From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] No Dying Now Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 6:55 PM >Aerie smiled and held a fist at chin level. "Hoenn, is it? I would go >to the ends of the Earth to bring back my friend." > >"You know, dear, there's a good chance he didn't survive." Dee winced >as Kitsu and Cass shot him dirty looks for tempting fate. > >"Doesn't matter. If he's dead, we'll give him a proper funeral. But I >will not leave him abandoned and alone. My friends deserve better than >that from me. LOOK OUT, HOENN, HERE WE COME!" She vanished. > >Dee closed his eyes, held up one finger, held up two, held up three, and >Aerie reappeared, blushing, hand behind her head. > >"Uhhhm...I just remembered, I can't teleport there if I've never been >there." > >"Yes you can," Dee advised. "Not in one go; just do a series of >line-of-sight jumps. It helps if you're airborne: not only is accuracy >not as important, but on the ground, the horizon limits you to less than >five miles anyway. But you are forgetting something more important." > >"I was figuring I'd scout ahead, then take everyone." > >"It helps if you wait for them to get back first. Besides, shouldn't we >get Smasher's pokemon?" > "That'd be a wise idea," Cass noted. "Thankfully, Alex and I are the resident Hoennites, so getting around shouldn't be a problem. The only one I see is transport." Looking to both Aerie and Dee, she said, "I'm not saying you two can't teleport us there easily, but you may run out of juice beforehand." "As I said, it helps if we're airborne," Dee noted. "I assume you have a Flying Pokémon handy?" "One Dragonite, healed up and ready for takeoff," Cass replied. "Trust me, there's little out there that can keep up speed with Hot Shot. And transforming into him shouldn't be a problem for you or Aerie, so that's one problem down. Next question is, who else is going?" "Well we're definitely in," Keaton noted. "Smasher helped us just as much as Aerie. We owe him." Kitsu nodded in agreement. "And I'm in too," Amber agreed. "Smasher and I go way back, and I'd rather not have my last memory of him be seeing him lose." "And we can definitely count Alex in," Cass replied. "She's nowhere near my level of thrill-seeking, but she's worse when it comes to being the heroine. Too many times listening to her great-grandfather's stories." Shaking her head to rid itself of her reverie fit, Cass added, "And maybe Derek, Ben and Nori, assuming they're interested. But something tells me we shouldn't bet the farm on it." Meanwhile... >Shuriken's optics were locked on the ceiling, but that held none of the >water pokemon's attention. The private link between trainer and >favored, long-time pokemon...Smasher had to be okay, but for the first >time in as long as the starmie could remember, the link was gone. Dead. >Its thoughts were a jumble, but had they been broadcast, others would >have heard the words loud and clear. > >#Please be okay.# Alex shook her head, hearing the mental voice from the lobby. #Grospoliner? Was that you?# #I am afraid not, Alexandria,# Grospoliner the Beldum answered, having returned to his Poké Ball shortly before Alex found Nosedive and her two Pokémon. #That telepathic signal came from a Starmie within the center, one belonging to the missing trainer you are concerned for.# #Well, hopefully he'll be up for helping in the search,# Alex replied as Nori began giving her a suspicious look. "What?" "You're a psychic, aren't you?" Nori asked, her eyes narrowed in anger. Remembering her earlier diatribe, ShadowWarrior held up both his wings and said, "Whoa, easy there. Don't go into raging homicide on her, please. Yes, Alex has some psychic abilities; she's a telepath. She can read most minds, sense most thoughts, and send off communications. But there are certain minds that she can't read." Nori raised an eyebrow, and said, "I'm listening." "Anyone or anything with certain kinds of vibes," Alex explained. "Specifically, those found in Psychic, Dark, Steel, or Ghost-type Pokémon. You count under the Dark-type category. Besides, even if I could look inside your head, I wouldn't. I've always had a firm belief that people deserve their privacy, especially within their own minds. And as for my feelings towards other psychics, that was genuine. It's mostly thanks to the stigma that Sabrina's brought into existence that I'm so leery about revealing my abilities. Now if you want to run me through with those nice broadswords of yours, go right ahead." TBC? [NS: Well, I figured it'd come sooner or later. As for Archangel's swords being broadswords, I figured that'd be a safe bet if Nori couldn't carry them (Archangel, being a psychic, would have telekinetic assistance in my eyes). Beth, if you want Nori to take part in the Search for Smasher, the chance is there. If you want her to try and run Alex through, I don't mind. Just remember, 25% agility and all that.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points