From: "Jose L. Solano" <jsolano199@aol.comlink> Subject: [PW!] OAV Episode 2 (part two) Date: Thursday, October 28, 2004 10:29 PM (ouch, wacky formatting errors. Here's a clean version) Pokewars! OAV: Chapter 2 (part 2) By Jose and Dreadite Aerodactyl flew at top speed over the ocean below him, swooping in to catch a Tentacool swimming at the surface. Aerodactyl returned to his perch at the top of the Team Aqua oil rig, resting on a broken satellite transmitter and feasting. "That the new boss's dinosaur?" a grunt asked another. "Yeah. He's been letting it swoop around and do whatever it wants. It almost killed Johnny's Sharpedo!" "That's not right, he shouldn't let such a menace fly around as it pleases. Where the hell is the new boss, anyway?" The grunts around the base all continued to ask each other, but as it turned out, nobody had any idea where Trent Retwin was. At last someone found Ashura standing at a vending maching, trying to decide what to get. "Hey there..." Lee, the Aqua grunt with glasses, couldn't remember Ashura's name, "...Dude. Have you seen the boss anywhere?" "Slash? Sandslash." Ashura shrugged. "Sandslash slash slash." Ashura broke the vending machine's glass and started scooping candy and chips out with his claws. "Sandslash slash slash... sandslash?" "Er, no thank you," Lee replied, unable to understand what Ashura was saying but deciphering his body language and tone well enough to know that he had just offered him some candy. "His Aerodactyl's been freaking everyone out and we thought he should know. Well, whenever you see him, tell him his Graveler's been picking fights, too... actually, can I have a Twix?" Ashura nodded and kicked a Twix along the floor. Taking it, Lee waved a quick thanks to him and left. Eating his candy bar, Lee grew concerned. Nobody had so much as heard from Trent, and for that matter, he hadn't seen Mushiburo either. Being trained in stealth, it was easy for Mushiburo to avoid being seen, but Lee couldn't think of any reason why she would hide from her teammates. Figuring that the two disappearances were connected, Lee headed towards the crew dorms and right for Mushiburo's quarters. Like all dorm rooms, Mushiburo's was small- there was a bed, and Mushiburo's dorm had a small bathroom with a shower installed, a luxury usually only given to the higher ranking Admins, where the grunts all had to share common restrooms. There were no decorations in her room, as Mushiburo spent little time there, often sleeping in small, out-of-the-way places around the base. She had told Lee that she felt better sleeping where nobody specifically knew to look for her, but she did return to her room every so often, usually sleeping in her bed after a hard mission. "Mushiburo, you in?" Lee asked as he kocked. "It's Lee. Hadn't seen you or the boss around all day, I was getting a little worried... Mushiburo, you in there? I'm coming in." Lee opened the steel door slowly and noted that there was no light inside. "Do you mind if I turn on the lights? Ahhh... where's the light switch?" As Lee grazed the wall, looking for a switch, he heard something- breathing, too heavy to be Mushiburo. "Who's in there?" "Your mom." Something hard knocked Lee to the ground. He looked up, dazed and slipping, and saw two red lights looking down on him. He didn't have the strength to stay conscious and the lights disappeared. Lee woke up in another room- the rig's central control room, a dark room lined with monitors and screens which provided the only light. He was tied to a chair and across the room, Mushiburo's hands were tied to an electrical post running up the wall. Trent stood in front of the monitors, and Ashura guarded the door. "Wha... Retwin? Mushiburo? What's going on here?" "I've been looking through some files on these computers," Trent told him. "I had all night. I don't need to sleep, you know. I found some really interesting stuff here. Our lady friend here trained in the East before enlisting with Team Aqua. Her real name is classified and the codename Agent Mushiburo was given to her by Archie himself. She specializes in recon and stealth, and she answers directly to Archie, but nobody answers to her. Digging a little more, I found out she was born in Fallarbor and her parents have ties to Team Aqua." "Well, okay-" "No, hold on, Lee, I'm not finished yet. Lee, last name classified," Trent read from a print-out, "Worked as a computer specialist for ComComCom before joining Team Aqua. No criminal record, but there's a few instances of account fraud and bank hacking, but there was never enough evidence against you." "Slash," Ashura muttered. "Right, Team Aqua's records show me that my old... 