From: "Jose L. Solano" <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: [PW!] OAV Episode 2 (part one) Date: Thursday, October 28, 2004 10:29 PM (ouch, wacky formatting errors. Here's a clean version) Pokewars! OAV: Chapter 2 (part 1) By Jose and Dreadite Trent Retwin, interim leader of Team Aqua, had moved out of his cheap "office" and into the one Archie used whenever he was at the offshore base. His heavy boots were propped against Archie's polished marble desk, and a few of the shells he had used for decoration had been brushed aside, and a few more were on the floor in pieces. Two Aqua grunts were taking the remaining shells off the desk to keep Trent from recklessly abusing them. Mushiburo stood near the door with her arms across her chest. "Now that I look at it, this base is pretty shitty," Trent remarked. There were water marks all over Archie's office and what appeared to be coffee stains on the ceiling. "This isn't our main headquarters," Mushiburo assured him. "We rarely use it, so we don't spent too much time maintaining it." "Good to know. I'm wondering, Mushi... I'm going to call you Mushi whether you like it or not... what kind of benefits does being boss have?" "We have to follow your orders." "Is that all? Don't I get to use a private jet, or get access to some high-tech weapons or something?" "Technically, yes, but I feel it would be best if your focus remained on the mission appointed to you." "Private jets and high-tech weapons seem like stuff I could use on this mission. Any strong Pokémon, at least?" "Your roster has no water-types, besides your weak Kabuto," Mushiburo noted. "I don't see why we can't give you one to use." Mushiburo opened a secret panel on the marble desk, on the opposite side from where Trent sat. She took a blue Pokéball with the Team Aqua logo engraved at the top and handed it to Trent, who inspected it for a moment. "Is it a Gyarados?" Trent asked. "No." "Phhp," Trent tossed it over his shoulder. The Aquaball bounced off the wall of the small office and off the marble desk, releasing a slimy, amphibious creature that looked around before rearing up against the desk, sliming it with its front paws. "What the fuck is this?" "Swampert, the final evolved form of Mudkip," Mushiburo explained. "In addition to being a water-type, it's also a ground-type." "Ground, you say?" Trent began to show interest. Swampert looked around the room eagerly. "I noted your preference for rock and ground-types," Mushiburo said, shrugging. Swampert scratched behind the fin on its head and then turned away, apparently bored by Trent. Trent sneered and returned it to its Pokéball. "Hopefully it fights better than it looks." Ashura then walked into the office, gnawing on some sort of bone. "Well, well, well, look who decided to show his ugly face. Where have you been all morning?" "Sand sand," Ashura replied without looking up. "What? It's lunch time already?" One of the Aqua grunts asked, looking at his watch. "Trent, sir-" "Ahem," Trent grunted. "Mr. Retwin." "Guess again." "Boss." "That's bet... no, wait. One more." "My master?" "Yeah, that one. What do you want?" "Can we break for lunch, my master?" "Yeah, knock yourselves out." The Aqua grunts ran out of the office, followed by Mushiburo, who walked calmly. "I'll have a mission for us by the end of the day, Mushi. Be ready." "Right. I will be." Having spent the day on such productivity, Trent's Aqua subordinates weren't really sure what to think of him. Several Aqua grunts sat in the cafeteria, eating mashed potatoes because it was all they had left after Ashura and many of Trent's other Pokémon had gone through the kitchen. Mushiburo sat with them, drinking only green tea. "Is that all you ever drink?" an Aqua grunt wearing glasses named Lee asked her before scooping another helping of fluffy yet chunky mashed potatoes. "I'm starting to think Archie put this guy in charge to test us." The other Aqua grunts looked up, suspiciously. "We have Archie's word," Mushiburo reminded him. "He's a great fighter and he did lead us to a successful Magma capture..." "...Which he later botched," Lee reminded her. "Beyond Archie's word and his own bragging, we don't know if he's really up to the job. He's wasting our time, just making us sit around here. One of the guys in the lower decks told me he's had you bring him a Pikachu every day just so he could find a new way to torture it." "What?" Mushiburo looked at Lee incredulously. "No... well, he requested it, but I told him we couldn't really do that. He said he'd cut off my ears if I didn't, but his Sandslash talked some sense into him, then apologized and said Retwin wasn't himself. I don't see how you could doubt him. He's stronger than all of us, he's a successful mercenary, and he's engaged Dreadite in direct combat and lived." "Either way, there's something not right about him. You seen those eyes? That's not