From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On to the lab! Date: Saturday, February 21, 2004 6:03 PM >While John is discussing the status of his makeshift Pokeball with >Professor Birch, and the rest of the group is debating the best way to >get to Petalburg, and Jeff is struggling to confront his fears; Nori >is gazing out in the direction of Littleroot Pier. After a long >period of silence, she turns to her Blastoise and says, "We should've >stayed on the S.S. Tidal. I can't believe that we're wasting time >searching for the corpse of some miserable Trainer while the Pokemon >who stole my Dodrio and my Persian are sailing off into the >distance..." > >Big Time, the Larvitar who's resting in Nori's arms, knows that the >"miserable Trainer" who Nori's talking about is Smasher, and he >becomes even more depressed than usual when he hears Nori talking >about him as if he's dead. He tells her that he still thinks that >Smasher is alive, and that he wishes that she would be a little more >supportive of the rescue effort, "Larvi, larvitar." > >"If we tracked them down, they might've decided that they wanted to >come with us." Rubix responds to Nori's complaint, "I don't want to >have anything to do with Blizzard and her little 'posse'. I hope >Cerberus kills all three of them." > >"Quit being such a jerk!" Nori snaps, "That's a pretty lame excuse. >Next you're gonna tell me that you can't help me look for my lost >Pokemon because you want to go clothes shopping instead." > >Rubix groans, "Are you familiar with the phrase, 'flogging a dead >horse'?" > >For some reason, this comment makes Nori go all teary-eyed. She sighs >wistfully, "Aw...Cerberus used to *love* mangling Ponyta corpses." > >Big Time is beginning to wonder if Nori and Rubix are just going to >continue arguing, and ignore him completely, when out of the blue, >Nori addresses him: "Hey, Big Time." > >"Lar?" Big Time blinks in surprise, and twists around in her arms so >he can face her. > >"You know, I've been meaning to thank you for helping me out back on >the S.S. Tidal. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even know who stole >my Pokemon." > >Big Time shrugs, spiritlessly. "Lar..." > >"And if it wasn't for you, I never would've been able to talk my way >out of that situation with the midget and the transvestite." Nori >continues, "Since you helped me out, I'm going to help you out, too! >I may not think that Smasher is alive, and I think that he was wrong >for capturing you, but I know that he means a lot to you, so I'm going >to help you find him!" > >Big Time ventures a cautious smile. "Larvitar?" > >"Sure!" Nori reaffirms, "We're friends, and friends help each other >out!" Her voice suddenly loses its cheerful tone as she mutters, >"That's something a certain Blastoise could stand to learn..." > >Big Time's face falls when he realizes that Nori is just using him to >get back at Rubix. He heaves a heavy sigh, and says, "Larvitar..." > >Rubix concurs with Big Time's sentiment, "Sure, Nori. Put the >Larvitar in the middle. You're about as mature as Magneton Kutcher." > > >TBC? > > Alex couldn't help but hear Nori's commentary. "<Oh no,>" Surtur noted beside her. "<You aren't getting guilty over this, are you? Her problems aren't ours, and from what we have seen so far...>" Surtur's small rambling was interrupted as Alex walked off towards Nori. The Combusken put a claw to his forehead and sighed, thinking that his trainer was making a mistake. "Nori?" Alex asked in a low voice, hoping to gain the short girl's attention without attracting that of the others. Nori quickly noticed, "Oh, you. Something wrong?" "I couldn't help but hear about what happened to you on the Tidal," Alex explained. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry." Nori gave the taller girl a hard look, then said, "It's not your fault. Besides, you don't look like the type to steal Pokémon from someone." "Still, I feel like I could've helped you look for whoever took them," Alex replied. "But, if it helps, there's a small tunnel just west of Rustboro that cuts to Verdanturf Town. A few hours walk from there and you hit Mauville City, then it's a short time south to Slateport. If Rustboro turns out to be a red herring and if you really want to, you could break off from there and head to Slateport yourself to try and get your Pokémon back." Nori looked to Alex; the thought did seem inviting. Then she looked to Big Time and said, "As good as that sounds, I can't. I promised Big Time here that I'd reunite him with Smasher, and I don't want to break that promise." Big Time brightens up a little: Nori's words do sound genuine, after all. Alex, meanwhile, smiled and said, "I knew it." "Knew what?" Nori asked in reply. "That my instincts were right about you," Alex answered. "You didn't need to help Cass with Harakune, you could've taken Surtur and ShadowWarrior, and you could've abandoned the search. But you did help, didn't take, and haven't abandoned the search. To me, that says that you've got a good heart." Rubix looked at Alex for a hard moment, then said, "For a psychic, you aren't that sharp." "Seriously," Alex said. "You may not be too fond of her, but I at least think that she's a good person." "You don't know that much about her," Rubix noted. "I know that she's a member of Team 'R'," Alex replied, using an initial to keep anyone listening in from panicking. "And frankly, I don't care. I don't hold grudges against people simply because of what organization they belong to. 'Sides, Cass's dad was part of the same group until he quit. ShadowWarrior may have a grudge himself, but even he admits that no one in that organization is all bad." Turning to Nori, she replied, "And until you give me good reason to do otherwise, I'll be willing to help you out." Nori looked at her in disbelief, then shook her head with a half-smile. "Of all the strange people with psychic powers out there, I just had to end up with a goody two-shoes." "A naďve one, at that," Rubix muttered. "A bit naďve, maybe, but not stupid," Alex replied. "I'd rather have allies than enemies. Besides, I've got a justice-crazed Wartortle, and I'd rather he understood the concept of 'shades of gray'." Nori gave her an incredulous look and asked, "You really don't care, do you?" Alex simply replied, "Nope. Like I said, good heart. And anyone who's willing to stand up to that jerk Cassidy gets a gold star in my book." Nori half-smiled again, then replied, "I may just get to like you." "I certainly hope so," Alex answered. >[NS: Before getting too involved in the current plotline, I wanted to >quickly address some of my loose ends from the Tidal thread.] [NS: No problem here. And sorry if you had any plans for Nori to get Blizzard and Cerberus back; I figured you had good reason for them being with Sting and Avalanche, so I didn't write anything up. Here's hoping she does get them back, however.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points