From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Mining for Magmas Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 12:24 AM > #Your power is matched only by your forgetfullness,# Claydol replied. > #Unless you recall that Deoxys himself personally assigned us to capture > Princess Kitsu and Prince Keaton of Nidon for reasons that are of no > concern to us.# > > "<Yah, yah,>" Adonis confirmed. "<But are ve to be carrying out zees > task ourselves? Are menial tasks such as these not beneath us, herr > Claydol?>" > > #That they are not,# Claydol answered. #And by that I mean that they > are. I am clearly being sarcastic and I am not trying to correct > myself, such as it may appear. Kidnapping royalty ourselves is indeed > beneath us, which is why we will be personally overseeing their capture > instead of actually doing the capturing.# > > "<And who is it to be doing the capturing?>" Adonis inquired. "<Perhaps > those two henchmen lurking in the shadows behind you?>" > > #Indeed,# Claydol confirmed. Three eyes shone from the shadows. #And > they're just *dieing* to meet some old friends.# > > #That was a pun, you know,# Claydol added. #It's supposed to suggest > that these are supposed to be dead, rather than just eager to meet Kitsu > and Keaton again.# > > "..." the other three replied. > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > "Hey," Derek said as his half of the Search Party for Smasher continued > their trek to the hot springs of Lavaridge. "Did that guy say that > Aerie was..." > > "Becoming a woman?" Kitsu finished for him. "I suppose he did. She > seems awful young for it, though." > > "I guess Dittos mature quickly," Keaton theorized. > > "If you don't mind me asking, what is it like for Aenarians?" Cass asked. > > "We don't go suddenly firing off attacks, if that's what you mean," > Keaton replied. > > "Biologics aside," Kitsu started. "I suppose it's different depending > on whether or not you evolve. Someone who doesn't normally evolve, > half-Tauroses like Keaton for example, experience the same awkward > growth spurts I assume you humans go through. However, if you were, > say, born half-Vulpix like I was, then the growth is accompanied by a > gradual transition from one species into another." > > "The third form is a different matter, though," Keaton added. "Unlike > the second form, the third one requires training rather than just aging > for some. Others have to rely on items that induce evolution. In both > cases, the transformation happens rapidly, completing in seconds. > Although, I've heard of some whose transformations were painfully > prolonged for up to a month." > > "I'm glad I'm not one of them," Kitsu said. "Of course, the shift in > tail size was hard to get used to." > > "I bet you were cute as a Vulpix," Aerie giggled from her perch on > Kitu's back. > > "As a button," Kitsu smiled back. As the gang walked away, the mini-drama over for the time being, Derek couldn't help but cast a glance back in the general direction of the Magma Base. Shaking his head, he looked back only to realize that the rest were already a few paces ahead of him. "Something wrong?" "Cham medi?" The pair of voices asked, one a human female the other a male pokemon. This time, Derek stayed in step with the rest of the pack. "I don't think so. It just seems like something's off. Not wrong ... just ... off," He replied, casting another gaze at the supposedly ruined Magma Base. "What do you mean?" A different voice asked, suddenly interested in the conversation. "While you guys were in there, I heard next to nothing. Maybe I got lost in my practicing, but I should have felt or heard something between your random destruction ..." "HEY! It wasn't Random!" Aerie cried out indignantly " ... and the Magmas running like scardy Delcattys, but I felt nothing." Derek finished, still walking forward. "Maybe I'm losing it" "Got that right," Keaton snorted, hiding a smile Derek's only response was only a glare that was colder than Chan's Ice Punch. TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: I sense a disturbance in the Force ... [NS: Must resist picturing a chibi-Kitsu as a were-vulpix ... must resist!]