'friends' are pretty busy. It seems that stupid Vine Kid's had a run-in with Admin Leif and his goons. Doppler's apparently met you guys a few times, but you Aquas don't know enough to say for sure what he's doing. That tall girl he was with... that's an interesting case, you guys killed one of her parents? I thought Team Rocket had cornered that business!" "Sandslash slash." "Oh, right. Carol's fought against you a few times, but then she ran away and nobody knows where she is. Except me, of course. Anyway, your files are pretty extensive, but there's something I still don't know." Trent held a knife in his hand and pressed it against Lee's throat. "Where is Archie going with Regice?" "I..." Lee glanced over to Mushiburo, who subtly shook her head. "I don't know. The boss doesn't tell me anything. I'm not an Admin, you know." "No, but you know a lot of other things. Passwords." Trent pointed to a screen where he had tried to access a file on Regice, but it kept asking for a password. "What is it?" "I don't know. Only Archie knows the password." "But you can hack past it, can't you?" Lee was beginning to sweat. "Hmm. Hey, you won't mind if I shoot her, do you?" With his other hand, he aimed his gun at Mushiburo. "Is that password really worth her blood? It'd be a shame to kill a looker like her." "Okay," Lee said. "Don't shoot her. The password is 'Jughead.'" "Hold on a second. Ashura, keep your claws on poindexter for me, would you?" Ashura took Trent's place and kept his claws pressed firmly against Lee's chest. Trent sheathed his knife, but kept his gun in hand, walking over to Mushiburo. He leaned against the wall and pressed the barrel against her head. "Think you're so clever, huh?" "What?" "You know all about Archie's plan. You knew I'd try looking through the computer and you went back and changed the passwords, and then when Lee's password failed, I'd get unreasonably mad and shoot him, and then there wouldn't be anyone left who would know the passwords, Archie's secret would be reasonably safe as long as I didn't realize that you knew it all, and you'd get off without a scratch." "What makes you think Lee's password is a fake?" Mushiburo asked nervously. "BECAUSE JUGHEAD WAS THE FIRST WORD I TRIED! I'm impressed, really. Letting nerdo take the fall to keep the plan a secret, that's dedication. So what kind of plan is so important?" "I'm willing to give my own life to protect that. Shoot me now, because I'm not telling you." "Hey guys, don't mind me," a lower-ranking Aqua grunt said as he walked into the control room and opened a cabinet near the door. "...Sandslash slash?!" Ashura asked. "I didn't think anyone would actually come in!" Trent yelled back. "Oh hey, playing cops and robbers or something?" The grunt asked as he took a TM from the cabinet. "That's cool. Hey, Mushiburo, Archie called, he says he heard about the Magma operation. He's really impressed with you, Temporary Boss." "Is that all?" Trent asked. "Oh, no. Mushiburo, he says he's about halfway to the South Pole, Regice is behaving. Our man Archie is making progress! At this rate, he'll have that ice cap smashed by next Tuesday. Score one for Team Aqua! Anyway, that's all. Later guys." The Aqua grunt left the room in a stunned silence which was only broken when Mushiburo gulped loudly. "Smash the ice cap, eh?" Trent asked. "Where does Dreadite come into all this?" "Dreadite? He's working for Team Magma." Trent pressed the gun harder, causing her brief pain. "The Magmas we took from the drill base all thought he was working for us. Ashura and I interrogated them this morning. This doesn't match what that other one was told us before, and only one of them knew about Regirock, but not enough to be useful. What's going on here?" "There has to be some mistake, we heard reports, our spy network was sure that Dreadite was working for them... maybe they weren't being told? I mean, we don't tell everyone about Archie's plan... maybe they're doing the same with Dreadite." "You're lying." "No, I swear! I'm telling you the truth, Trent!" Mushiburo turned her head and Trent's gun was now placed on her forehead. Her breathing was rapid and Trent couldn't help but take interest in the frequent rising and falling of her chest. He looked back up at her violet eyes and saw only fear. "Trent, please, Dreadite isn't working for us! He might be with Team Magma, he might not, but I swear to you, he's not with us!" The gun clicked. Mushiburo's breath quickened. "You know, you're really cute when you're scared." Trent pulled his gun away. "If there's anything I know, it's fear. I can tell different kinds of fear apart, like a sixth