From: "Saint Paul" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On to the lab! Date: Thursday, February 19, 2004 1:06 PM "Clayton" <> wrote in message news:<a_UYb.10959$>... <snip> > > "We can hope," Alex countered. "Derek, he's all yours." > > > > "Thanks," Derek Fisher replied before walking into the lab, Chan the > > Medicham following behind. > > John, for a lack of rally knowing everybody else followed. > > When the three entered the lab, the first thing that the three fighter noticed > was the professor sitting at a computer checking on an e-mail from somebody > regarding the recent Magma activity by Mauville City. It looked official and > urgent, but some of the details of it seemed a little farfetched. > > That thought reminded him that he needed to go buy a couple of leeks after > he was done at the lab for suller that night. > > Since he was focussed on the computer and logging some finding, he disn't > notice that new people had entered the lab until Derek called out to the > resident pokemon expert. > > "Welcome to the Lab, anything I can help you with?" Birch asked, not > recognizing Derek, and not knowing John > > "Uh, yeah." Derek said scratching the back of his head nervously. No matter > how this was phrased, it would seem embarrassing. "I've got a problem with > one of my fighters." Derek admitted. > > "Well if he's sick, that would be Nurse Joy's department." Birch said. > > "Well Torch is perfectly healthy, I think." Derek said, releasing the still-drunk > Blaziken. The Fire/Fighter stared at Professor Birch, squinted a bit to get him > in focus, hiccupped and took a swig from his flask. > > The professor was studying the behaviour of the drunken pokemon. "I don't > know what you want me to do about it. Behavioral Science isn't my specialty." > Birch admitted. > > Derek sighed. "S'all right. He's rather adept at fighting drunk, though he still > loses it on occassion." > > "I noticed. I did manage to catch the first couple of battles of the Conference. > If you want, you can leave him here for a while and I can call you when I get > some information. I thought fire-types couldn't get this drunk due to the > metabolism required to keep their inner fires burning, but the world is full of > surprises." > > "Thanks Professor." Derek said handing him Torch's pokeball. "I don't > mind overly that he drinks, but I fear that it'll hurt him later" John took a look around the lab while Derek was talking with the Professor. He noticed a lot of books and material on pokeball construction and maintenance, so he figured he'd probably come to the right place for his particular problem. He pulled one of the volumes off the bookshelf and began to page through it. Inside it showed diagrams of a pokeball's interior, as well as schematics and a special-features list for the different variations of pokeballs that were designed by the three major corporations Devon, Silph Co. and ComComCom. "Interested in pokeball manufacturing?" A voice said behind him. John looked up from the book to see a young man, maybe mid-twenties, shorter than John and wearing a white lab coat. "Oh uh, no. Well, kinda. I mean I was just hoping to see if maybe I could figure out what was wrong with this pokeball." He took the blue and white pokeball he had taken to calling the M-Ball out of his pocket. "I found it while I was on the Tidal. And it, kinda broke the machine at the pokemon center on board. So, I want to get it fixed so I don't end up messing up every pokemon center in Hoenn." The young man nodded. "That makes sense." He held out his hand and John shook it. "My name's Liam. I'm one of Professor Birch's lab assistants, Maybe I can help." He took the ball from Jhn's hand and brought it over to one of the lab's tables. "The first thing we have to do, whenever you try and perform pokeball repairs, is break the connection it has to the pokemon." Liam went to press the realease on the pokeball. "I don't know if-" But it was too late, in a flash of blue energy Tidal, John's Poliwhirl, appeared and immediatly lept onto his trainer and began double-slapping him. Fortunatly years of training in martial arts gave John fairly good reflexes so it was only a moment before he had Tidal pinned to the ground with both arms behind his back. There was a snapping sound and Next thing John knew he was on the ground because Tidal had dissapeared right out from under him, he got off the ground just in time to see Liam open the M-Ball and pull out what looked like a smaller white pokeball. "I tried to tell you," John muttered as he dusted himself off. "Tidal tends to get a little ornery. What is that thing anyway." Liam held up the smaller pokeball. "It's called a temp ball, I put your pokemon in here so we can work on this pokeball without worrying about harming the pokemon. We're still not sure what the connection is between a pokemon and the pokeball, but there have been cases of pokemon dying when the pokeball is destroyed. So we don't like to take chances." He reached into the drawer took out a set of tools. "Now, let's see what we got here." TBC