From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Jailhouse Rocked, Now Rolling Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 11:33 PM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >"If I may ask, why ask us and not go to the Asylum over there," Leif > >queried, motioning to the Verdenturf Asylum. > > > >"Well, I get the feeling that with my appearance they wouldn't want to > >let me out and I have no desire to carve and burn a path out." > > > >#Don't forget that you didn't know where the asylum was and saw the > >breakout in progress# > > > >"You are being *SO* helpful you know that," Bob replied, dripping sarcasm > > > >#Thank you!# Raffy replied, beaming at both ends. Either the sarcasm went > >right over both of Raffy's heads or the half-psychic just chose to ignore it. > > > >"So, where are the others?" > > > > Leif sweatdropped. "Actually, I forgot to agree on a meeting place." With > disbelieving stares from both Bob and Raffy, he replied, "Like you two don't > forget things." > > #Yeah, well, you're the big eco-terrorist person, you're supposed to have > all this well-in-hand,# Raffy remarked. > > Leif smirked. "I see what he meant about you being a smart-ass." With those > words, he pulled a cell phone from a pocket and dialed in a single number. > > [NS: A little Thread Duct Tape] > > >"Okay, I just received word from Judge Wanda that she's ready," the > >receptionist says, pointing to a door to the left of the desk, "Please enter > >through that door and follow the signs to the Tough Contest Stage. If the > >person you entered the building with would like to watch the Contest, he's > >more than welcome to." > > >Elsa watches the impatient Sven grab his Sharpedo and amble off toward the > >door without even asking Peabody if he'd like to watch the Contest. Not > >wanting to leave her Mudkip, who's presently licking Solitaire the Starmie, > >in the lobby of the Contest House, Elsa calls out to Peabody and the Rhydon > >standing by him, "Peabody, Grimlock - the Tough Contest between me and Sven > >is about to start! If you want to watch it, head through that door and look > >for the Tough Contest Stage!" After calling out the invitation, Elsa picks > >up her Roselia and marches through the door to the left of the front desk, > >determined to win the Tough Contest. > > A ring of his cell phone later, Peabody cried out, "Be with you in a > second!" and answered. "Yes?" > > "Peabody, it's Leif," his supervisor answered. "I'm with our Grass-type > friend just outside of the Pokémon Center. Where are the three of you?" > > "The Contest House," Peabody answered. "Jaws and Wanda's Roselia wandered > over here, and the two of them challenged each other in a Toughness Contest. I > hope she sticks with us; she isn't that bad a girl." > > "Well, we'll see with time," Leif replied. "Keep the two of them from > getting into too much trouble. I'll be over there shortly." > > "Right boss, take care," Peabody finished before shutting off the phone. He > turned to his two Pokémon and asked, "So, you two want to watch?" > > "Most definitely," Grimlock noted, eager to see just what this contest > entailed. > > Solitaire, meanwhile, had ended up being knocked to the ground by Elsa's > Mudkip, who was now gazing at his reflection in the large psychic starfish's > multifaceted gem. As Mudkip pawed at his doppelganger, Solitaire replied, #I'll > be happy to watch, just give me a moment to get my bearings.# The Pokémon then > proceeded to float into the air, taking the small Mudkip by surprise. > > Peabody gently took the little Mudkip in his arms, then led his three > Pokémon towards the Tough Contest Stage, where Elsa, Sven, their competing > Pokémon and the judge stood waiting. > > "Combatants," Judge Wanda greeted them, "welcome to the Verdanturf Contest > House and today's Toughness Duel Contest. The rules are simple; your Pokémon > are to demonstrate their attacks as best as possible by using them against > these targets." > > Those words spoken, a pair of stone blocks rose up from the floor into clear > view. As the targets were placed in position, Peabody took a seat near the > stage and sat down in a folding chair, trying his best to relax. Grimlock, > meanwhile, had somehow procured a bag of popcorn