kosher. Every time he looks at me, I get this chill, you know?" "I don't know... I think they make him look mysterious..." Mushiburo looked away, as if temporary transported to her own little world. "Figures." Lee gulped a mouthful of potatoes. "But seriously, Archie has to be testing us. I know Archie, and there's no way he'd put a stooge like Retwin in charge unless he was just trying to weed out the disloyal. There's been no mutiny yet, so I think we're fine for now." "There he is." Mushiburo nodded towards the cafeteria door, where Trent had just entered. His sunglasses were off, exposing his dark eyes. Lee looked away, but Mushiburo paid full attention. He motioned for everyone to look up at him. "Your attention please," he addressed them, "I want twenty of you to get ready for a mission in two hours... two hundred hours? I don't get military time. Two hours from now, anyway. I'll need strong trainers, so anyone with a high level Walrein or Feraligatr or something, be in the briefing room in an hour." Trent promptly left, and the grunts all turned back to their food. "Hopefully he's onto something good," Lee said. "I've got a few details to oversee here with Archie's trip and all that, so I need to stay behind. How about you?" "Since I'm his advisor, I don't think I have a choice on this mission," Mushiburo said to him. The edge of her lips were curled in a subtle smile. "Right, right. Tell me how it goes, okay?" ***** The leader of Team Magma, Maxie, sat on a small ledge watching a sandstorm whip in the valley below, waiting for a momentary lapse in the brutal torrent. Garret sat next to him, intently focused on a small radio-like machine. Garret intoned after what seemed like eternity; “That's the spot. Either the tracer fell off there, or it's actually there for us." "Oh, it's there all right. Nothing else would explain this freak storm," replied Maxie. He stood up, pulling a breathing apparatus and mask over his head. Garret did the same, and then gestured to a large floating machine behind him. It seemed to generate a strange dark electric current that shot between two orbs that sat on its sides. "This thing will definitely hold it once we've managed to lure it here. You have no idea how many strings I had to pull to get the higher-ups to admit this exists, let alone send it to me?" "Wonderful. Let's hope the legendary ingenuity of Team Rocket pulls through." With that, Maxie leapt off the ledge and spread his arms, the distinct noise of a Pokeball opening as he soared towards the sandstorm. Garret gestured to the rest of the team, and watched as the Magma team all followed their leader. "Bunch of idiots," Garret muttered under his breath, "That mission is a deathtrap waiting to happen." Garret checked the machine settings one last time, then began to wait. He pulled a Pokeball off of his belt and began to flip it between his fingers, watching as the pokemon within moved its eyes to follow his. "Just wait for now... it's a matter of time." ***** Things were unusually quiet at the Team Magma base, built right into a cave somewhere in the northern region of Hoenn. Various members of the organization walked around the rocky halls, accompanied by fire Pokémon of various species; Houndoom, Ninetales, Blaziken, Camerupt, Torkoal, all were common sights. The halls themselves had various pipes running along the walls and ceiling. A Magma Admin named Ignacio, broad-shouldered and black-haired, stood at a video console against the wall of a cavern as others moved about behind him. The Magma leader Maxie appeared on screen, looking down at Ignacio with a cocked eyebrow. "This had better be important," Maxie complained. "I'm in the middle of something." "Preparations are almost complete," Ignacio told his boss. "Just one more day and we'll have drilled right into the mountain." "Oh, oh, right, you're the drill crew," Maxie said, as if Ignacio and his team were unimportant, "Well, alright. Keep moving ahead, don't call us, we'll call you, okay? Buh-bye." "Ingrate," Ignacio muttered as Maxie disappeared, then turned to a lesser grunt. "Your shift's up, switch with Team A. I'm taking a break." Ignacio wiped the sweat from his forehead as he walked down the heated cavern, wondering why he had agreed to such a project. He wasn't even sure what the drilling was meant to do, except that it somehow furthered Team Magma's cause, but if Maxie wasn't too terribly interested, it meant Ignacio's mission wasn't particularly important, or Maxie had found a new project that held his interest. Whatever the case, Ignacio was feeling stressed. And he hated his name. "Hmm. Never seen this before." Ignacio had taken a different turn and wound up taking a smaller tunnel into a giant chamber housing an underground lake. The water was crystal clear, clean, cool... inviting. Ignacio looked around cautiously, and after a moment knelt down at the water's edge, scooped up