From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On to the lab! Date: Sunday, February 22, 2004 1:06 AM > While John is discussing the status of his makeshift Pokeball with > Professor Birch, and the rest of the group is debating the best way to > get to Petalburg, and Jeff is struggling to confront his fears; Nori > is gazing out in the direction of Littleroot Pier. After a long > period of silence, she turns to her Blastoise and says, "We should've > stayed on the S.S. Tidal. I can't believe that we're wasting time > searching for the corpse of some miserable Trainer while the Pokemon > who stole my Dodrio and my Persian are sailing off into the > distance..." > > Big Time, the Larvitar who's resting in Nori's arms, knows that the > "miserable Trainer" who Nori's talking about is Smasher, and he > becomes even more depressed than usual when he hears Nori talking > about him as if he's dead. He tells her that he still thinks that > Smasher is alive, and that he wishes that she would be a little more > supportive of the rescue effort, "Larvi, larvitar." Meanwhile ... Deciding just to brave it, Jeff walked into Birch's laboratory. Fortunately for the lad, Birch was reading an E-mail on his computer. Where it spam or an urgent note from Hoenn's best psychics or even just a dumb chain letter form an acquaintance, Jeff will never know as the Professor noticed and greeted him before he had a chance to peek. Off to the side, John and Liam were trying to unravel the mysteries of the makeshift pokeball. The assistant was intreged by the device. Over to the side, the Birch was giving the semi-standard spiel that all Professors tend to do about pokemon. Jeff just politely listened, despite knowing a bit about what he said from living in a Day Care his whole life. When it came time to actually choose his starte, Jeff looked confused. To him none of them were screaming "Pick me!". What he did know was that he already had a Water-type, even if he never battled with her. Looking to a different set of pictures, the young kid saw something that screamed cool -- a picture of a Grovyle as it was performing its trademark move, Leaf Blade. Professor Birch noticed the glazed expression of awe on the boy's face and went to get the appropriate pokeball. Usually they would be awed at the final evolutions or sometimes they would think the first forms were just the cutest. By the time he returned with a pokeball containing a Treecko, Jeff had snapped out of it. "Hey Prof..." Jeff started to say until he turned around and noticed that the professor had already gotten what he was about to ask for. "I noticed that you had a glazed look. Many aspiring trainers have that look when they see one of the pictuers and usually want that starter. I believe that a Treecko is what you want right?" Stunned a bit by the older man's intuition, Jeff just dumbly nods. Birch hands the boy the pokeball, and smiles. Sometimes it was fun to do that to kids. So while the Professor went back to get Jeff's Pokenav and Pokedex as well as do whatever other registration is needed for entering Hoenn's Pokemon League, Jeff took the chance to get to know his new friend. So he let him out of the pokeball. A Treecko appeared on the floor of the lab. The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds. Jef deflated a bit -- it wasn't that this Treecko looked angry or hostile, it just looked rather laid back. "Hi, you got a name?" The wood gecko thought about it, then shook his head. "You mind if I call you Bob?" Jeff asked. The Treecko just stared at his trainer, thinking he was a bit nuts. When Jeff explained that his evolved form reminded him of his brother, the grass-type definitely thought he was nuts. But he had to admit that there were worse things to be named -- Kindling and Geico came to mind. So ... "ko," Treecko said, shaking his head. Any comment by Jeff was cut short by Professor Birch returning with Jeff's new Pokenav and Pokedex. With a few more encouraging words, Jeff was on his way, Treecko trailing behind at a leisurly pace. Once outside, he was joined by a female Marill. "Dad! I got a Treecko!" Jeff said, still on a high. "That's nice son." Mike said, still ruffling his hair. "Now that you're done, here's your backpack and a couple of pokeballs," Mike said, handing his youngest son the traditional bottomless backpack and two pokeballs. "I'll tell you the same thing I told your brother. This is your own journey and you will grow up out there. What you experience out there will help you become a better breeder should you choose to be. It'll also give you a good idea of how to treat pokemon of all types and tempers. Go out there and make me proud." Father said to Son as he ruffled his hair for perhaps the last time. "I'm going to go see the Professor and discuss the Hoenn pokemon. You're free to go where you want to go." And so the touching goodbyes were said as Mike and Pocus walked into the lab, leaving Jeff, a Marill named Mary and a Treecko named Bob. The whole world was out there for him to explore. "Now where is that brother of mine?" Jeff wondered out loud, not fully noticing anyone else around. "I wanna see if he learned something new!" TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: What's one more in a pack? [NS: WG Coming soon!]