From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] No Dying Now Date: Monday, January 12, 2004 10:09 PM Bandraptor wrote: > Their silence is answer enough, though. Nori smacks a fist into her > palm, and declares, "That's it! If Doppler's going to Hoenn, then I'm > going too! I'll confront him, and I'll force him to accept me as his > protege!" > > Cass smirks sarcastically, "Yeah. Good luck with that." To Alex, she > says, "So, shall we tell everybody the good news about the S.S. > Tidal?" "No need," Dee declares as he walks into the lobby. "Kitsu saw an interview about it. It seems that Aerie's mother will be aboard. Flying might be a bit faster, but to spend time with her..." He sighs and smiles. Nori blinks, recognizing the man she met before the second round. "You! You're Doppler!" "I go by 'Dee' these days." Dee's goofy grin fades. "Oh, hi! Tsunade, was it? might want to stay away, if you're trying to avoid her." Nori's enthusiasm that Dee recognizes her is cut short by trying to figure out what he is referring to. "'Her'? You mean Minax will be on board, too?" "Yep. My daughter's mother. Of course, she's changed her name too." He smiles again. "Marcia. Such a lovely name." Nori figures on her fingers, muttering to herself. "Doppler will be there! But so will Minax! But Doppler! But Minax! But..." Then she recognizes the look on his face. Waving a hand in front of him gets no response. "Is he...?" "In love with her?" Cass finishes. "Oh, yeah, head over heels. It's kind of cute." "UWAHEHEHEYYIE?!?!?!?" Nori's wide eyes betray reality crashing into shards around her. "Doppler...and Minax..." Cass nods. "Mmm-hmm!" "But...but...she KILLED him!" Nori sweatdrops. "And now they have a daughter?!? He's not even wearing a wedding ring. Not that I'd expect him to, but..." TBC?