From: "Clayton" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] On to the lab! Date: Friday, February 20, 2004 11:31 PM "William Rendfeld" <> wrote in message > >> The sudden silence was not Alex's main clue that something was wrong. > >> Neither was Aerie's dropping to her knees, hugging herself protectively, > >> and shivering. Not even Aerie's whispered "...Bob..." was it. Alex > >> felt the call too, as did about half the group. > >> > >> Nori's eyes slowly refocussed. "What was THAT?" > >> > >> "Something terribly wrong." Aerie slowly got back to her feet with > >> Kitsu's help. "To the's happening again." > >> > >> Nori steadied herself, not sure how to pick up the signal but sure she > >> would sense it if it hit her like that again. "I don't feel it this > >> time." > >> > >> "The last time it happened was many years ago, on Cinnabar." > >> > >> "Maybe that's Smasher," Keaton suggested. "You said Rustboro, right? > >> That's to the north." > >> > > "I don't know," Alex replied. > > >"So you're back from your investigation now?" Cass noted. "How did that > >pan out?" > > > >"It went fine," Keaton replied. "They were surprisingly friendly, until > >they brought up..." > > > >"...Politics," Kitsu finished, not wanting to give up too many details. > > > >------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > >"So...?" > > > >"They are being used as slaves for the entertainment of their human > >oppressors! Are you not to be seeing how vrong that is!?" > > > >"There are slaves on Aenaria, and there are slaves here. It's not like > >there's much difference." > > > >"That is not being the point! How vould you be liking it if someone > >made slave of you, yah?" > > > >"No one *wants* to be a slave, but that's how the world is." > > > >"But that can all be changed! The era of slavery can be ended!" > > > >"Look, I'm all for freedom and all, but what about a person's right to > >property?" > > > >"PROPERTY!?" > > > >------------------------------------------------------------------------ > > > >Not having mentioned any of the above conversation, Kitsu continued, > >"The discussion got pretty heated. You know what they say; Never > >discuss politics or religion with friends, especially around alcohol. > >Frankly, I don't even know how the whole conversation started." > > > >"Yeah, but you better bet they'll know damn well how it ended," Keaton > >added. > > > >------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > >In a back alley in Littleroot, a Seviper-naga slid off a wall. She > >landed with a thud on the back of a severely singed antromorphic Walrein > >in a pile of garbage. > > > >------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > > >"It did end rather messily," Kitsu admitted. "Suffice it to say, I > >don't think we'll be returning to Littleroot Town anytime soon." > > > > "Well, as long as it's nothing to worry about," Alex replied. "Still, that > scream seemed closer than Rustboro." > > "Petalburg Woods then," Cass replied. "But how do we get there? Walking > would take two days, at least, and I don't think flying's an option." > > "And I haven't been there, so we can't teleport either," Aerie added. > > "That leaves walking," Alex replied. > > "But-!" Cass exclaimed before she cut herself off. "Of course. The short > cut." > > "Short cut?" Keaton asked. > > "There's a small road that's not on many maps," Alex replied. "Cuts right > towards Petalburg Woods from here in Littleroot. The hoards of Taillow are the > only reason why most people don't use it." > > "A few Repels should keep them away from us," Cass noted. > > "So, do we tell Derek?" Ben asked. > > "Doing so now," Alex replied seconds before sending out a message. #Derek, > its Alex. I don't know whether you and your new friend picked up that psychic > scream or not, but we've got a situation brewing in the Petalburg Woods. It > sounds like a friend of Aerie's is in danger, and it's suspiciously close to > where we think Smasher landed. If you and John want to come along, you'd best > finish up in there ASAP.# A few seconds later, Derek popped out. "So that's what it was." He observed. "You felt it too, huh?" Alex asked "Not exactly. I felt a spike of energy from that direction." Derek says, pointing towards the Petalburg Woods. "It had to be strong to feel it from here and know what direction it's in. I'm not that good at sensing things by non-visual means. By the way, John should be done in there shortly -- something about a pokeball breaking healing machines I think. So the group waited a bit for John to come out. While they waited, another little party of people had made their way towards the lab. Two more humans and two more pokemon congregated towards the lab. Unlike the organized mob that was already there, this little party had happier things to discuss-- Like the start of a new rookie trainer's journey. "You sure about this dad?" the boy asked. "I'm sure Jeff. Besides, your brother is out ther somewhere. He'll help you out. And I'm sure you'll make friends along your way. Now go on and see the Professor. But don't interrupt him if he's busy with someone." Mike said to his son, ruffling his hair just to annoy the younger boy. "Daaad," Jeff whined a bit before making his way to the Lab's front door hesitantly. The adventure thrilled the boy, as did the pokemon inside. It was the idea of being separated from his parents so far from home that was scary to him. ------- Clayton Random Tagline: Sanity Not Included. Do Not Buy