sense. Your fear was desperate... you were telling the truth, but you were afraid I wouldn't believe you. Fair enough." Trent fired at Lee's shoulder and knocked him over. Ashura jumped away, startled. "What did you shoot him for?!" Mushiburo asked. "I came in here expecting to shoot someone and I don't like disappointment." Trent untied Mushiburo and Ashura cut the ropes that held Lee. "Go get him to the infirmary or something." Quickly, Mushiburo helped Lee to his feet and let him lean on her. As she walked out, she looked back at Trent. The fear in her eyes was diminished, but not gone. "Break the ice cap, that's a weird plan," Trent said to Ashura. They were now alone in the dark room, lit only by the screens surrounding them. "Wouldn't that flood the world, or something?" "Sandslash slash," Ashura shrugged. "No Dreadite yet, global flood... call me weird, but I don't think we're getting the whole story here. I don't think anyone on this base knows what's going on. Hell, maybe Archie and Maxie don't, either. Dreadite's up to something and it can't be any good. ***** Laura kicked the sand on the shrine doorjam out of frustration, a futile gesture against the world that continually robs her of her stories. The world was against her, she had already decided, and now this was the second time this story had gotten away. "It's already GONE! They're all gone! Can you believe it?" Her cameraman just sighed. It was going to be a long day. "They can't have been gone long, the dust has barely settled! Must have been a hell of a fight, though." "A hell of a fight that we don't haveeeeee!" Laura practically started to bawl, slamming her fists against the empty shrine floors. "Whywhywhywhywhy... we were so close..." Laura had so lost herself in her tantrum, that she barely noticed that her cameraman had disappeared. "Todd?" She stood up, still shaking visibly. "Where'd you go?" "Over here." "Oh!" Laura practically jumped out of her shoes as Todd walked up to her from the depths of the shrine. "Don't do that." "Sorry." Todd shook his head. "I think this was some kind of prison, looking at it. There's weird writings on the walls in some kind of code." "What kind of code?" "An odd variation on Braille, I think. My grandmother is blind, so I remember how it looks." "Can you read it? Perhaps it can tell us where to look for another shrine!" "Yeah... let me take down some rubbings." Todd wandered back into the cave, and came back a few minutes later with a binder full of paper. He handed it to Laura, who looked it over with intense curiosity, the frustration gone. "This is pure gold, I'm sure of it. I never knew you were so useful, Todd. You just carry the camera!" "Yeah, but I did minor in forensics... it's a hobby of mine. This pays the bills..." Todd looked startled as he realized he was talking to thin air. Laura was already practically sprinting out of the shrine on her Rapidash. "Come ON! Hurry!" "I am hurrying!" Todd yelled, sending out his Dodrio to try and keep up. "You have to warn me when you do that!" As they retreated from the shrines, a cloaked figure shot over the dunes on the back of a large, golden bird Pokemon, soaring into the clouds in the direction that Laura was already heading. ***** Archie stood on the deck of the large fishing ship, wearing a thick jacket. The icy wind swept over the ship and the sun was no longer visible behind the thick clouds. Chunks of ice peered over the edge of the water's surface and the ship's pace had slowed to a snail's crawl. "Maybe you'd better get inside," Admin Shelly said to him as she walked out, likewise dressed in a heavy jacket. "We're so close, Shelly. At last, we'll see our dreams fulfilled." "Sir, there's a problem with Regice. You'd better get inside." "What? Oh, not now!" Inside the cargo bay, several Aqua grunts fiddled with the controls of the giant glass box that held Regice prisoner. Cracks were appearing on the glass and air around the box was becoming increasingly cold. Matt sat at the top, trying to re-wire the control panel. "How did this happen?!" "This cold weather must be increasing its power," Shelly deduced, "At this rate, the closer we get to the south pole, the stronger it's going to become!" "We can't risk this, if it escapes right now, this whole trip will have been for nothing!" Archie looked up. "Matt, how is the control panel?" "It's not responding, nothing is working!" The glass shattered and thick, freezing mist flowed outward. Archie and Shelly ducked and covered themselves with their arms, but many of the grunts closer to the box were less fortunate, frozen in place by the powerful temperature control possessed by Regice. It