a little in his hand, and had a quick drink. "HEY, GUESS WHAT?!" Someone yelled unexpectedly and Ignacio was pulled into the water. He struggled against his captor, seeing through the clear water that he had been pulled in by a Tentacruel... a Tentacruel? That couldn't be, they were ocean dwelling, why would a Tentacruel be hiding in an underground la... of course. Moments after it became clear to him, several Walrein swam past him. Ignacio kicked the Tentacruel in one of its red soft spots and it let go, allowing him to climb back to shore, where several people in blue were releasing all kinds of water Pokémon. Standing among them as a man wearing black and gray, looking out of place among his team, and next to him was a Sandslash. "Team Aqua!" Ignacio yelled. "I'm sure they heard him," one of the Aquas panicked. "Doesn't matter, we're not doing stealth anymore," Trent told him. "Just go through and have some fun!" As ordered, the Aqua members left for the main caverns, taking their Pokémon with them. Only Trent and Ashura remain, blocking Ignacio's way out of the lake cave, and the Tentacruel floated in the water with Mushiburo sitting on its head. "You're Trent Retwin," Ignacio said. "I've heard of you. You're a wanted man... you're an Aqua man now?" "Until I find something else to do, yes. While my team is taking care of your friends, my advisor is going to ask you a few... questions." Back in the main caverns, the Magmas defended themselves against the unexpected assault. A Blaziken delivered a powerful flaming sky uppercut to a Blastoise, showering the cavern with rock fragments. On its trainer's command, the Blastoise stood up, extended its cannons, and grinned. "ZIKKEEEEEEEN!" A pair of gray shells rolled forward as the powerful water blast hurled the Blaziken past them. When they reached the Blastoise, the shells stopped and red blobs emerged from them- a team of Magcargo defenders, launching their flamethrowers at the Blastoise, who retreated into its shell. "We need to break through," an Aqua trainer said to his companions. As they backed away from the fiery blasts, a third and fourth Magcargo arrived to fortify the defense. Behind them, more Magma trainers gathered, prepared to take them down. Unfortunately for them, they didn't notice the hole appearing in the ground behind them. "SLASH!" Ashura rolled and tripped three of the Magma grunts and Trent slashed the fourth with a knife. A Magcargo stopped its flamethrower and turned back to see what was going on, and soon the others all directed their attention at this newcomer. With their backs turned to the Aquas, the Magcargo were weak- a volley of bubblebeam attacks from the Blastoise, Quagsire, and Slowbro behind them broke their defenses. Ashura nodded in approval as the Magcargo fainted and Trent motioned for his teammates to follow him. "Spread out. I'll get through this main hall, the rest of you pick off any stragglers, and let's try to find a GOOD prisoner this time." Trent and Ashura were about to run forward, but Mushiburo crawled through the hole, carrying a Pokéball in her hand. "What? You let him get away?" "His buddies came for him," Mushiburo explained, "I didn't stand a chance. Where is everyone going?" "I told them to fan out, I'm going through the main tunnel. You find some Magma ass to kick, I don't know." "Wait," Mushiburo stopped him. "That was an Admin. He might be our best opportunity for information. Good luck, Trent." "Yeah," Trent said to her. Mushiburo expected to hear 'thanks,' but she remembered that this was Trent. She ran towards one of the side tunnels after one of her teammates, taking a moment to look back at her leader before disappearing. Trent shoved the Pokéball into his coat pocket and drew both of his handguns, grinning at Ashura. "Time for some mayhem." Trent ran forward with his guns in front of him, firing at the Magmas gathering in the tunnel and forcing them to scatter. Ashura ran at his side, slashing at Numel and Slugma as he charged by, without slowing down any. Trent jumped on the back of a Torkoal and kicked off, flying over it and kicking down a Magma grunt as he was about to launch a Pokéball. The agent next to him dropped his Pokéball in surprise and couldn't react quickly enough when Trent smashed his gun against the side of his head. A third Magma grunt appeared and threw out her Pokéball, and as the white energy materialized, Trent rolled under its path and jumped back to his feet, firing bullets into the Magma grunt's chest and shoulder, and behind him, Ashura unleashed a small Earthquake as he ran, knocking down the Rapidash that had just materialized. "That wasn't very nice," one of the fallen Magma agents muttered. Trent and Ashura reached the end of the tunnel and entered a wide spherical chamber carved out by the Magma workers over a period of several months. At the center of the chamber was a large cylinder with