From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Mining for Magmas Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004 12:14 AM William Rendfeld wrote: > "Yeah," Cass noted, a bit dejected. Hot Shot cocked his head in curiosity, > leaving Cass to explain, "I have a bad feeling that sending out Triton like > that's just caused more problems. Call it a premonition, instinct, whatever, I > just feel like I've had a foot in the grave since then." > > "Cass," Kitsu said bluntly, "you're being paranoid." > > "Yeah, it's not like a pair of Pokémon are going to show up and..." Derek > began before Hot Shot placed a claw over his mouth. "Right, don't want to jinx > it." "Anyway," Cass repeated, "back to Mauville. Aerie, I don't think Hot Shot can take all of us, so could you...Aerie?" Said girl was slowly doubling over, grimacing. Keaton examined her from a distance. "What's wrong? I didn't see you take any hits." Aerie spasmed, barely staying on her feet. Kitsu knelt next to her, applying a hand to her forehead. "Running a bit of a fever? Once we get back to town, you can-" The girl's lips burned through, allowing a jet of flame to engulf Kitsu's head. "SH-" Derek leapt forwards to help, only to be restrained by Keaton. He barely had time to struggle before the flames subsided, revealing an undamaged Kitsu. Kitsu slowly nudged Aerie's face to point away from everyone. "I don't think she's going to be flying any time soON!" A sudden temperature shift warned her to leap away just in time as Aerie vomited up an aurora beam, big enough that it would have hit Kitsu's hand. "Does she need a pokemon center or a hospital?" Derek wondered. "Both. And she's going to get them," Cass declared. "Hot Shot! Take her and Kitsu-" "There's no need for that," said an old man, dressed somewhat like a cowboy, walking out of the forest as a bolt of thunder crashed down onto Aerie. "You've got all you need to cure her, for now, right here." "Stay out of this," Keaton ordered. "You don't know what's going on." "Oh, don't I?" The man chuckled. "Looks to me like she's some kind of pokemon hybrid. Quite rare, I know, but how else do you explain those attacks? Tell me, young lady, how do you feel?" "SiCk." Aerie quivered as the leftover glow from the lightning intensified, shooting from her entire body back up into the air as a solar beam. "Feel like your insides are moving around against your will?" Aerie weakly nodded. Kitsu blinked. "You're an expert? Please, you have to help her!" She grabbed the front of his jacket. "Calm down, lady." The man brushed off her grab. "As a matter of fact, YOU have to help her." He whispered into her ear. Kitsu's jaw dropped. "You want me to WHAT?!?!?" Her brows knitted. "My friend needs help, not to be used for-" "THINK about it," he interrupted, wagging a finger. "If she is, then wouldn't that...? Unless you and she, ahem, in which case any of the others would do." Kitsu frowned a bit more, then sighed, picked up Aerie, and kissed her on the lips. Aerie froze on the spot, then her pained posture slowly melted into limpness. "Cham?" Chan succinctly noted. The man smiled, parting some foliage behind him at the same time. "When they're done, the Lavaridge Hot Springs are a short hike this way. Soaking in them can ease many pains. I'd suggest keeping her out of fights, at least until she's had a chance to reflect on what's happening to her." "Care to tell the rest of us what's up?" Keaton requested. "Pokemon evolve. And even when they don't, humans grow up." The man waved to Aerie as he seemed to melt into the bush. "In her case, her body reacts one way when it's time to do the other, and it would seem the interaction is not pleasant." Derek blinked. "So what does kissing have to do with it?" "Can you think of a better way to shock her?" And then the man was gone. At about that time, Kitsu released Aerie. "Feeling better?" "Yeah." Aerie tried to stand up, then stumbled into Kitsu's arms. Smiling a bit, she added, "Carry me?" "Oh, alright. This time." Kitsu hefted the girl and set off towards the hot springs. Derek, Chan, Keaton, and Cass trudged behind them, Cass recalling Hot Shot first and shaking her head once on the path. "What's up? Do you know who that was?" Derek inquired. "I've got a pretty good idea," Cass opined, chuckling. "And he had MewTwo worried about him..." --- Scarlette was halfway done pawing through some reports when Dee teleported in. "All done?" Dee assumed her shape. "Sorry about that. Personal emergency." "No problem, so long as it can be put on hold when we're doing something important." The faux mightyena smiled. "I don't think I'll have to worry about that one again for a while. Now, where were we?" The real mightyena smiled back. "You were telling me about your daughter." "Oh, yes..." TBC?