and was merrily munching away. > > "Wanda and Roselia will be the first to open with attacks," the judge > declared. > > Elsa looked to Roselia, uncertain of which attack she should ask for; she > only knew two of Roselia's attacks, Growth and Poison Sting. With a shrug, she > suggested, "Roselia, let's try your Growth attack." > > "Rose," Roselia confirmed, crossing her rose-tipped limbs in front of her > chest and causing herself to grow to twice her height. > > Sven smirked; this was going to be a piece of cake. "Jaws, Slash attack!" > > Half afraid of offending his date, Jaws decided to rush forward and, using > his left fin, slice a small chunk of his block off. > > Wanda rose a critical eyebrow towards both competitors, then declared, "The > first round of Appeals is over. Second round begins now. Wanda and Roselia." > > "Roselia, Poison Sting!" Elsa called, a little more comfortable with the > contest now. > > "Rose!" Roselia cried out, lowering her head and lancing off a salvo of > poisonous needles towards her target. While the attack did little damage to the > block overall, it did wear it down a bit towards the top. > > "Shar do!" Jaws cried in appreciation, earning a shy and dismissive wave of > a rose from Roselia. > > "Jaws, Crunch attack!" > > Jaws jumped forward again, and bit hard into the stone block, biting off > another chunk. Not particularly fond of eating solid stone, he set the chunk > down next to the earlier chunk. > > "Second round is done! Round three!" > > Elsa sweatdropped; she wasn't sure of any other moves that Roselia knew. > > Roselia, thankfully, was capable of covering for her trainer as she lightly > shook her roses like maracas, blowing a cloud of Stun Spores towards the block. > While it did no damage, it did leave a light layer of dust on the block, giving > it an ethereal beauty. > > "Jaws, Screech!" > > Jaws began to take in a breath before releasing his Screech attack, then > remembered something; his Screech, as proven by his many attempts at escape in > the past, hurt a lot of opponents, and he was half-afraid that it would have a > similar effect on Roselia. > > "Rose elia," the Roselia in question beckoned. "Rose sel el." > > Jaws sighed in relief, then let loose with a deafening "DOOOO!" > > The humans and Pokémon all covered their ears, while both blocks ended up > with hairline cracks in them. > > Jaws stopped Screeching, then grinned nervously. "Pedo shardo shar." > > "Round Three is done," Wanda declared. "Begin Round Four." > > Roselia shook her head slightly to alleviate the ringing in her ears, then > stepped towards her block. She placed both roses upon the stone, then > concentrated on her final attack. After a few seconds, the block seemed to fall > apart, leaving behind a blocky shape vaguely reminiscent of a vase. > > Elsa blinked. "Wow. That looks great, Roselia!" > > "Rosel," the Grass-type replied with a bow. > > Not to be outdone, Sven cried out, "Jaws, Dive attack!" > > Jaws took a breath, then bounced three times on his pectoral fin before > leaping into the air towards his target... > > CRUNCH > > ...Landing nose first. > > "Dooooo," Jaws moaned, slipping off his block as it cracked into a somewhat > blocky rose, just before bloom. > > "Round four, and the appeals, are over!" Wanda declared. "And nicely done > with the block carving. I'll now announce the winner!" As the contest was going on, Bob, Raffy and Leif silently made their way towards the Contest House. It looked like an interesting enough place, and it was definitely lively, but ther was a dullness about it tht suggested subtly that this wasn't really the place for high-profile gangs to score big. Bob noted the rather pink motif of the contest house. Definitely not a place to score big with pokemon. #What's with the slience? It's not like we can hide in plain sight# "You have something to talk about?" #Not really# "Neither do we. Hence the silence." That almost philosophical discussion was cut short upon arriving at the Contest house. The trio arrived just in time to hear the announcement of the contest's winner. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: New Pokemon Parody Movie: Death to Smoochum > TBC [I'll let you decide who won the Contest, Rob.] [NS: I'll let you too!]