several beams supporting it, and at the bottom a large drill stood over steaming hole with bits of molten rock littered around it. Magma technicians around the drill looked up at the intruder and activated an alarm, unaware that Team Aqua had already begun sweeping the base. "Sandslash, sandslash, SLASH!" Ashura yelled to Trent, pointing at the support beams. "Good idea. I'll get these geeks cleared out." Trent fired and struck a technician in the back. The others, not entirely sure what to do and probably expecting Magma grunts to arrive and save them, gathered around their fallen comrade, only dispersing again after Trent hit a second one in the stomach. Quickly, they ran out of the chamber, carrying the wounded technicians with them. Trent blew the smoke from the barrel of his gun and holstered it, then waved to Ashura, who had gone to the opposite side. Ashura jumped into the air and came down with great force that traveled through the ground and up the chamber walls, loosening the support beams to the large drill with one clean Earthquake. Trent ran to avoiding a steel beam as it crashed into the rock floor, and once they were all loose or fallen, the drill itself fell to the side, hitting the side of the wall with the top end and piercing the side of the hole on the floor with the drill, stopping at a sloped angle, barely supporting itself. Trent stood on top of one of the broken beams and looked over at Ashura. "Hey! Watch it, you almost smashed me you dumbass!" "Sandsandsandsand!," Ashura replied, laughing. Trent looked around, satisfied with Ashura's work, and started to turn back towards the door. Mushiburo and three others stood there with four or five shackled Magma grunts. "Ah, some prisoners," Trent noted. "Looks like you're not all useless. Take them back to the base, and this time, make sure they know who's in charge." "You're turning out to be a fitting substitute," Mushiburo said to him. "I'll be sure to tell Archie about your talents." "Yeah, I think I should charge a little extra," Trent said with a smirk. Mushiburo smiled back, then pushed the Magma grunts forward and down the tunnel. Trent stopped to take a look back at the drill, leaning against the wall. "Whatever they were up to, they'll tell us." "You think it's that easy?!" a voice shouted from the chamber. Trent walked back inside and looked up to see Ignacio, the project leader, standing at the top of the drill cylinder, having dropped from a hole in the ceiling. Had the support beams still been in place, he would have landed on one of those instead. He looked down at Trent with malice in his eyes and his teeth grinding together. "You haven't won yet. You've stopped our operation, but this was just the beginning. We got what we needed and the rest of our organization will finish our work for us. Now it's just me and you, Aqua scum." "YOU FUCKING TALK TOO MUCH!" Trent yelled back at him, firing his gun, but hitting only the steel drill as Ignacio slid down the slope, holding a Pokéball in each hand. He threw them both down before he landed on the rock floor and released his two warriors: Rock and Psychic Pokémon that Trent had never seen before, a sun-shaped Solrock and its counterpart, the moon-shaped Lunatone. "Wha?" "Are you going to fight or what?" Ignacio challenged him. "Okay, I'll play your little game. Mushiburo, get back to the base. Make sure nobody touches my desk, or I'll- Argh!" Trent gripped his head and cringed, shutting his eyes and shaking as he tried to regain control. "You fucking talk too much," Ignacio grinned. Solrock and Lunatone both stared right at Trent with glowing eyes, floating in the air and swirling around each other in a vertical circle. Trent only saw a pair of eyes in his mind, glowing and burning into him. Behind him, Ashura and Mushiburo watched with concern. Mushiburo started towards him, but Ashura stopped her, pointing to his forehead with his claw. A strange echo filled the cavern as Solrock and Lunatone's collective powers collapsed and their eyes stopped glowing. Their movement stopped and Ignacio looked at them with confusion. Trent opened his eyes and grinned, removing his sunglasses. "I'm not that weak," he told Ignacio. "It takes more than a few low level psychics to get through my head." "I should've known, Team Aqua's got two specialists. Cheap tactics, Aqua. They couldn't win with their own muscle so they hired outside help. First Dreadite and now Trent Retwin." "...Dreadite? Don't try your mind games with me, they never work!" Trent paused for a moment and looked around, slightly aware of what he had said. "I know Dreadite's under YOUR payroll!" "Whatever it is you came to do, you've already failed," Ignacio yelled back. Trent threw out a Pokéball of his own; Swampert stood opposite Solrock and Lunatone. "A ground type against two psychics, typical," Ignacio said. "Lunatone, Hypnosis! Solrock, Psywave!" Swampert