From: "William Rendfeld" <> Subject: [PW!][SST] Plot Lines Upon Plot Lines Date: Monday, February 02, 2004 8:50 PM Plot Lines Upon Plot Lines Confined within a holding cell upon the SS Tidal, Jason Cassidy stared out the window. The ship was close enough to Hoenn now that he could see Wingull and Pelipper flying about outside. "Fools," Jason noted to himself. "It's not like they're doing me a disservice by keeping me in here." A shiny sparkle fluttered about outside his room, and Jason looked to it in surprise. It was none other than Ehm, the last free Shiny Unown. He growled to himself; trapped in here, he couldn't go after it. As Jason looked outside and thought poorly on his current state of affairs, a humble guard remained sitting at a small desk, a newspaper keeping him entertained. His entertainment wouldn't last long, however, as a tranquilizer dart soon found itself lodged in his shoulder. The guard slumped down on his desk unconscious. As Jason's attention was turned towards the unconscious guard, a man stepped into the room. He appeared to be in his mid-forties, and between his attire and his looks the man had an air of British aristocracy around him. He quickly took the guard's keycard and unlocked Jason's cell. "Get out." Jason quickly walked out of the cell and asked, "What's going on here, old man?" "I need you," the man answered. "As a diversion. Now grab your Pokémon and go." Jason walked over to the table, where he found a simple PokéBelt and the six Poké Balls attached to it, a second half-dozen in a small box next to it. He clipped the belt back into place, then scooped up the remaining six Poké Balls and placed them in his jacket pockets. He turned back to the man, then walked out. He had a Shiny Unown to find. The man, meanwhile, grinned, and looked to the security monitors. He quickly spotted who he was looking for on a black-and-white display; a tall young woman with long hair, accompanied by three other people; two girls and a man. He grinned, then said, "Very soon, alien. Very soon." TBC? (Doubtful) [NS: I needed Jason out of the pokey. Got a few plans for him, I do. Yes... And as for the old guy? Let's just say there's gonna be an action sequence on the SS Tidal before we're through.] William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior, the Pokémon Resistance, and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points