From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Let The Pokemon Games Begin! Date: Thursday, February 05, 2004 2:44 AM > After the first rounds of blows had been exchanged, both pokemon had > recovered their footing and were now circling eachother warily, eyeing > each movement the other made and looking for the tell-tale signs that > indicated an oncoming attack, both resolving to wait, to make the > other fighter come to him. > > It's said that Medicham often spend months at a time doing nothing but > meditation in the Mountains of Hoenn, stopping only for food. That > would take a lot of dedication, a lot of patience... so it wasn't > really a surprise when Savage was the first to loose his resolve and > go on the offensive hurling himself at Chan with a devistating Cross > Chop attack > > "Block it with Ice Punch, Chan!" Chan fist became surrounded with a > cloud of freezing gas as he thrust it to intercept Savage's blow. The > hot tropical air and the artic blast from the attack caused a brief > cloud of fog to cover the battle scene for a moment, when it cleared, > it revealed Savage, with a very surprised look on his face, and > incased in a block of ice. > > John gaped. "Well, looks like you win, I guess." > > Derek shrugged, nonchalantly. "Normally, yeah, but in this case, I'd > hate to win because of some lucky break. Chan, why don't you thaw him > out so we can continue this?" > > The Medicham nodded, bringing up his other fist which became > surrounded with a blaze of orange flames, which he slammed into the > ice. The sudden temperature shift caused the block to literally > explode into a cloud of steam. When THAT had finally dissapated, > Savage was found to have been freed from his icy prison. Unfortunatly, > the steam had also caused Savage's fur to become extremely... fluffy. > > "That's a nice look for you," John snickered, "Maybe we should've > entered you in the cute contest instead. Savage threw an indignant > glare at his trainer, then shook himself until his fur had defluffed > to a normal level. > > "Primeape!" He grunted, ready to resume the battle. Derek could help but snicker a bit at the fluffy fur. Luckily for him, Savage wasn't paying attention to him. He was however, taking another charge at Chan. This time though, Chan just sidestepped it. All in all it looked like Chan was toying with him. It actually wasn't the case. Dodging takes a lot more effort than it looks, plus by the time there was an exploitable opening, it was gone. While it is said that Medicham have a great deal of patience, it does not stop the species from having bouts of frustration caused by something not working or going right. So when Savage tried to Cross Chop the half-psychic, he let out another Confusion just to create some distance. Again a round of Recovering and energy focussing went on. Again the pair duked it out. This time though it was Chan that was on the offensive. Unlike Chan, Savage didn't quite have the agility to dodge or block everything. However as it was a sparring match, Chan's punches were pulled a bit so they didn't cause quite as much damage. Simple punches and kicks led to Submissions and Fire Punches. Ice Punches and Cross Chops were exchanges, causing Savage to be thawed out again. The sparring match ended with a vicious Reversal, sending Chan crashing into a wall. Both pokemon were hurt in various places. However, both pokemon were still standing. "Maybe we should stop ther before they both drop." Derek offered. "Plus, I'm getting kind of hungry." He added, but only after his stomach made its presence known. John snickered. Chan rolled his eyes. Patience also included controlling when he actually ate. So the sparring match ended with both pokemon still upright. John recalled Savage, while Chan opted for Recovering. However, he was tired anyway from all the fighting, so he got Derek to recall him. "That was a good one. I'll be around if you want to go another round. And I'll try to make sure to be around." Derek said. Both fighters walked away, probably to head to the makeshift Pokemon Center. For Derek, he was off for food. TBC ------- Clatyon Random Tagline: "What do have to be afraid of America for? We're bigger than they are and we're on top. If we were in prison, they'd be our bitch." Rick Mercer