From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [SST] Marvin's Dream Girl Date: Thursday, February 12, 2004 11:40 AM (William Rendfeld) wrote in message news:<>... > [NS: Hope no one minds, but since the Searchers are going in the same > direction...] [NS: And I hope no one minds me jumping in here] > Nearby, two young women, one with deep red hair and the other with medium > brown hair, contentedly took in a breath of air. The two sighed, and the > brown-haired girl happily noted as the two opened their eyes, "It's good to be > home." > > For Cassandra Gale, this was an expected outcome after joining her sister > during the Silver Conference. For Alexandria Masters, however, this was a > slight change of plans. Still, nothing was certain in this world, and Alex > didn't mind the opportunity to return to her native region. Besides, she had a > job to do. > > "So this is Hoenn," ShadowWarrior the Murkrow noted from his perch upon > Alex's shoulder. "Not that bad a place, really." > > "<You should see Meteor Falls,>" Surtur the Combusken said with a twinge of > nostalgia. "<They are quite beautiful, despite being a haven for Zubat.>" > > "We'll probably be seeing them soon enough," Alex replied. She turned back > to the large group assembled before them and said, "Everyone ready to go?" > > Before the four stood a small collection of people and Pokémon; Nori Mizuke, > who stood beside Rubix the Blastoise and protectively held Big Time the > Larvitar in her arms; Derek Fisher and Chan the Medicham; the hybrid samurai > Kitsu & Keaton; Alex's new boyfriend Ben and his Mawile, who contentedly hung > from a leather belt tied to his own belt; their recent newcomer Carol Ross, and > the young Aerie. A general chorus of agreement rose up from the group, > indicating that they were indeed ready to disembark. > > "Okay then, here we go," Alex said before the small group started heading > down the gangplank one by one onto the nearby pier, handing in their keycards > as they went. > > "So, where exactly is this lab we're heading to?" Nori asked, genuinely > curious but mostly concerned for the sake of herself and her current charge. > > "About fifteen minutes' walk north," Alex answered. "Don't worry, they won't > mind us dropping in. Professor Birch is a family friend." As explanation, she > added, "Dad was a Pokémon researcher, and they tend to run in the same > circles." > > "Not like they have much else to do, save tend to their families," Cass > noted with a small chuckle. > > Marvin's ears perked up slightly, recognizing that voice from his > performance. "Is that...?" he asked rhetorically, looking to his rear just as > Cass returned her attention to the road ahead... John had followed the group down to the pier, handing in his own key card to one of the cruise ship's employees as he went. He spotted Derek in the midst of the group and sidled up to him. "So where are you heading now that the cruise is over with?" He asked the fellow trainer. TBC [NS: I figured seeing as John's got nothing better to do, and you all are heading towards the Lab? (i think) John could tag along with the Searchers]