From: "Clayton" <> Subject: [PW!] Pains Where You Never Had Aches Date: Friday, March 19, 2004 3:34 PM > "Excuse me," an unfamiliar voice asked the two. > > Bob and Jeff quickly turned to find Sven and Peabody looking back at them, > the two semi-disguised Aquas now in full view. > > "Bob Raiser, is it?" Peabody asked. > > "Yes?" Bob asked, a little curious about how someone would know his name. > > "My name is Peabody," the Aqua replied. "My partner here is Sven. We > represent an organization which would be most pleased to have your services." > > "My services?" Bob asked. > > "I assure you right now, you will be well compensated," Peabody replied > truthfully. "Our organization has a very impressive health and dental plan, and > offers numerous benefits for its members." > > "Oh, stop with the negotiating already," Sven impatiently said. "We're > supposed to capture the guy, not reason with him." > > "Sven, we went over this," Peabody replied, turning to his partner. "Having > someone willingly aid you is much more valuable than forcing them to aid you. > Not to mention better for your karma." > > "There you go again with the karma!" Sven shot. "I say we hit him with an > Ice Beam, or knock him out with Psychic!" > > "You know as well as I do that Jaws is scared of his own shadow and > Solitaire is...well, odd," Peabody replied. "Just be patient and let me do my > work." He turned back to where Bob and Jeff had been, only to realize that they > were no longer there. "Aw nuts." Meanwhile, walking swiftly away from the Aquas were Jeff and Bob. "What'd they want?" Jeff asked. "Well runt," Bob started. Jeff glared. "They want me to do their dirty work. You know that grass attacks are great against water-types right?" Jeff's look said "DUH!" "Well picture a human ... capable of grass attacks ... with no second thoughts about killing enemies ... in a base full of enemies bearing water-types." Bob said taking a break between each part for added effect. Jeff's stunned look was a clear indication that at least he got some of it. "But you're a nice person" "Did I look nice when I was ordered to kill you?" Bob asked seriously. "Um ... no looked ... scary" "Exactly. I'm guessing those guys," Bob motionned to the Aqua left behind, "want to turn the pyro's *air quote* creation *air quote* against them. Probably through the use of Earthquake and a rock attack ... and I'm NOT in the mood to learn any more new attacks." Jeff switched to happy/hyper "New stuff? COOL!" "Not really little bro. It's like a pain where I never had an ache. But if I don't deal with it, it will try to take over again. And I fear that you'll be the first target." "Why?" "Tell you later, all right?" "O ... K," Jeff said, downcast and not very conviced. "Besides, we need to celebrate! You won and you did it with style. Now I wonder where the others ran off to?" Bob asked himself softly "Over there," An inconspicuous woman said, pointing in the direction where Alex and Ben went. "Thanks," Bob said, taking Jeff with them. He got about a dozen steps before something clicked. "How'd she know? Oh no, not her again." Bob said, shaking his head, and looking like a condemned man "Who?" "Like I said earlier Jeff -- Pains where you never had aches." Bob said, mentally cursing while thinking about interesting applications for a Fury Cutter Said inconspicuous woman turned out to be a familiar gym leader with a rather feral grin. _This will definitely be interesting._ She then tuned into Bob's thoughts. _Such language and violent thoughts for a breeder_ TBC ------- Clayton Random Tagline: SPOON! *fanfare*