From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Mining for Magmas Date: Saturday, June 19, 2004 4:10 PM William Rendfeld wrote: > "Just to make sure, we're looking for the computer rooms, and no blasts > going down," Cass reminded the others. "This is a volcano, after all." > > "Check," Aerie replied. "Blasts to the sides or up. We don't want another > lava bath." A short while later... "What kind of maniacs build a base with lava OVER THEIR HEADS?!?!?" Keaton wondered as the group ran away from an oncoming molten red tsunami. "Team Magma," Aerie answered, blasting holes in the floor from her perch over Kitsu's shoulder, where Kitsu was carrying her away so she could concentrate on blasting holes in the floor. Rounding a corner, the group found themselves at the bottom of a long, wide shaft. It did not take long for Cass to spy a control panel and start pecking away. "Whatever you're doing, hurry up," Keaton called over his shoulder as he closed the door. "I'm surprised power's still up." Kitsu tapped a map on the wall, tracing their route. "We missed the generators, but we went right over the computer room." She smirked. "And I thought computers melting down was just a joke." "Speaking of up..." Cass poked a final button. The floor rumbled, then slowly ascended. "Next stop, top of the volcano. Panoramic views, open skies, and all magma below us. Lucky we found their helipad. Now if only we had a helicopter." "Gimme...a...second..." Aerie panted, holding on to Kitsu even when the latter made motions to set the girl down. Cass blinked, wondering if Aerie was serious, then shook her head. "Don't worry about it. Hot Shot can get us out of here." Meanwhile, in the computer room, Lars eyed one of his subordinates. "I understand I have you to thank for the loss of some service hallways." Mace shrugged. "A squad of grunts and fire pokemon should have everything cleared up within 24 hours. We didn't lose anything important." Lars frowned. "I'll judge what's important or not." He tried peering into Mace's eyes, but lost the staring contest in only fourteen seconds. "But you're right, thanks to the reinforcement plating you placed under their route. It looks like they think our base is almost totally destroyed. How did you know what they were going to do? Do you know them?" "I was there when they attacked our last base," Mace reminded him. "Given the threat they pose to our organization, I did some research on them. For some reason, I didn't have security clearance to view their activities prior to arrival in Hoenn, but what I did see was enough to give me a good guess. And my next guess is they'll rendesvous with their friend outside then try again, unless they believe there's nothing here. I reccomend flooding most of the entrances - any of the ones they're likely to find - with lava and playing possum until they go away." "Yes, SIR!" The maintenance squad that had implemented Mace's earlier suggestion turned to carry out his next one. "Belay that!" Lars barked. "I'M the Admin. I give the orders." He counted to ten, trying to calm himself down. "Do it." "Yes, sir," the squad replied, dragging their feet. Lars rolled his eyes. "Once that's done and the Magma Destroyers have left our inner perimeter, since we'll be holed up in here anyway, you can throw a small party for your new hero while we wait for them to go fully away." "Yes, SIR!" The squad saluted then ran off. Had Lars not been shaking his head just then, he would have seen Mace doing the same. TBC? > [NS: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Lars Gandrie, the Magma yang to Leif's yin. > Tech, Adrian, I suggest one of you handle it from here.] [NS: Sorry for the delay. Juuust when I thought I'd scheduled things to give me time to post, things got busy... >_<]