began to float with a pale blue glow coming from its interior, its cut ice exterior spreading angled blue lights across the cargo hold. The yellow eyes glowed momentarily and a sheet of ice spread across the floor, crackling around Archie and Shelly's feet and keeping them in place. "Quick, the Starmie!" Archie commanded. Archie and Shelly released a pair of Starmie. Matt, only half frozen, released a third Starmie. The three starfish Pokémon floated around the room, surrounding Regice. Three ice beams flew out, but the Starmie were quick to dodge them. "Light screen!" Shelly yelled. Her Starmie produced a wall of light that reflected another ice beam. Matt's Starmie followed suit and created another light screen behind it. "Cosmic power!" Archie commanded. His Starmie's jewel glowed briefly and light swirled around it. "Now, Light screen! Form a three-walled cell around it!" The Starmie combined their light screen walls and successfully imprisoned Regice, whose ice beams were reflecting back at it. Thick, freezing mist began to surround it, and behind the light screens, only a thick cloud and a light blue glow could be seen. Archie struggled and finally broke his feet out of the ice, then helped Shelly out. "That light screen won't hold it for long. Get Matt free and then tend to the others." "Five of the others on the crew have Starmie as well," Shelly reported. "We can switch them out and take shifts, that should hold it long enough." "Good thinking, Shelly. Right now, we need to get our crew back. We can't waste time." Shelly nodded and helped Matt break the ice covering his legs. Archie watched the blue glow, which increased every few seconds and then died down again. As he scratched his beard in thought, his phone rang. He took it from his jacket and answered it. "What is it?" "We're having problems here," Mushiburo told him. "So are we." ***** "How are things going, Garret?" "Excellently, commander. We've detained the Regi as planned, and the Magmas are already motioning to use its powers to attack the Aqua commander's last known base." "Wonderful. Soon they won't even be a blip on the map." "Oh oh, Maxie's here. Talk to you later." Garret quickly flipped close his cellular phone and stuffed it into his pocket as Maxie knocked on his office door. "It's open, come on in." Maxie opened the door in a hurry, and tossed a photograph into Garret's lap. "Look at that! Aerial photographs showing that the Aquas are on the move. They're moving north, and I'm damn sure they have that giant ice-cube Regi with them. We've got to stop them before they do whatever it is they plan to do, because if memory serves me right, they only want to flood this planet to ruin all my plans!" (Self-centered sonofa...) Garret chuckled to himself for a moment, then stood up, pocketing a couple of computer disks off of his desk, as well as six pokeballs. "I don't think they're up to any good myself. Team Rocket is in this for the long haul, since you have my machine, so I'll come with you personally." "That's what I figured. Which is why we're already on the move. We need to learn how to give Regirock commands, so my programmers are working on rigging up some kind of shock-system to confuse its sensors and give us temporary control." "Sounds impressive. Are we going to get there by sea, or by air?" Maxie chuckled at that, and pointed towards the Xatu that now sat on Garret's desk. Garret looked started for a moment, then glanced back at Maxie, confused. "Whaaa?" "We're going to fly, when the time comes. Team Aqua only thinks they have the upper hand right now, but they've got another thing coming. We've been tracking their movements since day one, and we'll let them do things the hard way. We don't have to leave for another day at the earliest, and we'll still beat them to the third Regi. We'll just let them lead us to it." Garret gave a nonchalant shrug, but annoyance shone through in his eyes as he walked out of the room. "I'm going to go check on the Regirock." (What a pain. The Boss would never have been so complacent.) Garret thought to himself, as he strolled out. (To think he plans on letting the Aquas find it first... heh.) Garret smirked, and pressed a button on his phone. The phone flickered for a brief moment, and the voice on the other line came back on. "I don't appreciate being on hold for so long... don't make me demote you to grunt again." "Sorry, sir. I didn't want him overhearing. They don't plan on moving quick enough... think you could stir things up a bit? Perhaps get the Aquas moving ahead of schedule somehow?" "It's already being dealt with. Perhaps you should tell that Magma imbecile that the Aquas