From: "Adrian Tymes" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] No Dying Now Date: Thursday, January 08, 2004 1:46 AM Clayton wrote: > "About Smasher" > > "Well, we know that he was blasted clear out of the stadium by a Hyper Beam. > But has anyone ever thought that Starmie, as a psychic, might have some sort of > bond or connection with the missing lad?" Derek asked, trying to use a different > approach to finding the missing trainer. > > "That might work" the lady admitted. > > "Though, as a fighter I know very little about psychics except their attacks hurt a > lot. But I don't know whether Nurse Joy will allow the Starmie to join in the > hunt, or for that matter, whether it'll want to." Derek observed. > > "Why don't I go ask? Couldn't hurt." Cass offerred. > > "Sure," Derek said. the young woman was just turning to walk away when she was > interrupped. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a Rock Smash HM, > would you? I just thought of a new way to tort-, er, train Chan" > > Chan, for the most part was glaring at his trainer. Derek recognized the glare. > > "It's a TM in Johto." And with that, Cassandra left for a bit. Cass returned just as Aerie and Amber did. They almost bumped into each other going through the door, so Aerie tugged Amber back and waved for Cass to go through. Cass had just gotten halfway through the door when Aerie teleported herself and Amber to an empty spot on the far side of the room. Rolling her eyes, she asked the trio in front of the computer, "So, any luck?" Dee looked up from their game of Mega Mash Siblings, just in time for Keaton's aging carpenter to land a 2x4 to Dee's space feline, knocking a few gems into Kitsu's waiting carpenter sister and bringing her into first place just as time ran out. "Uggh, you win again," Dee sighed. "Anyway...yes, the simulation finished while you were out." He flicked a control on the video screen, eagerly dismissing the victorious team's poses in place of a map of Silver Town, with a line heading north to the top of the screen. Aerie clapped her hands and smiled. "You found him?" "Well...who's this?" "This is Amber. Sorry we took so long, but she was showing me how to use her vibrator, daddy." "I'm telling you," Amber growled, "it's not my..." She froze as the full impact of what Aerie said hit. Dee looked at her. "So *you're* Amber." "Y-y-you'r-re...Dop-p-pl-ler-r?" The ditto smiled and held out a hand. "I go by 'Dee' these days. Nice to meet you." "Umm..." Amber weakly shook the offered limb. "So, which style? With the vibrator, I mean. Standard Kama Sutra, or-" "DAAAAD!" Aerie interjected, then folder her arms and looked away. "Kidding!" Amber shook her head. "I didn't show her anything, honest! I would never even dream of fondling your daughter and bringing her I really shouldn't finish that should I?" "I believe you." Dee nodded. "All you showed her was how to have it hanging out of your pack, and the *ahem* attention that could bring." Amber looked to said pack, saw the offending thing peeking out, and nudged it back in as discreetly as possible while all eyes were staring at her. "Anyway," Kitsu explained, trying not to roll her eyes at the display, "this map shows where he landed." Amber looked at the screen, following the line to the north edge of Silver Town. "That's not too far away!" Dee touched the zoom out button. The map flickered, then showed a map of Johto, the line now going from Silver Town to the north edge of the map. "Oh. Well, we could walk there in a few days..." Zoom out. Flicker. "...weeks..." Zoom out. Flicker. " far?" Zoom out. Flicker. The entire Earth was displayed, the line now contained by the map but clearly more than a dot even at this scale. Cass whistled. "That's...quite a trip." Dee squinted at the map. "Looks like we're headed to a place called 'Hoenn'." Aerie smiled and held a fist at chin level. "Hoenn, is it? I would go to the ends of the Earth to bring back my friend." "You know, dear, there's a good chance he didn't survive." Dee winced as Kitsu and Cass shot him dirty looks for tempting fate. "Doesn't matter. If he's dead, we'll give him a proper funeral. But I will not leave him abandoned and alone. My friends deserve better than that from me. LOOK OUT, HOENN, HERE WE COME!" She vanished. Dee closed his eyes, held up one finger, held up two, held up three, and Aerie reappeared, blushing, hand behind her head. "Uhhhm...I just remembered, I can't teleport there if I've never been there." "Yes you can," Dee advised. "Not in one go; just do a series of line-of-sight jumps. It helps if you're airborne: not only is accuracy not as important, but on the ground, the horizon limits you to less than five miles anyway. But you are forgetting something more important." "I was figuring I'd scout ahead, then take everyone." "It helps if you wait for them to get back first. Besides, shouldn't we get Smasher's pokemon?" --- Shuriken's optics were locked on the ceiling, but that held none of the water pokemon's attention. The private link between trainer and favored, long-time pokemon...Smasher had to be okay, but for the first time in as long as the starmie could remember, the link was gone. Dead. Its thoughts were a jumble, but had they been broadcast, others would have heard the words loud and clear. #Please be okay.# TBC?