From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Jailhouse Rocked, Now Rolling Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 10:23 PM "Rob" <> wrote in message > William Rendfeld wrote: > > > "That's an order," Leif replied, his voice grim. "The chopper will be here > > shortly to carry you four to the base near Dewford. Hopefully, I'll meet you > > there shortly afterwards with the others." > > > > Sven and Peabody looked to one another, then nodded in confirmation to their > > superior. > > > > "Good luck," Leif replied, quickly heading out of the Contest Hall. > > > > Elsa, a bit lost in all of the hubbub, asked, "What's going on?" > > > > #Bayleef Bob here saved your collective keisters from being Magma prisoners, > > that's what,# Raffy chimed with a smug look on both of his heads. #So, where > > exactly is this base?# > > > > "An old wreck near Dewford Town," Peabody answered. "We've done a lot of > > remodeling, so it won't be that bad a place." > > Having grown bored with examining Solitaire the Starmie, Elsa's Mudkip > decides to entertain himself by biting the longcoat Elsa's wearing and > tugging on it, preferring the Team Aqua uniform Elsa's wearing under it > to the coat itself. Elsa scolds, "Stop that, Mudkip!" She crosses her > arms to make sure the Aqua uniform isn't revealed to those in the > Contest House that might react negatively to it - namely, anyone other > than Sven, Peabody, Bob Raiser, and their Pokemon. > > Peabody suggests, "Maybe we should look into buying you that new outfit > while we wait for that helicopter..." > > "But I HAVE another outfit," Elsa argues, trying to push her determined > Mudkip away from the longcoat Leif gave her with one of her boot-clad > feet, "I must've put it into storage when I joined the team..." > > "You must've?" Sven wonders, "You don't remember if you did or not?" > > "What? Oh, of course I put it into storage," Elsa answers, covering up > her slip-up, "That's just what we say where I come from when we're > certain about something. I MUST HAVE put it into storage, because if I > didn't, where would it be? That's the idea of it." > > Sven narrows one eye at Elsa. "Where did you say you were from?" > > "Rustboro," Elsa bluntly answers, hoping that none of the three Trainers > she's with are from that particular city. "What's it to you?" > > "Please don't get into another argument, you two," Peabody begs. "Wanda, > if you put your other outfit into storage, it should still be there." > The lanky brown-haired individual points to a computer next to the front > desk of Verdanturf Town's Contest House, "You can use that PC over there > to retrieve it. Just log into your 'A' account." > > "It's been a few weeks since I used that system," Elsa says, shaking her > head, "I don't remember my username or password." > > "Your username should be Wanda," Peabody informs Elsa, "And to retrieve > your forgotten password, you just have to answer the security question > you defined when you joined the team." > > "One more thing." Elsa bites her lower lip before asking, "...what's the > address of the team's website?" > > Sven chides, "Don't you remember ANYTHING?" > > Ignoring his partner's rude comment, Peabody leans in towards Elsa and > whispers in her ear, "". > > Elsa remarks, "That's a weird address..." > > "Yeah," Peabody admits, "But at least it keeps the general public away > from our site." > > Not one to argue with that logic, Elsa shrugs and makes her way towards > the PC in the room, leaving Sven and Peabody to keep an eye on Bob > Raiser and his Girafarig. Elsa's Mudkip goes along with her since he's > still attached to her footwear, but Elsa's Roselia stays with the group > to keep Jaws, the Sharpedo who's been praising the Grass Pokemon's > performance in the Tough Contest since they left the stage, company. > > Elsa casts a glance back at the Grass Pokemon. She had wanted Roselia to > brief her on the past month of her life as soon as possible, but it > seems the Roselia is too distracted by her new companion to brief her > now. "I guess I can't blame her," Elsa comments to herself as she > approaches the computer in the Contest House, "I wasn't exactly paying > close attention to her right after I met Sapphire." > > "Kiiiiip!" Elsa's Mudkip calls out, not sure what Elsa's talking about > but not appreciating the fact that the girl's not showering him with > attention and praise. > > "If only YOU could tell me what happened..." Elsa sighs, looking down at > the Pokemon that Professor Birch gave her. She tells the infant Water > Pokemon, "But you're just a baby. You don't know how to communicate as > well as Roselia does." > > "Mud?" > > "That's exactly my point," comments Elsa, "The only question you can > answer now is: 'what would I get if I crossed water with dirt?'" > > "Mud!" > > "Very goooood, Mudkip!" Elsa exclaims in mock enthusiasm. She rolls her > eyes, still annoyed that she didn't get a Torchic, the Pokemon she's > wanted for many years, from Professor Birch. "Now leave my clothing > alone so I can figure out how to access my account." > > "Mudkip, mud!" The Mudkip decides to run off to find something to amuse > himself with while Elsa uses the Contest House's computer. > > Elsa navigates to the website address that Peabody told her and grimaces > when she sees the chibi Huntail that acts as a mascot for the website. > She clicks the "Login" button and types "Wanda" in the username field > that appears. She then checks the "I forgot my password" box and clicks > on the "Submit" button. A new window appears on the screen that prompts > her to answer the question: "What's my favorite sport?" > > "Sport?" Elsa spits a little when she utters the word. "I hate sports." > She wonders if her Shawn personality momentarily took control of her > body when the account was being made. Just in case, she inputs the word > "baseball", having been told about Shawn's dream of becoming a baseball > player during the time she spent at Verdanturf's Asylum. A message > appears, telling Elsa that her answer was incorrect and that she will be > locked out of the system if she enters a wrong answer two more times. > > "It HAD to be a sport," Elsa complains, "It couldn't have been 'What's > my mother's maiden name?' Nooo, that would have been too easy." She > shakes her head and inputs the only other sport she doesn't abhor, > basketball, into the system. The system rejects her entry once more, > reminding her that she can only guess incorrectly once more. > > "Damn it." Elsa stares at the screen with her fingers over the keys of > the computer's keyboard for a good long minute, going through the names > of many sports in her mind. "Football, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, > cricket, curling... Curling? I'm insane, not masochistic." > > "Excuse me, miss?" > > "WHAT?" Elsa asks, frustrated that she can't remember the names of very > many sports. She turns around to see a gray-haired janitor holding up a > sopping-wet Mudkip with one hand and a toilet brush with the other. > > The janitor asks, "Is this yer Mudkip?" > > "Yes, that's my Mudkip." Elsa answers, squinting her eyes at the Pokemon > she never wanted as he licks his own face. "How did he get so wet?" > > "I found him swimmin' in one of the men's room toilets." > > "MUDKIP!" Elsa screams, scaring her Mudkip, who starts trembling. "You > shouldn't swim around in toilets, it's not sani- Wait a minute... > Swimming... Swimming is a sport, isn't it?" > > "Not the kind yer Mudkip was doin', if that's what yer askin'." > > Ignoring the janitor's remark, Elsa quickly turns around to input the > word "swimming" into the website, recalling that her doctor told her > Wanda was obsessed with water. When the system responds by telling her > that her password is "redandblueroses", Elsa lets out a sigh of relief, > then she turns back around to address the janitor. "Thank you for > pulling my Mudkip out of the toilet. It won't happen again, I promise." > > "I hope not, fer yer Mudkip's sake," the janitor says, handing Elsa her > wet Mudkip, "A toilet's not the best place to be, that's fer sure." > After giving Elsa her Mudkip, the janitor heads back to the men's room. > > "Oh, Mudkip, thanks to your obvious lack of good sense, I can get my > favorite outfit back!" Elsa praises her Water Pokemon, confusing him > considerably since she was yelling at him just moments ago. Elsa > remarks, "If you weren't riddled with toilet water, I could kiss you!" > > "Kip?" The Mudkip asks, as Elsa sets him down on the floor. > > Elsa looks down at her Mudkip's small black eyes as she says, "Stay > still while I download my outfit and I'll give you a nice treat." > > Although he doesn't understand much of what Elsa just said, Mudkip does > understand the words "stay still" and "treat". He starts wagging his > dorsal fin in anticipation of any kind of treat Elsa might give him for > behaving himself. > > "That's a good little Mudkip," Elsa lauds when her Mudkip doesn't run > off. She then logs into the Team Aqua network using the password she > recently retrieved and clicks on the button that shows her what items > she has in storage. "There are my clothes... and what's this? I have a > Squirtbottle? What's that? Hmm, I guess whatever it is was some sort of > signing bonus." Ignoring the Squirtbottle for now, Elsa downloads the > outfit she wore before her Wanda personality made her join Team Aqua > then logs out of the network. > > Elsa grabs the pieces of the outfit she selected for herself when she > left Verdanturf's Asylum with her arms and wanders into the ladies' > room. After a few minutes, Elsa emerges from the restroom wearing a > green halter top, a brown fanny pack, black capri pants, a golden > anklet, and black pumps that make her look two inches taller. She's > wrapped her Team Aqua uniform in Leif's longcoat and she's holding the > bundle under one of her arms. > > On her way back to where her Mudkip is waiting for her, Elsa asks an old > man standing next to a Berry Blender, "Sir, do you happen to have a > small Berry you could spare? My Mudkip has quite an appetite and..." > > "Say no more, pretty girl!" The old man produces a pink Pecha Berry from > one of his pockets and hands it to Elsa, "Your Mudkip should like this > if she's as cute as you are." > > "Why, thank you..." Elsa walks away, not bothering to inform the old man > that her Mudkip's actually male since she's afraid that the man might > take as a sign that she wants to have a long conversation with him. When > she arrives in front of her Mudkip, she feeds him the Pecha Berry and he > happily gobbles it up since he happens to love sweet Berries. > > "Wanda!" Peabody calls out, peeking through the Contest House's doorway, > "Our transportation's here! The others already boarded it!" > > Elsa picks up her Mudkip and places him under her free arm. She runs out > of Verdanturf's Contest House to find a blue helicopter has landed right > in front of the building. Peabody takes away her clothing bundle and > helps her climb into the helicopter before climbing in himself and > taking a seat. The helicopter climbs up into the sky just as the proper > authorities arrive at the scene. Though a few bullets are shot at the > helicopter, the pilot is skilled enough to dodge them. > > "They're SHOOTING at us?!" Elsa asks incredulously, peeking through one > of the windows of the helicopter as it soars away from Verdanturf. She > lowers her thick brown eyebrows in an expression of anger. "If this > helicopter were to crash, we'd all die!" > > #Better get used to it, eyebrow girl,# the Girafarig standing next to > where Bob's sitting mentally projects, #Trouble follows Bayleef Bob > wherever he goes.# > > Elsa takes a seat in the helicopter in-between Peabody and Sven, dwarfed > by their statures even when sitting. She stares at the silent hooded > Breeder sitting across from her as the helicopter flies towards the Team > Aqua Base, still worried that the teenager can't be trusted, especially > considering what his Girafarig just mentioned. After a brief silence, Bob decides to say something "Yeah, but in my defense, I'm ususally the one getting jumped, ambushed, or attacked." #Details, details# "Dear Goddish Raffy, what's gotten into you? You seem unusually sarcastic this week" #Bad Week# "Probably, but still ..." the breeder trailed before looking back at Verdenturf. And the ride continued in relative silence for a while longer TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Oh my God! They killed Kenny! [NS: Stupid Real Life ... Stupid Writer's Block]