resisted Lunatone's mind trick, but took the full force of Solrock's psychic attack. He shook his head for a moment before looking back up at them. "Nice. Swampert, Surf!" Swampert summoned a powerful wave that swept through the chamber, making short work of both floating rock Pokémon. Ignacio quickly withdrew them and with a panicked look in his face, retreated to the ceiling exit. The water would have flooded the chamber, but it had one exit- the hole in the ground. Thick steam and smoke flowed out as water flowed in; the drill, swept by the surf wave, had been dislodged, and the ground beneath it weakened. The rocky floor broke beneath it and the drill fell into the glowing red chamber below, along with the remaining water. Ignacio, hanging on to the ladder, watched nervously as more steam rose up, and the cavern walls began to tremble. The trembling stopped, and Ignacio exhaled. "Close one," Ignacio sighed. "You haven't seen the last of us, Aqua." "Who's to say?" Trent replied with a grin as he took a Pokéball-shaped grenade from his coat. Ignacio was sure that he couldn't aim properly at that range and started to climb up quickly until, out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Trent lowered his aim. Ignacio looked down and his eyes widened when he realized what Trent was aiming at. "Such fun!" Trent yelled as the grenade sailed in the air slowly, as things tended to do at times like these, and Ignacio's mouth flew wide open, but no sound came from his mouth. Trent had already run out of the chamber when the bomb flew into the steaming hole and into the fire below. The chamber was quiet for a moment but as Trent ran down the cavern, he heard the loud rumbling and saw that a bright red light was shining through the tunnel, and curious, he looked back for a moment to see the magma flow that was now chasing him. "Well, fuck." Trent reached the end of the cavern just in time and jumped out of the way of the lava flow and onto a rock. The lava poured down the side of the mountain where Team Magma had made its base and poured down into the ocean next to it. Trent scratched his head and yawned. "That... was amazing," Mushiburo said to him. She, along with Ashura and the remaining Aqua team, stood on a trail several feet behind Trent. Mushiburo's eyes seem to be glazed, she was so impressed by Trent's destruction of the Magma base. "I know, I'm good." Trent started walking towards them when he found himself on his back, and then something splatted on his head. He removed it and looked at it with the same anger and hatred he usually reserved for another yellow fiend. "Who dropped the banana peel here?" "Slash slash Slash!" Ashura called to him, laughing. "I'm going to have you neutered, Ashura. You hear me?! NEUTERED!" "What happened to the Magma Admin you were fighting?" Mushiburo asked. "I dunno. Didn't bother looking. Probably lost somewhere in that magma flow." "Slashsand," Ashura corrected him. "What?" "Slashsand. Slashsand sandslash slash, slash slash sand slash." "Excuse me, mister fucking science book, LAVA flow." "Well, we'd better get these captives back to base," Mushiburo told him. The other Aqua agents walked off, but Mushiburo remained with Trent. "Mr. Retwin... Trent... I..." "Yeah?" Trent asked. "You were really impressive..." "Yeah, I said I know. You think I don't know?" "No, I'm sure you do... but... I mean..." Mushiburo was growing nervous. "Do you, maybe, want to... get something to eat?" "I don't eat." "Well, we don't have to eat, we could do other things..." Mushiburo started twirling her hair with her finger idly. "I can't imagine what sort of other things you'd want to waste my time with, so I'll get back to you. " "Well... we'll talk when we get back to the base, okay?" Mushiburo said. Mushiburo and the others walked forward, pushing along the captive Magma grunts, but Trent and Ashura stayed behind. Trent watched Mushiburo as she walked away. "She's hot," he noted. "I think maybe I should have a private meeting with her..." "...Sandslash?" Ashura asked, noting Trent's previously oblivious nature. "What? No, you don't know how to read these things like I do. She's probably creeped out by the eyes, but c'mon, I don't look that bad. With a little talking, she'd be like putty in my arms." "...Sandslash. SANDSLASH SANDSLASH SANDSLASH!" "No, she told me she was hungry. What the fuck are you talking about?" Ashura groaned and hit his head against a rock. "Yeah, that's why I'm the boss." Trent looked down at the lava flow, which had slowed considerably. "You know, something's not right here," Trent said to his Sandslash in a low voice. "The Magma dork in there thought I was working with Dreadite." "Sandslash slash?" "Yeah, that's what I thought. If Team Aqua thinks Team Magma has Dreadite on their side, and Team Magma thinks Team Aqua has Dreadite on their side... what the hell is going on here?" "Slash... sandslash