From: "Steffan Alun" <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Pride and Prudence Date: Saturday, May 08, 2004 9:21 AM Lauren and Diego finally arrived in Mauville. "Finally!" sighed Lauren. Her arm tingled with pins and needles, having been paralysed by a Minun; a Minun which she'd wasted a PokéBall trying to catch. "Right. I'm off to get some more Balls..." Diego sniggered. "Oh, please." "No, it's not that," he said. "There's a naked girl over there." Lauren followed his gaze. "Don't make fun of her," she said gently. "She's probably escaped from Verdanturf Asylum. Doesn't know what's socially acceptable." "Neither do we," said Diego grumpily. "We're notorious crooks, at large in Hoenn." "Maybe so," frowned Lauren. "But you wouldn't catch me walking around in my birthday suit." "Indeed," said Diego. "I've never seen you naked, and we've been together since we were six." "Right!" said Lauren. "I'm off shopping. You go heal the Pokémon." She handed him the PokéBall containing her recently-captured Gulpin. They parted ways. *** "You thinking of challenging Wattson, then?" asked Nurse Joy who, unlike her relative in Slateport, had no reason to be unfriendly towards Diego yet. "Nah, gyms aren't my thing," said Diego. "I see. Just thought, you know, your Geodude and all..." "What? Reckon it'd do well?" Diego's chest inflated as he imagined himself proudly wearing a badge, earned by his precious Density. "It's a Ground type," said Joy. "Wattson's an electric trainer. Simple arithmatic." "Maybe she'd EVOLVE!" grinned Diego, picturing hugging a Graveler, which was much softer than most Gravelers in Diego's imagination. "She's just a baby," smiled Joy. As she healed the Geodude, the Rock Pokémon lightly punched the desk and squeaked. "She's showing classic signs of yearning for a parent. I don't like the fact that people are allowed to catch Pokémon at this age, but there's no law agains-" "THERE IS!" blurted Diego suddenly. "Sorry, sir? There isn't." "Oh. Sorry." Diego looked at his feet moodily, disappointed that his favourite Pokémon was apparently legal. Lauren entered the centre. "There was an offer on!" she said excitedly. "A Premier Ball for every PokéBall bought. Think of it, Diego! Even the name - "Premier" - suggests superior capturing skills. I bet we'll bag a really strong Pokémon with these!" "Like a Moltres!" beamed Diego. "Don't be simple," snapped Lauren. "I meant more along the lines of a Magmar. Still, I got twenty, so..." Diego suddenly noticed the huge bag she was carrying. "What's in there?" "Well, to get twenty Premier Balls, I had to buy two hundred PokéBalls. "What the-" "Don't worry, Diego!" smiled Lauren. "These things will pay for themselves. Now, I was thinking of heading west. I asked around, and you can apparently catch some rare Bug Pokémon there, and even a Roselia. Remember what the nurse in Slateport said? Roselia are really rare." "You do that, then," said Diego, taking back his Geodude and throwing Lauren her Gulpin's Ball back. "I'm going to check out the electric gym here. Density'll do well there." "Diego! That's IT!" "Wha?" "If we can't sell that thing as a RARE Pokémon," smiled Lauren, "We'll sell it as a tool for beating the gym!" "No!" "Yes!" "NO!" "Shut up." "Chet Weaver - Chicks Dig Giant Robots" <> wrote in message > Prudence watched, dumbstruck, as the nudist she was planning to wipe the > floor with put on a simple white dress with matching shoes and a straw > hat. She had even put on under garments. Once her belt pack was back > on, Keiko did a cute twirl and made a pose. > > "It's a little tighter than I remember," Keiko admitted sheepishly. "I > guess I should've tried it on before I packed it. Do I look alright?" > > "Er... yeah," Prudence accepted dumbly. > > "Good, 'cause it's my favorite dress," Keiko continued. "Well, wish me > luck! I'm sure I'll knock 'em dead." > > Keiko winked and promptly disappeared into the gym. > > "That'll learn ya!" Prudence suddenly shouted. "Try pullin' that again > and you'll get more of the same, ya hear!?" Inside the gym, Keiko shuffled uncomfortably in her dress. For a second, she considered changing into her swimsuit, which would feel somewhat more natural, but now that her body was hidden, changing in the middle of fully-clother people seemed a bit weird. "Hello there, madam!" squealed a woman's voice behind her. Keiko turned around to see a tall woman, with long blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a blue suit and square glasses. "I was wondering whether you're planning to take on Wattson!" "Hi there!" said Keiko, beaming, happy to finally meet someone as willing to be happy, friendly and excited around complete strangers as she was. "Sure, I'm going to take on the leader here!" "What Pokémon do you have?" asked the businesswoman, who walked nearer to Keiko as a short man with thick eyebrows and a long beard followed, also wearing a suit, and carrying a briefcase. "I've got Skyler, my Swablu," said Keiko, listing the Pokémon on her fingers, "Richard - a Wailmer - and Vampyra, my Machop. Oh, and Sparkler, my new Minun." There was an odd glint in the businesswoman's eye as Keiko named her final Pokémon, but it vanished as quickly as it had come. "Two of them weak to electricity," she said, shaking her head sadly as she looked into Keiko's eyes, something that Keiko hadn't experienced since leaving her home on Copper Island. "And one of them an electric type. You need something stronger than that to handle Wattson." "Ooh, I hadn't thought about it," said Keiko. "You're in luck!" squealed the lady. "Show her, Joe!" Diego muttered something, but Lauren snatched a PokéBall from his pocket. "A Geodude!" she announced, releasing Density. "Immune to all types of electricity, can learn Mud Sport to increase its resistance to electricity to SUPER-HUMAN degrees, knows ground moves to take out electrics, and in case you come across a flying type, it has ROCK moves AS WELL!" "Nice," said Keiko, who noted that the Geodude seemed happy to see her for a few seconds, but then appeared nervous and looked around at her surroundings. "All for the low low price of-" "I make a habit of not paying money for Pokémon," said Keiko, who recalled the time a Magikarp salesman had duped a few of her friends back home. The salesman had eventually been sent away for refusing to remove his clothing within a nudist colony. "Oh, no, of course not!" said Lauren, who had been looking disapprovingly at Keiko's dress. It was tighter than even the ones many of her fellow Rockets wore, and this girl didn't seem to have the looks for it. Still, it was better than trying to bargain with decency laws' arch-nemesis. "What do you-" began Keiko. "You said you had a Minun, right? Useless without its partner. Well, by mere chance, we have a Plusle which we wanted to pair off." "Right," said Diego grumpily, thinking it best to chip in once or twice to remind them that he was there. "Di- Joe here has the Plusle, you see, and we want to become a world-class championship. I just need a Minun, and by a very happy coincidence, you've got one, and you're in need of a Geodude! The perfect trade." "In need?" repeated Keiko. She agreed that she probably wouldn't defeat the gym with her current Pokémon, but to trade away Sparkler... "Come on, girl!" said Lauren brightly. "Come back with us to the Pokémon Centre now. Money needn't enter the equation." Until, Lauren added to herself, we catch a Plusle and flog both in Hoenn as a package deal of rare Pokémon... TBC?