balls and entered. "So, you're okay?" Bob asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," Alex noted. "Where's Jeff?" "Free-flying with Aerie," Bob answered. "In more ways than one. How's our dark and dreary friend?" "Nori's recovering," Alex replied. "I hope." Bob looked at her. "She'll come around. Eventually." "I know," Alex said with a sigh. "But somehow, I doubt she'll go and make a couch fort with Jeff anytime soon." #‘Couch fort'?# Thyme asked. Before Alex could explain, the high-pitched throb of an engine tore into the air, gaining both their attentions. Within seconds, a large hovercycle tore onto the street. It rumbled to a stop, allowing its two passengers to see who greeted them. "Well, surprise, surprise," Jason Cassidy noted. Alex groaned. "Here we go again." TBC! [NS: For an idea of what a couch fort is, see this link: Somehow, it just seemed right for the joyous and carefree little nut that Jeff is to have one of those. Concert may or may not be happening. Still haven't heard from Beth; hope she's okay.]