slash Sandslash slash slash. Slaaaash." "Good point. The lines are starting to get blurry... and just what WAS Archie doing with that Regice thing? This doesn't add up. When we get back to the base, we're getting to the bottom of this. If Archie's playing me for a chump and Dreadite's working for him, things are going to get a lot bloodier." Ashura sighed. They started walking towards the group when Trent suddenly kicked Ashura in the side and knocked him to the ground. "Slaaaash?!" Ashura yelled angrily. "You don't even like bananas, you little asshole." ***** "Team one, what do you see?" "Nothing team two, just sand. We're a bit off course I think, my Pokenav reads twenty two, thirteen, and twelve. Can you get a reading on that?" "Positive. We're two, two, and three from you. I can see the shrine from here, it looks open. Proceed as best you can." Maxie switched off the headset he had been talking into, and held a hand to his face. His Camerupt gave a noise of approval, slowly plowing its way through the sandstorm towards the looming shrine doors. After about five minutes, the rest of Maxie's team had appeared at the doors as well, and the Magma leader took the first step inside. "Stay alert, it's probably active." The Magma team's pokemon pushed the shrine doors open, and a rush of cold, damp air blew by the stunned men. A large, immobile form stood right behind the doors, commanding their attention. Maxie leapt back in shock. "It's waiting for us!" One of the magmas took off to run, and gleaming gold eyes shone on the front of the gleaming stone figure. Maxie ducked for cover as balls of flame scorched the air around, the laser weapons of Regirock coming online. The fleeing Grunt was incinerated without even a shout of pain. "Earthquake attack! Collapse the shrine around it!" Maxie started to soar into the air as his Crobat burst from its ball on command, carrying him above the fray as the Grunts started to battle. "Garret, it's coming!" (At last!) Garret thought, pressing some buttons on the machine. It started to create a whirring buzz, and a field of dark purple energy surged from it. After a brief moment two more of the Magma team members leapt over the ledge, closely followed by a flurry of rocks flying into the sky. The ledge started to tremble, as if it were a tree slowly being cut down with an axe. Garret leapt to grab hold of the floating machine as the floor collapsed, Maxie floating above it on the wings of his bat pokemon. "Mr Mime, light screen! Medicham, reflect!" Garret's pokemon came out on command, setting up a shield around him as rocks tumbled, scattering sand and dust everywhere. Garret and his Pokemon took off running as energy blasts chased them, the hidden shadowy form of Regirock emerging from the rubble like a powerful wave of destruction. Then the earth started to quiver as the Magma grunts sent out a pair of Rhydons. The two Rock pokemon crashed together, creating massive fissures in the earth with their combination attack. "Is that it?" One of the grunts peered over the fissure, and then was blown backwards as the ground exploded around him. Regirock shot from the earth like a bullet, using a Hyper Beam to send itself skyward as it simultaniously battered the Rhydons below into unconsciousness. As the massive rock-weapon shot towards the earth, Garret stopped running, looking up with a determined expression that betrayed a certain amount of smugness. "Focus Punch, now! Barrier!" His Pokemon reacted instantly, with the speed of practiced teamwork. As Regirock smashed down into Garret's barriers, Medicham took aim and punched into it, sending shards of rocks flying. Regirock crashed into the rubble of the plateau again, and then the energy beam counterattack came. Beam after beam battered the shield around Garret and his pokemon causing it to waver and bend like a soap bubble, and making him feel decidedly unsafe. "MAXIE!" Garret screamed into his headset, "NOW!" A swift moving purple blur shot by, and in one moment the energy beams simply stopped firing. Garret looked up through the dust to see Regirock floating above the ground in a wavering field of energy, silhouetting the triumphant form of Maxie holding his arm aloft. Moments later the sandstorm itself died down, and Garret got to his feet. "How the..." "While you were distracting it, I used Crobat's agility attacks to place the capture machine under Regirock." Maxie looked smug. "It seems to be holding for now, but I'd appreciate it if you used your defensive pokemon to hold it more securely while we transport this thing." "Whatever you say," Garret replied. "I appreciate the save, but I think we'd best get a move on. There's no assurance how long this will last, considering the only field test was a bit of a failure." "You don't mean... this hasn't been TESTED yet!?" (to be continued) Jose L. 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