are already planning on acting without the third Regi? That should get him moving." "You sure about that, boss?" "Absolutely, yes. Inside sources tell me that the Aquas are planning to melt the polar ice caps." Garret did an about-face, and started to head back to his office. "Thanks, boss. I'll keep in touch." Garret only had to drop a single mention of melted ice caps to get Team Magma to jolt into action. Maxie waited less than ten minutes before launching everyone he could contact towards Team Aqua's expected destination, by as many means as he could muster to himself. Garret on the other hand found it all very amusing. ***** Laura sat at the Safari Zone café, overlooking the sweeping expanses and tropical-looking jungle just outside her window. Todd sat across from her, sipping away at his lemonade as he waited for his order to arrive. The two of them made an odd pair normally, but amongst the Safari visitors, they seemed almost too normal. Todd couldn’t help but find bits of irony in that as he slunk down in his chair to avoid the stares of the patrons. ”Why couldn’t we come in safari-looking clothing? We look so out of place, Laura.” “Because we’re waiting until nightfall to go looking for a shrine, we’re NOT here to visit the tourist spots! I told you it’s around here somewhere, don’t worry.” Todd shrugged his shoulders in defeat, and looked back at his drink, depressed. Laura gave an exasperated sigh and continued to watch the window for a few more moments. “Honestly Todd, we’re professionals. What happened, did you forget that or something? I need this scoop!” “Then you’re going to have to move faster,” a voice interjected from behind their booth, “Because you don’t have much time.” Laura leapt out of her seat at the booth, and peered over the top of the barrier. She looked down at a smaller male figure, cloaked in grey with part of his cloak covering his face, and spiky brown hair. The figure looked up at her with intent, uncompromisingly stern eyes. “Who are YOU? And what do you know about my case?” Laura’s voice wavered with hidden excitement. (A break at last!) “And to think I thought I was famous by now.” The figure threw off his cloak, and his green eyes shone with mock annoyance. “I’m the Viridian Gym leader. The former Pokemon League Champion. Gary Oak.” Laura’s jaw dropped. Todd snapped a photo for the paper. ***** (How my longer am I going to have to run...? Where did it go?) The sun's warm rays occasionally beat down on Garret's face, as he looked through the swaying branches of the forest. The noise of dripping water filled his ears, drowning out the noise of wind rushing through the rows of trees. (Where's that water coming from? It's making me sleepy.) Garret looked around, and then down. Words escaped him, and all he could utter was the sound of breath leaving his body quickly. (Oh my GOD!) Garret woke up screaming. Gone were the forests and the noises, gone was the last thing he saw. Sweat ran through his uniform, making him appear as if he'd just gone swimming because of the amount of water. "What the hell was THAT about?" Maxie inquired, staring incredulously along with the rest of the helicopter’s crew. Garret stared at Maxie for a long minute, his expression filtering through several stages of fear before returning to the normal expression of his face, which seemed serene by comparison. Then he began to explain. "I felt like I was running endlessly, through a maze of trees and underbrush, following the sound of a bird calling my name. Then the noise stopped, and I looked down to see myself bleeding profusely,” stammered Garret, the words rushing out of his mouth too quickly for him to handle. He paused to catch his breath, looking at his audience. Maxie kept looking at the Rocket expectantly, gesturing to the air with mild frustration. “And? Then what?” “I tried to stop the bleeding with my hands, but blood ran through my fingers like a fountain. So I tried to scream, but I couldn't! I could feel my own innards drain through my quickly chilling fingers, until the last vestiges of my life oozed away from me and into the bracken… then I woke up." "Well, you screamed all right," Maxie replied with a shudder, looking out the window for a distraction. "You dream of weird, weird stuff, Garret. Is that normal for you Rockets, or is there something else?" Garret tried to wipe his sweat-drenched face with his shaking palms. "I could swear it was like a memory I've had before..." Maxie just shook his head. "Well, I'm going to get some shut-eye. We've got a lot of time in this helicopter before we get there. Relax." Jose L. 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