From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Let The Pokemon Games Begin! Date: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 3:04 PM "Clayton" <> wrote in message news:<30lTb.3975$>... <snip> > > "Very well. Chan, it's time." Derek said calmly. Chan nodded, cracked > any knuckles that a Medicham has, and prepared himself for a good > battle. You could even see the small tint of delight amonst his calm > facade. > > "Medi," Chan said stepping into a fighting stance. "Cham." pronounced the > Psychic Fighter ready. > > "Savage, go get him!" John said as the Primape took to the field. In > comparason, the pig monkey looked far angrier and more vicious, > and his strength was already confirmed in the contest. > > "Submission!" > > And so the match started as Savage tried to pin Chan with it's Submission > move. It worked mostly because Chan was not quite expecting Savage to > be as fast as he was. > > "Confusion" Derek said, calm as Chan was. > > The psychic attack did exactly what it was supposed to do, fling off > Savage at a high velocity and intorduce him to the floor. The type > advantage was more like a bonus. > > "Focus Energy" > "Recover" > > As Savage focussed the energy that he had to deliver more devistating > blows, Chan rerouted his energies to healing himself of that Submission > attack. While fighters are at a natural disadvantage against psychics, > Chan acted more like a fighter and less like a psychic. Plus when you're > that strong, anything hurts. > > "Use your training Chan, you can do nearly anything if you set your > mind to it." Derek advised from the sidelines. > > And with the first round of blows exchanged, the battle continued. > A few curious onlookers had started to gather at a safe distance. > > Also unseen by anyone was Ehm, practically radiating happiness at > all of the materials he could design makeshift contraptions with. Stuff > that people probably wouldn't miss that could be rigged into new > and interesting stuff. After the first rounds of blows had been exchanged, both pokemon had recovered their footing and were now circling eachother warily, eyeing each movement the other made and looking for the tell-tale signs that indicated an oncoming attack, both resolving to wait, to make the other fighter come to him. It's said that Medicham often spend months at a time doing nothing but meditation in the Mountains of Hoenn, stopping only for food. That would take a lot of dedication, a lot of patience... so it wasn't really a surprise when Savage was the first to loose his resolve and go on the offensive hurling himself at Chan with a devistating Cross Chop attack "Block it with Ice Punch, Chan!" Chan fist became surrounded with a cloud of freezing gas as he thrust it to intercept Savage's blow. The hot tropical air and the artic blast from the attack caused a brief cloud of fog to cover the battle scene for a moment, when it cleared, it revealed Savage, with a very surprised look on his face, and incased in a block of ice. John gaped. "Well, looks like you win, I guess." Derek shrugged, nonchalantly. "Normally, yeah, but in this case, I'd hate to win because of some lucky break. Chan, why don't you thaw him out so we can continue this?" The Medicham nodded, bringing up his other fist which became surrounded with a blaze of orange flames, which he slammed into the ice. The sudden temperature shift caused the block to literally explode into a cloud of steam. When THAT had finally dissapated, Savage was found to have been freed from his icy prison. Unfortunatly, the steam had also caused Savage's fur to become extremely... fluffy. "That's a nice look for you," John snickered, "Maybe we should've entered you in the cute contest instead. Savage threw an indignant glare at his trainer, then shook himself until his fur had defluffed to a normal level. "Primeape!" He grunted, ready to resume the battle. TBC > > [NS: Don't know how you want to end, but I reckon it should be a > close battle due to the amount of training that both pokemon have.] [NS: It doesn't really matter to me who wins either, after all this is just a friendly spar]